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Back Story:

Click to visit Twitter!Kenn began using Twitter in early 2009 when less than 20 million active accounts were in use. After planning to use Twitter over a year earlier, because we believe that shorter messages provided the most effective method for dissemination of information, management determined Twitter should be the primary social media methods for interacting with “followers” as they are known on Twitter.

Many others topics, in various fields of interest, including good old plain fun, charity, politics, human interest, and of course, entertainment, were the top trending items then just as they are now.

Occupy Wall StreetOver the course of history we have made sure not to mix entertainment with politics.

Often a sensitive subject, politics, like religion, is distasteful to some people, generating visceral reaction typically because of media or governmental bias that has brainwashed the citizenry.

Alternatively, people that like politics sometimes find entertainment silly. We respect both points of view, including the opinions of many who like both, or neither.


Magnifying-GlassOver 24 months ago, in December of 2010, based on greater stability of the Twitter platform, we began to change, moving away from running duplicate Twitter accounts that followed the same people. The need for duplicate accounts addressed a challenge with the Twitter social media platform.

The challenge was due to problems with Twitter unfollowing accounts and sometimes even losing Tweets. We maintained two accounts that followed the exact same Twitter users to ensure that Tweets, Re-Tweets and users were not “lost” in the social media mix.

We Want JobsAs Twitter matured into a more stable platform, the need to maintain two accounts that followed the same people was no longer required.

At that point in time, Kenn’s account began to tweet political, charity and human interest topics.

This change reflected the fact that such tweets did not belong on the company account which is dedicated to entertainment news, celebrities, entertainment products and entertainment convention events.

Editors Notes: Tweets of an entertainment nature (or groups of Follow Friday or FF’s) received at the Kenn’s account will likely be responded to from the WormholeRiders Twitter account. Conversely, Tweets of a political nature received by WormholeRiders will likely be responded to from Kenn’s Twitter account to try and respect everybody’s wishes and be socially response to all.

We practice a hard “firewall” between entertainment and politics tweeting that our management team will not cross. If you like to tweet about politics, then follow Kenn. On the other hand, if you like entertainment news, follow WormholeRiders. If you enjoy both, then follow both. If not however, follow neither. The choice is yours. Thank you.

Rockwater Reports Topics:

CIA Entrance bannerSeveral topics are dear to the heart of many people, including our own. Among other issues, Media Bias, government distortions, energy policy, and other news items that are often (shamefully) not being covered by “Main Stream Media” (MSM).

Sometimes called the “Lame Street Media” (LSM) for obvious reasons, we will expose those to deign to manipulate the news and hide the truth from citizens around the world for their own dubious agendas, both citizens groups and government representatives alike.

US Government buildingsThis is where Rockwater Reports will begin a new aspect of our on-line news presence.

Rockwater Reports (formerly known as WHRP) will feature enlightening news Real News articles that deserve your attention, but are often not being covered, about government and societal failure, as well as successes, by the deceptive people running the MSM and LSM.

Energy controlled by governmentAs 2013 progresses, we will have other new web sites focused exclusively on other topics. The stories we feature here will often have a central theme, media, and, or governmental bias, including outright hypocrisy. 

One story that will receive immediate attention next week is a 40 year failure of my government, the United States of America, to effectively establish and maintain a durable energy policy.

Energy, in whatever form, dating back to the dawn of recorded human history, is a critical requirement for any economy to be able to survive, create jobs, generate revenue, and be prepared to provide for the common defense of citizens. The United States government has clearly failed in this regard.

FBI - Cracking down on cyber crimeAnother is a shocking story, now in final proof, a feature article that will blow the lid off the subject of the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) movement.

Started as a peaceful protest group, OWS has been infiltrated with violent anarchists, criminals, prostitutes, malcontents and even the scourge of narcotics rings that have adversely affected the reputation of otherwise innocent citizens seeking redress for unjust conditions around the world.

However, that is not the by-line we will expose. It is something the media has overlooked for nearly a year!

Conclusions and Directions:

Some articles will be lengthy and detailed. Other topics will be shorter in nature. All will be designed to raise awareness on topics that are either not receiving adequate news coverage, and, or have been subject to outright censorship or media bias. We will endeavor to feature a balanced, point, counterpoint news architecture with special guest authors that will be announced as time progresses.

Our first feature article will publish this weekend. With the exception of the announcement of this web site, each news articles will be not be tweeted from our entertainment division of news sites, but from Twitter accounts that deal with the human interest of politics.

Additionally, upon publication of our first news article, the format of this blog will be converted to a magazine layout to display up to ten articles on the “front page” and each page. We look forward to you joining us here at Rockwater Reports and are open to interested parties who desire to join the effort, and can bring new topics needing attention to the forefront of citizens thought processes across the world!

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

In the meantime, please feel free to share this article with your friends, co-workers and or family by clicking one of the icons below. We thank you for visiting and express our sincere gratitude for doing so!

Feel free to visit me on Twitter by clicking the text links or images avatars in this news story. I and the Rockwater Reports look forward to sharing more Patriots News with you in the future!Click to visit and follow Kenn on Twitter!

Thank you.

Best Regards,


4 thoughts on “Rockwater Reports – Real News and Politics!

      1. Thanks Kenn:

        People who know me call me a Liberal. In Canada, my home country, that means I care about my neighbor and believe that everyone should be treated equally. I believe in a social safety net so that people can get medical assistance that will not bankrupt them. It means that I believe that the rich should pay their fare share of taxes, and there should be no government secrecy. Like Kenn, I believe that Liberals and Conservatives can have a lively, animated discussion, but remain friends and agree to disagree. It is not about who is right or who is wrong. It’s about sharing ideas to help improve the world. Living in a civil society separates us from the wolves among us and makes us better people.

        I hope you can join us here on WHRP and share your ideas as well. Thanks for joining us.


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