Canada’s Energy Policy Success versus Current United States Government Demonstrated Failures!

Main Stream Media failureWelcome seekers of truth about the failures of the Main Stream Media reporting about energy on television and elsewhere!

This report will be the first of several editorials about Energy. Today we will focus on carbon based energy, coal, oil, natural gas, and how President Barack Obama has provided the United States “No Satisfaction”, failing the citizens of his country miserably on the subject of Energy with over $350 BILLION a year in available revenue to balance the US budget from Shale, Offshore Energy and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) promised to be developed to help all citizens.

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Click to learn more about President George W Bust at his official web siteWhen Senator Barack Obama was elected President in November 2008, I supported him and said so on Twitter because he stated he would bring “hope and change” to the United States of America.

Further he committed to execute the former President George W. Bush’s policies in Iraq, prosecute the war in Afghanistan, defeat the Al-Qaeda and capture or kill Osama bin Laden which I give his administration credit for after following the plan developed by George W. Bush.

Most importantly, is President Barack Obama’s now failed promise to implement an effective “All of the above energy policy” in the United States. History has demonstrated, among other failed policies, that he did not tell the truth regarding making energy a priority in the USA.

Click to visit Twitter!As a result, you may have seen me call President Obama a “fibber” on Twitter, the majority of which is due only to his failure to forge an effective, rational, national energy policy for the benefit of everyone in the United States in specific, and for North America in general.

Most of the Main Stream Media (MSM) television news including CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, and even the Public Broadcasting Service News (PBS) fails to do their job evenhandedly reporting the truth about Energy in their news to pressure President Barack Obama into taking meaningful action on the important topic of Energy.

The exception in the United States is FOX News which has faithfully reported on all perspectives regarding the subject of energy, both liberal and conservative.

Click to learn more about Franklin Delano RooseveltThe United States, a country that was built, industrially founded and won World War Two, thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) who served as President from 1933-1945, and his wise decision to expand carbon based energy, now has a President who places stroking his own ego above the well being of the nation he leads.

To be clear, the United States has a President in Barack Obama, whom has abrogated his energy leadership position due to his hypocritical Democrat party liberal philosophy over the past thirty eight years rather than energy security in the United States.

Mitt Romney exposes Solyndra

President Obama energy fiascos include over $535 million tax payer dollars wasted on his cronies’ failed bankrupt solar company, the disaster that is Solyndra in which the President’s own re-election contributors reaped huge tax breaks from in the process.

Worse yet, the Department of Energy (DOE) continues to flush millions of tax dollars down the drain of the “Solyndra Pipe Dream” that President Obama’s had concerning this corrupt solar energy project!

Fisker Karma has horrible reliability accordning to Consumer ReportsMore recent are revelations about the President’s wasteful energy policies include some $529 MILLION in DOE public funds poured down the drain on Fisker Coachbuild’s plug-in electric cars that few people can afford costing some $102,000 apiece.

The Fisker cars have horrible reliability according to Consumer Reports.

Other than Consumer Reports, the only Main Stream Media (MSM) television news about Fisker Coachbuild “Karma” vehicles that has caught public attention is that Justin Beiber was stalked by paparazzi while driving one!

Justin Bieber ticketed by police in his Fisker Karma

One would think that the new $529 MILLION in suspect loans now gone bad to Fisker Coachbuild would be a news worthy topic for television coverage? Has anyone seen the liberal MSM television news cover, in detail, the wasted tax payer funds on this “pie in the sky” automobile that appears to be headed to the scrap heap of history if things are not addressed quickly?

TransCanada banner logo - Click to learn more about the Keystone XL PipelineWorst of all, the MSM has failed to effectively report that President Obama has bungled the strategic Keystone XL Pipeline project by TransCanada which should be considered the centerpiece of any plan to build an effective bridge to renewable energy to edify North American energy security.

Editors Update January 24, 2013: The video above now proves beyond doubt that President Obama made an incorrect choice blocking Keystone XL with the state of Nebraska approving the final key segment of this important project.

Like President Obama, most of the liberal politicians in the United States today forget that it was FDR who leveraged carbon based energy that kept the world free from tyranny and dictatorship, while creating millions of jobs in the process. This made the United States respected the world over after the USA liberated over a billion human beings from the evil German Nazi’s and Japanese fascists.

World War Two Victory Europe day newspaperThe freedom won in the 1940’s would not have been possible without carbon based energy, and will not be possible to counter the growing dictatorships in China and Russia today or in the future.

Yet President Obama appears to be oblivious to the consequences of his actions and those of his political party while the MSM reports next to nothing. Most of the liberal MSM is literally sitting on their duffs with thumbs up their back sides you know where.

Moreover, the MSM has let the liberal Democrats in the United States get away with statements like “we cannot drill our way to energy independence”.

Now proven to be 100% wrong, such people and the liberal MSM are in denial about recent facts over the past ten years which prove beyond doubt that exactly the opposite has occurred in the United States. Drilling, the method that can make North American energy independent has become a reality despite their intransigence.

Click to visit the US Debt ClockSadly, President Obama and his allies are rather quiet these days about their failure to forge a rational energy policy that would help the United States financial and debt crisis with judicious utilization of its carbon based natural resources to produce vast revenues to address the looming bankruptcy of the United States while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

For goodness sakes people, enough is enough!

Ask yourself these questions: What has gone wrong over the past seventy years since the time of FDR’s use of carbon based energy as a foundation for freedom? And just what is it really all about?


Will President Barack Obama cut off the nose of the United States to spite his own face? This appears to be exactly the case. Why is this so? Why does the MSM fail to report existing solutions about Energy, and what can you do about this as citizens to get “Satisfaction?”

Energy controlled by governmentIn this article, we will address the problems and the solutions that are required to overcome a President who obviously lacks the energy leadership needed to help the United States escape the horrible fate of having no rational national energy policy.

In a future world of renewable energy, which everyone I know believes in, including me, the Obama Administration has failed to recognize that every major carbon based energy company and country world-wide has invested via carbon based energy revenue and renewable energy.

Yet the President fails to lead on carbon energy in an effective fashion to get to a renewable energy future. Why?

Is the issue about generating revenue for the United States bankrupt fiscal system? No. Or is the issue really about energy “from all of the above”, including existing zero carbon emission energy sources as President Barack Obama stated, but has never followed through on?  Not really.

Click to visit Kleptocracy and learn about 1 TRILLION dollarsIn a country where over one TRILLION dollars (pictured right) are borrowed every year, why does the Obama Administration fail to see that proper leveraging of oil, coal, natural gas are the only way to build an effective bridge to a renewable future by the mid to late twenty first century?

And what can you do about it?

Click to visit Kleptocracy and learn about 115 TRILLION DollarsSuch resources will provide a much needed revenue source that will create jobs and relief for a beleaguered United States federal budget with 115 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities! (pictured left)

With such a mountain of debt, why does the President of the United States demonize certain forms of energy that other countries like Canada have long embraced?

The Canadians, as well as the entire band of Kingdoms in the Middle East, have effectively reduced the tax burden on their citizens using their carbon based revenue to balance their budgets, provide generous benefits to their citizens (like health care) as well as building the requisite fifty year bridge to a world of renewable energy.

The facts have become clear over the past four years when the Obama Administration began its “War on Coal”, “War on Oil” and the frakked up and false “War on Natural Gas”.

As the recently released hype movie “Promised Land” shows, an attempt to mislead the citizens is clearly demonstrated by President Barack Obama, his leftist allies and the liberal Main Stream Media in this regard.


Let’s start by discussing “The Facts about Coal”:

Click to learn more about the price of CoalContrary to the liberal interpretation that increasing regulations on the coal industry, used for base load generation of electricity in the United States, and where 75% of coal is exported expected to produce over six BILLION dollars a year in export revenue for the USA, misguided politicians say eliminating coal will provide for less carbon dioxide (less air pollution) to fight so-called Global Warming.

What is wrong with these people?

The facts are shocking. The liberally biased MSM fails to report that coal not used in the United States has become a leading export to USA’s economic rival, China, and to our allies in Europe. Is the MSM asleep at the switch? Or does President Obama have them so transfixed they have forgotten what their duty in a United States “free press“ is; report the truth about coal? It would seem so.

United States Natural Gas Exports by Country of origin“Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) liberals like President Barack Obama, Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Senator Dick Durbin, fail to mention or disclose that there will be no reduction in carbon dioxide even if the “War on Coal” in the United Stated is allowed to continue unabated. Why? Because coal will be used elsewhere on the planet producing carbon dioxide in the process.

Why does the MSM fail to report that United States coal will be used on planet Earth for at least the next fifty years or more in Europe and China? Rather than seek solutions, such people and the liberal MSM use coal as a scapegoat.

With President Obama blithely stating “If someone wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them“, he seems determined to destroy the economy of the United States, with no concern for the cost of such irresponsible activities. This is not a desired characteristic of a leader of any nation. 

Click to learn more about President Richard M. Nixon at his official web siteDespite dictatorial regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has grown from a beneficial agency created by President Richard M. Nixon (1969-1974), to an agency bent on damaging the heart of the United States economy, these short sighted liberal politicians have no consideration for the costs of the “War on Coal” to the United States, its economy, and most importantly, its citizenry.

These politicians and the liberal MSM offer no facts to counter the reality that United States coal exports will continue to soar for dozens of decades into the future.

Why do the Democrat politicians act like hypocrites hurting the economy of the United States? Are they not aware of what they do? No, they are mostly definitely aware. It almost goes without saying that they do so to placate the voters who keep them in power, regardless of the detrimental cost effects of their fibbing about coal on the citizens of the United States of America.

More on coal later in this expose.

Natural Gas: Natural Gas Terminal - Click to learn more about this clean energy

There is no doubt that Natural Gas is the cleanest and safest form of carbon based energy. Even environmental groups have hailed this energy source as better than other forms of carbon based energy like coal.

Yet many liberal Democrats and their MSM minions have created a trumped up bandwagon to attack this critical source of energy. With well paying jobs providing much needed tax revenue for a United States on the verge of bankruptcy, Natural Gas is a pivotal element in any rational energy policy for at least 100 more years.

Click to learn more about the 1973 oil embargo and gas rationing Some thirty eight years ago, during the time of President Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977), the 1973 oil embargo against western civilization which caused a major energy crisis world-wide which could happen again.

Later under President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), vast Natural Gas handling facilities were built off the gulf coast and eastern seaboard explicitly for the purpose of importing natural gas to the United States from the likes of then ally, Saudi Arabia.

In 2013, with the boom in Natural Gas production, thanks to private industry, not the Obama Administration, these same facilities are now being used to export USA Natural Gas, making the United States the world’s largest exporter in early 2009.

United States leads the wrold in Natural Gas exports - Click to learn more

This export success continues to grow each year thanks in large part to “Frakking”, a proven safe technology developed over fifty years ago, but demonized of late by the liberal MSM and President Obama’s liberal allies, all to make false political “hay”.

Click to learn more about President George H.W. Bush at his official web siteThanks to the wise energy policies of President George W. Bush (2001-2009) and his father, the USA is now the undisputed world leader in Natural Gas.

Say what you will about other policies of President George W. Bush and his father President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993), on the topic of energy, both wisely promoted Natural Gas as a source of jobs for US citizens and more importantly, for building a durable energy foundation while providing much needed revenue for the government of the United States.

Now comes the “Anti-Frakking” (Hydraulic Fracturing) fibbers, a lobby of people who have been caught red-handed producing so-called studies of a non scientific nature which were forgeries with now debunked videos of Natural Gas “fire belching from water faucets”, where they despicably accuse Natural Gas energy and frakking using falsehoods.

Such is a reprehensible attempt to vilify this clean carbon based energy source. The debunked movie “Gas Land” (2010) and now “Promised Land” in 2013, neither based on any science or facts mind you, are the worst example of attempted brainwashing of citizens against the growth of the Natural Gas industry which is well on the way to making the United States a net energy exporter by 2020 or sooner.

Will the liberal Democrats tell any fib to the voters to stay in power? Yes, it appears that they will. All this despite the obvious benefits of Natural Gas with regard to well paying jobs, tax revenues and North American energy independence!

Are you beginning to see a pattern of falsehood by the liberal Democrats in the United States and the failure of the liberal MSM to accurately report the facts? Read on as we explore an energy success story that includes Natural Gas, from Canada!

The Success of Canada Via Energy:Canada flag banner - Click to learn more at the official web site

Some have incorrectly thought of Canada as a beautiful backwoods “tree burning in the hearth” based energy society. That may have been true two hundred years ago.

However, in 2013, Canada is currently the world’s fifth largest energy producer after true bi-partisan efforts four decades ago.

Click to learn more about Canadian hydro-electric powerCanada is a world leader in hydro-electric, oil, Natural Gas and overall energy production, and due to the wise, yet controversial policies of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (1971-1984), who forged an effective national energy policy to successfully address the 1970’s energy crisis with the passage of his 1980 “National Energy Program”. Canada is now a net energy exporter.

Click to learn more about Canada's liquid energy piplelinesCanada, with vast Natural Gas capacity, has one of the most robust energy pipeline systems in the world. All these facts indicate that Canada is positioned to become the world’s third largest energy provider after the United States and Saudi Arabia in the next few years.

Compare this to the recalcitrant and failed tactics of President Obama, who has no rational energy policy of any kind.

Despite this, the United States will surpass Saudi Arabia as the world largest energy producer in 2013 or 2014 with Canada to become third largest producer of energy world-wide shortly thereafter, even if they are forced by President Obama to export their carbon based energy to communist slave master China. Think what could be accomplished if only President Obama put the interests of his country in the same perspective as the government of Canada?

Click to learn more about Prime Minister Pierre Elliot TrudeauUnlike President Obama, who has no national energy policy, only false arguments using divisive political tactics, the moderate bi-partisan politics of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s day created energy goals that have been more than realized, making Canada the energy leader that it is today, reaping the benefits of wise choices. During the same period of time, most United States liberals have failed at the same task as the liberal MSM fails to report the truth.

Trudeau proved that liberal and conservative political factions (left and right, Democrats and Republications as they are referred to in the USA), can work together for the benefit of its citizens despite differences in opinion. The Canadian success includes sufficient national revenue to provide national health insurance for all its citizens without the crippling taxation in the United States.

President Obama and the liberal Democrats in the United States would do themselves a favor to quickly change course and implement a national energy policy along the lines of the Canadian model.

Click to learn more about The Manhattan Project and TrinityThe real question is whether the MSM will continue to provide President Obama and his liberal allies political cover, in effect a “hall pass”. Or will both finally do their jobs?

Along with being a net energy exporter of oil and Natural Gas, a hydro-electric leader which sells most of its electricity to the United States, Canada is a mineral treasure trove being the world’s leading producer of Uranium.

Few remember that it is was Canada who strategically partnered with the United States providing Uranium for the Manhattan Project which helped end World War Two with victory over the evil of imperial fascist Japan.

Click to learn more about the Keystone XL pipeline routeMost of Canada crude oil is and Natural Gas is exported to the United States. As an export, Canadian oil is subsequently re-imported as liquid fuels. Canada’s huge “Tar Oil Sands” energy reserves, now being developed in the province of Alberta, is in great need of refining capacity that only the USA can provide at present.

Who is holding Canada, via the Keystone XL Project, and his own country hostage to the detriment of both nations that could make North America energy independent as a region? Correct, it is none other than our President, Barack Obama and his liberal minions in the MSM.

Canada’s biggest challenge in the carbon based energy arena is its lack of refining capacity. Hence we will segue to a discussion regarding the TransCanada Corporation Keystone XL project that was approved in the United States, but then deliberately stalled by the Obama Administration for dubious and nefarious political purposes that are so “frakking” transparent, it is sickening.

Why did President Obama insult our Canadian allies and forego tens of billions of dollars of much needed tax revenue, and stop tens of thousands of United States citizens from obtaining well paying jobs during a time when they are needed most?

The answer is obvious; Instead of being a leader to benefit all of his citizens as Canadians and other countries have accomplished, Barack Obama needed to curry favor with liberal voters in the United States to ensure his re-election as President. How sad the President chose to not “reach across the aisle” and support his country with a robust energy policy.

Keystone XL and President Obama

The Keystone Pipeline:

Click to learn more about the Keystone XL Pipeline Montana sectionOne of President Barack Obama’s biggest energy policy failures are his obstreperous tactics regarding the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline project that is strategically important to both Canada and the United States as allied nations.

What many do not realize is that most of Keystone XL was already built as a Natural Gas Pipeline no longer in use. With only a small extension section required to complete the project, we must ask why and how could a US President be so blind? And why does the MSM let him get away with it?

After previously being approved, and with hurdles being overcome the delaying tactics of the Obama Administration began in earnest using an Executive Order using  subterfuge.

The Keystone XL Pipeline project was falsely declared by the Obama Administration EPA that the existing Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was inadequate.

In this fashion President Obama demonstrates that he is clueless on the benefits of leveraging carbon based energy to build a bridge to a renewable energy future over the next fifty years, as well as the benefits of energy independence in the present.

Click to learn more about the Keystone XL Pipeline in South Dakota

Keystone XL Pipeline - President Obama finally says go ahead with itBecause TransCanada Corporation, a non US entity with United States investors, offered to pay for construction, President Obama used a dubious tactic that was improperly dovetailed calling on the US State Department to oversee the “final approval” of the needed section to complete the project that will result in infusing seven billion dollars into the United States economy with some 20,000 much needed jobs.

President Obama used this as a delaying tactic to create a political turmoil to curry favor with environmental voters that he needed to get re-elected. His blatantly transparent actions to take the onus off his back and blame the “tyranny of oil” are false. A long time favorite of United States liberals, the tactic was used to stir up memories about carbon based energy as being “bad”.

President Obama has partially failed in this regard. Facing a political debacle, President Barack Obama was forced on March 12, 2012 to approve the lower section of the project in Oklahoma, leaving only a smaller section requiring an additional and unneeded second EIS to complete this important project.

President Obama’s more recent visit (pictured above left), although not well reported by the MSM, forced him to finally say”go ahead with it”, proving he made the wrong choice in delaying this strategic energy project in the first place.

Keystone XL Pipeline has been worked on despite President ObamaOnce again the MSM has also failed. How? By not calling President Obama to task much earlier on his promise to make a Keystone XL Pipeline decision prior to, or subsequent to his being re-elected. Now with most of the pipeline completed, the real question is whether President Obama was willing to “sell out” Keystone XL to his deficit banker China?

You see, if Obama fails to act in a timely fashion and stop insulting our Canadian allies, China will gleefully finance building a pipeline to export all the Canadian “Tar Sands Oil” to their country of slaves. Controlled by communist billionaires that President Obama himself helped create by borrowing TRILLIONS of dollars from, President Obama could indeed cut off the nose of the United States in spite of his face if his administration fails to approve Keystone XL.

ANWR and Offshore Energy:

Alaska National Wildlife Refuge oil drillingI will end this expose by delineating another disaster of President Obama policy, a failure being foisted on the citizens of the United States, the energy being held hostage in ANWR and Offshore energy on both coasts of the USA that have been grossly underestimated.

Who is involved? You guessed it, President Obama and his liberal allies.

For those unaware, because of the failure of the Main Street Media to accurately report on ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge) and United States lower 48 states Offshore energy reserves in recent years, the public is virtually unaware that the USA could have been energy independent today.

Click to learn more about honorable Senator Ted StevensWhat went wrong? The liberal Democrats, including President Obama (then Senator Obama) falsely smeared honorable United States Senator Ted Stevens, champion of ANWR, to stop his efforts to open the area per the original agreement when Alaska sought and was granted statehood in 1959.

Senator Stevens was later cleared of wrong doing with two prosecutors suspended as a result, tragically the truth was revealed only after his death. The loss of Senator Stevens as a champion for US energy independence is an event still adversely affecting the United States and her citizens to this very day.

These answers must be addressed and citizens must ask: Why is the MSM failing to report the truth discussed below and allow President Obama’s fibbing about the United States having only two percent of the worlds oil?

Reasonable estimates place the ANWR energy reserves at 16 TRILLION barrels of oil, nearly 100 times the amount in the Alberta Tar Sands field reserves. Additionally 1,670 TRILLION cubic feet of Natural Gas exist in ANWR alone. Total Offshore proven reserves in the lower 48 states, not including ANWR, are over 20 TRILLION barrels of oil and at least 304 TRILLION cubic feet of Natural Gas (source: US Energy Information Administration).

Editor’s Note: The latest non partisan Energy Information Administration (EIA) United States reserve numbers for oil were supposed be published in August of 2012. The oil graph below represents only reserves to December 31, 2010. It is clear they are behind schedule. Some suspect President Obama’s Administration is deliberately withholding more recent data that place the reserve number as high as 25 TRILLION barrels in the lower 48 states (note the sharp rise at the end of 2010). Why has the MSM not reported this?

US Oil reserves through 2010

Click to learn more about ANWR as a region from ANWR Dot OrgWhen combining ANWR and lower 48 states Offshore energy reserves, enough carbon based energy exists to power the United States for over 200 years at present levels of consumption.

When counting increases in energy efficiency now being realized, the estimates double to a conservative 400 year supply! And this does not count coal which alone has a 239 year supply in the United States even if no further deposits are located!

Clearly this is more than enough time to build a bridge to renewable energy by the later part of this century, but we hear the same excuses from President Obama and his liberal allies for over three decades as shown below from 2002.

If the Democrats had risen to the occasion ten years ago, the USA would be providing benefits that include over $200 BILLION a year in tax revenues and FULLY PAID for health care to every citizen, just as Canada and every Middle East energy producers have accomplished!

When added to the yearly United States Medicare fraud in the United States totaling $200 BILLION, with 50 new Nuclear Power plants to save another $100 BILLION dollars in energy export revenues (topics for another day), it is estimated that at least $500 BILLION dollars can be used to reduce the out of control Unites States Federal spending deficit by some 50% every year!

Are you not outraged? Disappointed? Shocked? Or simply dismayed your government and the media is misleading you and your family?

In closing, what can you as citizens do to put a stop to this horrendous situation being foisted on the United States by the Main Stream Media who lay cover for President Obama and his liberal minions?

No matter what political party you are associated with, call and write the MSM media, the White House, your House of Representatives, and your Senators at least once a week and demand that “all of the above” energy is leveraged NOW to ensure North American energy independence.

In this way our children and grandchildren can live in a country where they enjoy the fruits of national health care paid for with energy independence without the looming disaster of national bankruptcy!

Tweet and post on Facebook about these items even more often. In this way we can all send a clear message we are all tired of being fibbed to about energy. Demand good paying energy jobs like they have in Canada, with sufficient revenue to balance the budget, and become energy independent as the United States once was under FDR, when we won the war and had a nation that everyone was proud of.

As Captain Picard would say: “Make It So!” And use “Data” (in links provided) to stop anyone, including President Obama, his liberal Democrats and the MSM from fibbing about energy!

Thank you.

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Canadians like any nationality, are fiercely proud of their country and its achievements. However, like many people in many countries, Canadians are also kept in the dark about some policies and planning that our federal government wishes to undertake. This is where the media and the various news organizations are supposed to step in. Historically, newspapers, radio and television news organizations are supposed to keep the government honest by holding them accountable.

Sadly, the media have been falling down on the job, in the U.S and Canada. As an ordinary citizen, one has to wonder, since when did it become necessary for members of the public to have to research events for themselves to find the truth. That is why Rockwater Reports decided to begin writing about issues that the media does not touch.

It seems that American energy policies have become mired in confusion, rhetoric and hyperbole. At the moment, I believe our government would declare, “Canada’s interest in America’s energy issues is, of course, one of concern for our friends to the south”. I am fairly certain that would be the official response by the Canadian government.

From the point of view of most Canadians, we want and have so far received, a government with energy policies that have benefited Canadians. The main reason for this has been that our government has historically listened to its people.

“On October 28th, 1980, the Liberal government of Canada, recently returned to power under the leadership of Pierre Trudeau following a brief Conservative interregnum, introduced its National Energy Program (NEP) in conjunction with the release of its first budget. The new Canadian energy policy was interventionist, centralist, and nationalistic, especially when compared with the market-oriented policies of the previous Conservative administration, and it provoked a storm of political controversy. Accusing the Trudeau government of “occupying our living rooms” by encroaching on provincial ownership of resources, the provincial government of Alberta (which produces about 80 per cent of Canada’s domestic oil and gas) denounced the NEP and retaliated by reducing conventional oil production, withholding approval for new synthetic oil plants, and challenging parts of the federal program in the courts. The petroleum industry, supported by substantial elements of Canadian business and finance, responded by cutting back new capital investment and exploration activity and by launching a powerful lobbying campaign against the NEP. The American government, protesting the policy’s emphasis on ‘Canadianization’ of the largely foreign-controlled oil industry, hinted strongly at economic retaliation.” Larry Pratt, Energy, the Roots of National Policy.

Canadians had our own growing pains when it came to energy. If America is going through growing pains of its own, may I humbly suggest a look north to what Canada has achieved. Despite opposing political views by our political parties, when it has come to really important issues, our politicians have been willing to compromise. And so it has been with our energy policies. Sure, issues have been debated in the House of Commons. The media has covered those debates and shared the consensus, or lack there-of, with the people. The point is, the Canadian people have been well informed about the progress of decisions made by our government.

Canada is the top producer of hydro electricity in the world. Canada has the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves (after Saudi Arabia and the United States) at 172.8 billion barrels, 168.7 billion of which are in the oil sands. As technology evolves, oil sands reserves could grow even larger, up to an estimated 315 billion barrels. Beyond the oil sands, petroleum development is also taking place in several other parts of Canada, including the north and the Atlantic offshore region. Canada is the third-largest natural gas producer in the world, producing 5.4 trillion cubic feet per year, and the world’s third-largest exporter of natural gas. (From Canada Dot Gov

According to the Canadian government website,

“Canadians and Americans share the closest energy relationship in the world. Canada is the leading and most secure, reliable, and competitive energy supplier to the United States, including crude oil and refined petroleum products, natural gas, electricity, coal and uranium”. Canada’s energy policy has been framed by a number of agreements and accords, including the Western Accord: an agreement between the Governments of Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia on oil and gas pricing and taxation Agreement on Natural Gas Markets and Prices: an agreement with the same western provinces Atlantic Accords: an agreement with Newfoundland and Labrador and with Nova Scotia, including the establishment of jointly managed Offshore Boards Free Trade Agreement: an agreement with the United States followed by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA is a cornerstone of our energy policy with regard to trade. It emphasizes the importance of competitive market behaviour and encourages investment in Canadian energy markets.”

Over time, numerous federal decisions have also contributed to our energy policy:
The creation of the National Energy Board: to promote in the public interest safety and security, environmental protection and efficient energy infrastructure and markets in the regulation of pipelines, transmission lines, energy development and trade.

The creation of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission: to regulate all aspects of the nuclear power industry in Canada.

The creation of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited: to foster the advancement of nuclear energy and nuclear technology.

Sustained funding of the Program on Energy Research and Development: to support the development of energy technologies.

Canada also has international responsibilities to deal with issues as they relate to energy. Since energy is a globally traded commodity, trade issues and the emissions associated with the production and use of energy are the subject of many international agreements. These agreements have a great influence on how we develop and carry out energy policy in Canada.

The elements that compose the federal energy policy have and will continue to evolve so that Canada can meet the challenges and benefit from the opportunities that arise in international and domestic energy markets. Our federal energy policy is solid but not static. It will remain flexible to ensure an economically competitive and innovative energy sector that sustainably delivers a secure, reliable and safe supply of energy to Canadians and our America neighbors.

# # #

This article was jointly written and researched by Patricia Stewart and Kenn Weeks about the lack of news coverage by the Main Stream Media, or should we say the Lame Street Media (LSM)?

When we discussed this news site, we sought to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that liberal and conservative perspectives can peacefully coexist and collaborate to expose the failure of the news media to identify important human interest issues that everyone should be aware of.

We will return next week with another expose.

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

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    I watch C-SPAN and follow your tweets. I still cannot believe the hypocrisy of the Dems and Obama on energy from Keystone XL. I spent about half an hour to read this blog’s article which helps me understand that Democrats are lying to the USA about energy only to get contributions from George Soros, Warren Buffett and the lunatic environmentalists. Its so sad to watch these hypocrites!


    1. Merry Christmas Melissa,

      Thank you for your comment. The simple facts are George Soros, Warren Buffett control The Democrats and President Obama like puppets on a string. This is in contrast to patriots like the Koch Brothers who actually help people with good paying jobs. Corrupt vile people like George Soros, Warren Buffett of The Democrats and President Obama use poverty to create a nation of slaves leeching the life blood from our country.

      In closing, your support of the only political party working to restore liberty to the USA are the Tea Party Patriots. From your astute comment, its sounds like you already support the only honest political party left in the United States. Thanks again.

      Best Regards and Happy New Year,


  3. Good points there. I looked on the net for more information about the failure of Obama and USA energy issue. Most people
    will go along with your views on this site and look forward to the end of the failed Obama admin.


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