Why United States Solar Power Energy Policy Is Not Working and Why We Need Man with Golden Gun!!


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It’s sad but true citizens!

Click to visit and follow Donald Trump on Twitter!It has been nearly 40 years since we first heard about the “Solex Agitator” from James Bond 007 via the classic MGM Studios film “The Man With the Golden Gun” (1974).

And just what have the United States regulatory agencies and politicians learned about supporting the Solar Power industries in the United States?

Nothing! Except that cockroaches, tortoises, and ancient bones apparently have more say so than people do!

However, I think there is a person, who could be “The Man with the Golden Gun” when it comes to US energy policy, Donald Trump!

When you find out why Solar Power is struggling in the USA, your outrage will be like James Bond said in “Golden Gun” “That’s Trouble”, in fact, it is beyond belief my friends!

Help us Mr. Trump!

In fact so much so that the insects, reptiles, and calcified remains have more rights than you, than your children, or anyone in our country thanks to the failures of Barack Obama, his minions and his Main Stream Media who do NOT focus on the real challenges that face our country in troubled economic times!

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Sorry folks, at this time we are not speaking about the “banker cockroaches” infecting Wall Street that created the famous Occupy Wall Street Movement and the efforts to suppress the truth by the United States.

And no, in this Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed), we are not talking about the boon in USA Shale Oil, Alberta Canada Oil Sands, USA Natural Gas energy projects, or the Keystone XL project that are being stopped by President Barack Obama and his Luddite Druids.

Democratic heads - Click to visit The Democrats on Twitter!We are talking about “Do Nothing” Democrats and overzealous environmental lobby’s who have lied to us for four (4) decades that the USA could not ever be energy independent or number one in energy again.

This despite the fact that is precisely what is happening across a wide spectrum of energy business initiatives; the United States of America to become number one in energy worldwide by 2020, no thanks to the President or some Democrats!

Sadly, the following “Democrat Leaders” are paying little attention to what the Wall Street Journal said in November 2012.

Echoed in the Forbes Magazine, these Do Nothing Democrats instead choose to bicker over “Nuclear Options” in the US Congress playing “Totem Pole” as documented by Scientific American instead of doing the right thing for their constituents and the country by stopping the “War on Solar Power” in the United States!

We are referring to ancient bones of the likes of corrupt California politicians like former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Party Minority Leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barabara Boxer, and worst of all, Senator and US Senate Democrat Majority Leader, Harry Reid who refuses to work on any and all energy legislation for the United States.

Bright Source Energy banner logo - Click to learn more at their official web site!Each of these are goldbrickers, who are doing nothing to ensure that Brightsource Energy projects, a United States Energy technology leader based in Oakland California, expand rapidly in the United States.

Nearly bankrupted after the improper loan guarantee program by Barack Obama and his former do nothing Energy Department, Brightsource, despite being labeled as a failure has come roaring back after freeing itself from the shackles of Barack Obama lack of national United States energy policy like Canada.

A good thing too, since China plans to execute a Three (3) Gigawatt (GW) system by 2020, in a plan to dominate the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) market with slave laborers now that Brightsource has been forced (by the failed policies of Barack Obama) to open an office in Beijing China because of what is discussed in the next section!

And to make matters worse, these same Democrats are doing nothing to defend Brightsource Energy who is wrongfully being accused of harming tortoises and not being good environmental stewards! Are you outraged yet that United States technology is being “outsourced” to China by Barack Obama’s failed energy policies and the Democrat Environmental Luddites who tell lies about tortoises to stop US CSP?

Well, just keep reading, it gets worse citizens!

Brightsource Energy SEDC IsraelThese same goldbrickers also stood idly by as Brightsource chose Israel for their Solar Energy Research Center over California because of a failure by these and other Democrats Druids who prefer to celebrate the rolling of a candle (demise of industry) rather than support United States industry for good paying jobs for our children.

The Environmental Luddites in California, a state that was once the world leader in all forms of technology, has fallen to last place in the United States as the Democrats in 2013 squirm over the energy falsehoods (lies) they have told us over the past 40 years!

Brainwashed Barack Obama-nosisThese political cockroaches are talking about misguided radical environmentalists who have brainwashed President Barack Obama, who in turn is attempting, with them in tow, to brainwash the citizens via “Obama-Hope-nosis” into believing that he supports an “All Of the Above” energy policy, including solar, when in fact the exact opposite is true.

Like Barack Obama, the misguided radical Environmentalist Luddites are people who file an endless array of malicious lawsuits under the guise of “saving the planet” to trick the voters at the cost of our economy!

In fact these malcontents are hell bent on destroying the United States industrial base by stopping energy development (including solar power) wherever and wherever they tell lies as it relates to energy projects, including solar, wind, geo-thermal, and the two cleanest form of energy in existence, hydro and nuclear.

These Democrat malcontents and Environmental Luddites see fit to deny jobs to our children that need to be created immediately, with associated support functions, before more damage is done to our economy by their irresponsible actions.

The “cockroaches”, “reptiles”, and “ancient bones” we are discussing are tools used by Environmental Luddites are Druid supporters of President Barack Obama, who are deliberately gaming (abusing) the legal system (slow walking energy projects like turtles), issuing ever more destructive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations across the United States to use gimmickry stop development of crucial energy infrastructure that now can take up to a decade or longer before a new power plant or energy transmission system can be brought “on line”.

As documented, this is tragically inclusive of solar energy projects that China is getting built in 2-3 years. Such projects in the USA are required if our children, grandchildren and other members of our future families are going to live in a society with sufficient energy infrastructures to support industry and manufacturing so they can have good paying jobs to even be able to afford a home purchase.

Environmental Luddites and Democrat Druids Doom Solar Projects:

Brightsource Energy Palen CSP - Click to learn more at their official web site!Despite the Environmental Luddites and Democrat Druids claim they support “renewable energy”, in 2013, they have destroyed several huge Solar energy power project efforts known as Concentrated Solar Power or CSP in their quest to cripple the United States as they tell more lies to stay in power by claiming “more information on (fossils) is needed.

Before the highest technology CSP plant can be allowed to proceed, (China is moving ahead by the way), they dwell on more study and delaying tactics that have brought doom to the very industry they claimed they wanted, solar power!

The largest CSP projects in history have been cancelled in 2013 due to providing greater priority to insects, reptiles, dead ancient fossils and aesthetics, over promoting human life in a never ending bevy of lawsuits of a frivolous nature that have inhibited the construction of these crucially needed projects.

Brightsource Energy Hidden Hills CSP plant - Click to learn more at the official web site!1. Brightsource Energy, a respected (thermal) Concentrated Solar Power advocate, after a ten year battle with Luddites and Druids, cancelled plans in Hidden Hills California to terminate dual 250 Megawatt Thermal Solar power plants when crazed environmentalists threatened to once again sue the already approved green energy plant over plans to store solar energy at night to allow generation of electricity when the sun stops shining.

Claiming a need to start over with the approval process, these Luddites blocked plans to connect the new high technology facility with transmission lines to reinforce the overburdened electrical grid in California AND require an all new unneeded environmental study (much like their false icon Barack Obama has attempted with the Keystone XL Pipeline project).

So you see people, Barack Obama and his corrupt Democrat Druid minions who would prefer our slavery to China, have declared not only a “War on Energy”, but now a “War on Solar Energy” as well!

Click to learn more about Brightsource Energy Rio Mesa CSP System mothballed by California PUC and Environmental Luddites2. In January 2013, Brightsource Energy, after another many year battle with EPA abuser Environmental Luddites and Democrat Druids, backed by the rabid California Public Utilities Commission who decided they knew better, forced moth-balling or cancellation of plans for the Rio Mesa California CSP Thermal Solar plants (1 & 2), dual 200 Megawatt solar power generation facilities located near Blythe California.

3. In March of 2012, the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife sued to stop the 663-850 Megawatt Calico solar power generation station claiming that the desert tortoise and other “threatened” wildlife would be harmed from building the needed facility.

Calico Solar Project Canceled by Environmental Luddites as Democrats in power like Barack Obama do nothingCome on people, these three areas are in desert wastelands and there is NO THREAT to anyone or anything including what little wildlife ever existed there!

Later, studies proved these were malicious acts of litigation (lies) by Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife, that only thirty-two (that’s right citizens, only 32 desert tortoise’s) lived on the multi-billion dollar solar power site as the Druids gleefully celebrated dooming the project!

But by then it was too late, the damage had been done and the Democrat Druids did NOTHING to stop these lying so called environmental hucksters causing another three year delay in the Calico Project approved by California and the Federal Government.

The Calico project, originally begun in 2008, is now, five years later terminated when the Barack Obama’s Bureau of Land Management failed to override the tortoise crazed, so called environmentalists who drove to parties in their gas guzzling SUV’s!

Lost: 1,563 to 1,750 Megawatts of greatly needed electrical generation capacity for California and the western United States!

Lost: Over $7.1 billion dollars in California construction jobs (not counting “downstream” (post construction) and “upstream” jobs (electrical distribution towers required to tie the CSP facilities into the existing electric grid).

Lost: Over 10,000 jobs, both direct and in support of the desperately needed facilities that the Luddite Druids have trashed to falsely give priority to fossils, insects and reptiles that Brightsource Energy has protected from the inception of their high technology CSP power systems with sound environmental actions.

Barack Obama in Oval Office Sets bad examplesPresident Barack Obama, who fails to lead, as well as his corrupt minions in the United States Senate sit like Goldbrickers doing nothing, with no national energy policy, twiddling and pointing their fingers at others!

All the while a nightmare of their own creation, their “War on Energy” kills the prospects for energy related jobs, even the allowing a “War on Solar Energy”!

Meanwhile China proceeds to dominate and enslave the world using the very technology and energy systems, including nuclear, that the Luddite Druids block here in the USA for no good reason (more on this in the near future).

The real question is why do the Democrats act in this fashion and can they be made to cooperate to help our country? We will address that in our coming news reports wondering why the Main Stream Media (MSM) refuses to do their job on this subject, instead choosing to inflame the citizens with paparazzi like news coverage.

Interim Conclusions and Considerations:

85 Percent US Energy Held Hostage by Barack Obama and Harry ReidThis is our ongoing series on Energy, “Op-ed’s”, on the subject of the nightmarish lack of national energy policies from Barack Obama, his Democrat Druids and Environmental Luddites like the Sierra Club who are carelessly corrupt.

We respectfully ask that you consider the following:

1. What is Canada doing correctly now and has been doing for 40 years without the crippling taxation proposed by President Barack Obama, his corrupt administration, and Democrat minions who do not want you to know the truth about North American energy? (coming soon in our next article in the series).

2. That Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrat Druids are keeping all of us their slaves by holding 85% of United States energy resources hostage.

3. By doing so, the President, Senate Leader, and House Minority Leader are withholding millions of good paying jobs and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars in revenue that could balance the United States budget in a few years (and they have been lying to us for the last 10 years about US Energy becoming number one worldwide).

4. Like “Taylor” said in the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie from Twentieth Century Fox, I ask that you apply this analogy to the harmful actions of President Obama, the Environmental Luddites and Democrat Druids: “You Blew it Up” from Solar and Green Energy Obama “Hope-Nosis”.

2013 Translation: The Democrat Druids and Environmental Luddites are hell bent on destroying the engine of success in the United States available from conventional energy as well as never ending renewable solar sources they fail to support.

Planet of the Apes - You Blew It UpBy failing to stop the overzealous tree hugging pipe dreamers like the Sierra Club, Earth First, Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife from destroying Solar Power projects in the United States by demanding that insects, tortoises and fossils have more rights that living human beings, these so called misguided environmentalists are only interested in one thing;

Retaining their corrupt political power using the shameful “Totem Pole” of lies rather than help the USA and all of it’s citizens as Speaker of the House John Boehner respectfully suggests in the video included below.

Do not let it happen citizens. Vote them all out of office in 2014 and 2016 and help us get a true national “All Of the Above” energy policy before it is too late for our children who at this rate will not even have a well paying job to look forward to, nor a solar powered home of their own to live in.

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

In the meantime, please feel free to share this article with your friends, co-workers and or family by clicking one of the icons below. We thank you for visiting and express our sincere gratitude for doing so!

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Thank you.

Best Regards,


7 thoughts on “Why United States Solar Power Energy Policy Is Not Working and Why We Need Man with Golden Gun!!

  1. Hello,

    I need to thank you for this fantastic read!

    I certainly loved every bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to look at new stuff you post in 2016.

  2. You suck!

    Human beings have destroyed the planet and we will fight every project no matter what the cost. Tortoises have been on Earth for millions of years and deserve to live even if it costs a billion dollars!


    1. I approved you comment because you used an “s” instead of an “f”. On the subject matter, the 32 tortoises would not have been harmed. Brightsource and the Calico people made sure of that.

      You people really need to stop being so obsessed and help get jobs for US people coming out of college. Thank you.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  3. This is unreal. The 32 turtles has stopped 7 billion dollars in development? That is over $200 million dollars per turtle!

    I will never vote democrat again or donate to Sierra Club or NDRC after the way they have abused my state unless they admit the damage they have done to my country.

    I am really pissed off at Boxer and Feistein!


    1. Hi FormerDem,

      Thanks for the comment. I understand your anger. Stopping these vital programs is shameful and Barack Obama’s BLM should be ashamed of themselves for caving in to blackmail from the Sierra Club, NRDC and Defenders of Wildlife.

      Actually it is about $65 million per tortoise for the third project (Calico solar plant) only although Brighsource also has helped the desert tortoises.

      Calico was originally a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project that the radicals mention fought for five years. Then Calico was switched to to be Photovoltaic solar when the crazed enviro fascists said they would support it.

      They lied and caused over $2 billion in job losses and now no solar project in Calico either.

      What I did not mention is another villain, Governor Jerry Brown who has done nothing to support solar power or any new energy projects in California.

      The entire Democrat party should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Enviro Fascist Blackmail and not supporting our state.

      I suggest voting them all out of office in 2014.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of WHR

  4. Liberals at the Sierra Club NRDC are winning this is because the Dem politicians know that they will be voted out of office if they even try to change the terrible environmental laws that are out of control in the US.


    1. Hello Sierrasued,

      Yes they Sierra Club, NDRC and others did sue and have made a mockery of themselves doing anything to retain their political power over the Democrat party, including screwing the USA solar industry.

      The really sad part is that the Democrats are terrified of these “Enviro Fascists”, afraid that if they (the Dems) do the right thing for an “All of the Above” energy policy they will be voted out of office.

      The most tragic is that Communist China, a nation of slaves, is leveraging USA energy technology including solar, nuclear, bio, and petro to enslave us all while the Sierra Club, NDRC, Earth First doom our society to become a second rate nation with their abusive malicious litigation!

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

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