Chicken in Every Pot, Electric Car in the Garage, But No Solar Inverter in Every Home to Power It?


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Welcome back citizens,

Last time in our series on energy challenges in the United States, we shared with you about how the commercial California Solar Power Industry has been virtually destroyed by overzealous, radical groups like The Sierra Club, Earth First, Defenders of Wildlife and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC) in conjunction with the Democrat Druid bureaucrats and politicians who cover up their malfeasance with fraud, in effect “Burning Down the House” of US energy and even Residential Solar from the tragic condition known as “Barack Obama Hope-Nosis”.

Brainwashed Barack Obama-nosis

Solar Home 2013 - Image courtesy Kenn WeeksToday we will focus on how Residential Solar is being hampered by Democrat Druids who have foolishly agreed to remove nine percent (9%) or 28 gigawatts (GW) of United States electrical generation capacity, including nearly 2 GW of commercial solar energy, while only some 2,400 megawatts of photovoltaic was installed in 2012 and 2013 to replace it (1,200 times less). Just what are Democrats smoking in Washington DC for goodness sakes?!

All know that President Barack Obama has caused low income and middle class citizens to suffer economically from and with huge electric price increases across the United States of America from his failure, lack of a national energy policy, and worse, his wanton “War on Energy” making TENS of MILLIONS have to live in poverty.

Solar-Panel-Dual Arrary-100_5779 - Image courtesy Kenn WeeksIn a shocker that has outraged citizens of all political parties, the California Public Utilities Commission also exceeded their authority in 2012 by killing the “Calico” Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation plant fraudulently claiming 32 tortoises are valued as worth some $65 million each (compared to the construction value).

Deciding the 32 tortoises are more important than thousands of jobs and the greatly needed multi-billion dollar energy Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) facilities to be able to compete with the likes of Communist China 3GW CSP, the Democrat Druids supporting the Environmental Fascists and Eco Fascism are literally “Burning Down the House” (financially) for citizens struggling since Obama used duplicitous methods declaring his “War on Solar, in fact on all Energy”. Sadly, President Barack Obama has increased the cost of electrical energy unnecessarily in the United States.

In 2012 and 2013, California lost over $7 billion in construction work to build commercial solar facilities replete with the loss of tens of thousands of good paying jobs.

Click to learn more about Franklin Delano Roosevelt wise energy policiesIn fact Democrat Druids have opposed large corporate energy projects from becoming a reality in California of any kind, including solar, as the Democrat’s they are bribing and electing “look the other way” to the dismay of the citizens. So-called environmentalists also play a large role in dooming residential solar power to slow deployment across the US.

Before continuing, let me be perfectly clear; the term “Democrat Druids” does not refer to the entire Democrat party in the United States of America.

Many Democrats understand, like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that if the United States is to succeed in the twenty-first century, conventional energy sources and renewable must work together. This is something United States Democrat Senators Jeff MerkleyMary Landrieu, and Senator Mark Begich understand, while malcontent Senators like Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein have failed to internalize to support our country by withholding good paying jobs for US citizens.

Therefore, the term “Democrat Druids” refers to only those who have been blocking USA Energy Independence, bought and paid for with bribes by malcontent Environmental Fascist Luddites who have set out to destroy the USA using fraudulent claims.

Elizabeth Nickson banner - Click to learn more at her official web sitePerhaps best stated by a true environmentalist, Elizabeth Nickson, her revealing book about the abusive Eco-Fascists is described as follows;

“Forty million Americans have been driven from their lands and rural culture is being systematically crushed, even as wildlife, forests, and rangelands are dying. Journalist Elizabeth Nickson’s investigations into these events have revealed a shocking truth: rather than safeguarding our environment, radical conservationists are actually destroying our natural heritage.

In Eco-Fascists, Nickson documents the destructive impact of the environmental movement in North America and beyond, detailing the extreme damage environmental radicals in local and national government agencies are doing to the land, the ecosystems, and the people. Readers of Alston Chase’s Playing God in Yellowstone and In a Dark Wood, and anyone who is deeply concerned about global warming and the environment must read Elizabeth Nickson’s Eco-Fascists..”

More Trouble For Solar by Democrat Druids:

Sins of Commissions banner poster - Click to learn more about the corrupt California Coastal CommissionTo this matrix of malcontents, add the secretive and corrupt anti-energy California Coastal Commission and their minions of malfeasance and malevolence, who have helped take California from being a leader in manufacturing and technology, to a state with obscenely high taxes, bloated hostile government agencies, overly burdensome regulations, and endless red tape that have also resulted in huge dangerous wildfires from lack of responsible actions as well as loss of Timber industry mills and jobs causing poverty.

The corruption of the California Coastal Commission has helped kill wide spread acceptance of residential solar installations via their second unneeded process that adds some 6 to 11 months, a year, or longer (some as long as eight years) before being approved to build or rebuild as documented in several films documenting their abusive policies which include demands by Commission Members for homeowners to pay bribes for permits.

The California Coastal Commission, which became law in 1972, was legislated to be retired in 1976, has acted with malfeasance to enslave the citizens of California under a dictatorship, “drunk under their own power” as documented in a film by Richard Oshen aptly named “Sins of Commission“.

In their infinite lack of wisdom, with US Senate Goldbrickers Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, failing to protect citizens, have made the state an elitist economic disaster zone for non wealthy homeowners seeking solar solutions by gleefully accepting high tech ‘donations’ from corrupt so-called environmental organizations, while thumbing their noses at middle class citizen homeowners and threatening innocent citizens forcing them to leave California!

Click to learn why Industry fleeing California due to Coastal Commission and ever increasing fess and taxesThe result of the corrupt California Coastal Commission members who play crossword puzzles instead of working and their devious Democrat Druid dictators like corrupt Governor Jerry Brown who ruined the states highway and education systems in his first term, have made California a “third world basket case”!

California now ranks first in the United States as the state with ever increasing taxes, municipal, county and state fees that are causing major companies to leave, in fact flee the entire region of what was once the state that saved the United States during World War Two with its huge manufacturing base.

Once respected, now under a returning tax crazed Governor Jerry Brown,  California is deservedly considered unfriendly to the middle class, to small business, and to major industry.

Without sufficient low cost electrical power, and by not even allowing rapid expansion of Residential Solar that could provide good paying jobs, Democrats Druids have assured manufacturing left California and the United States due to crumbling infrastructure, much like Democrat Druids bankrupting Detroit.

Most have either gone overseas (e.g. Apple) or to other states due to a crumbling national power system where new power plants are rarely built because of endless fraudulent environmental litigation.

Residential Solar Blues:

Solar Energy Industry Association banner logo - Click to learn more at their official web site!In this editorial, we will share that despite the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) efforts, huge challenges exist for acceptance by the average, non wealthy citizens of the United States.

Most are being caused by corrupt Democrat politicians like minions of Barack Obama and Harry Reid, who illegally skimmed money off of the renewable energy loan markets to enrich themselves, including loan scams at Solyndra and others to “repay” their campaign donations.

SEIA - Solar on Military homes - Image courtesy SEIAWith the exception of solar installed at military residences at inflated prices from Barack Obama’s slush funds, Residential Solar for poor and middle class citizens is being hindered by these very same aforementioned malevolent Democrat Druid groups with red tape and planning commission battles by radical Luddites who harass every project a homeowner undertakes, including solar.

In most areas of the United States, California and New York in specific, these malcontents make installing home solar more expensive, and take so long, that the average low and middle class home owner cannot afford the costs of delay from the many months, even years that it can take to become electrical “Co-Generation” (solar) sources, let alone even see a reduction on their electric bills that have skyrocketed because of Barack Obama’s foolishly destructive (to our economy) “War on Energy” that even members of his own party does not support.

These misguided people also say you cannot have solar homes in California, especially along the coast, where most of the population lives, unless you follow their fascist like regulations, pay bribes and wait to even obtain consideration or doubtful approvals based on their selfishly subjective criteria as the corrupt California Coastal Commission (CCC) holds private parties to celebrate increasing their dictatorial powers.

CCC- Pacific Grove Stamey - Image courtesy FOIA and CCC web siteAfter 28 years, in 2001, the CCC was found to be unconstitutional yet has continued to appeal the decisions becoming a “Radical Bureaucratic Monster” for 40 years, bragging about how they hold single family residences hostage as Environmental Luddites and Democrat Druids at Earth First, the Sierra Club, the NDRC, and other misguided groups celebrate that US citizens are not able to “Co-Generate” enough electricity, even for their own families, because it takes away their ability to use environmental fascism to bludgeon citizens.

The bureaucratic red tape is so thick that frustrated home owners and small businesses who want to go solar are stymied from never ending Environmental Impact Reports (EIR’s) and Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) that take months, sometimes years to complete. Homeowners are also attacked by the Druids with malicious lawsuits that discourage solar.

Even when accompanied by a high priced attorney as an advocate, the challenges to install residential solar are so daunting, many homeowners simply and sadly “throw in the towel” in frustration.

Democrats Just Say No to Solar Power at Home:

Wait you say; Surely the Democrat party and the Environmental Luddite Druid malcontents want to say yes and help the average low income and middle class citizen become more self sufficient by having an electric car in every garage and a Solar System Inverter to charge them without taxing the already weakened electrical distribution system in the United States?

The analogy is from the old adage “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot” from the 1928 Presidential election 85 years ago in the early twentieth century. The problem is that there is “No Solar Power Inverter in Every Home” to re-charge the batteries of the electric cars, only conventional sources (hyrdo, coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear) for the next 50 to 100 years. Therefore, buying an electric car does not really help anything.

CPUC - Flex Your Power Now propaganda - Click to download FOIA documentAs a prescient example to compound the issue, in California an emergency system called “Flex Alert” are failures that have been abused by “IOU Web site” propaganda to “warn people” to use less power to cover up about the fact the Public Utilities Commission did not make sure enough power was available in the state, in effect a made up “Scam Alert“.

Thankfully, due to Freedom Of Information Act law, the propaganda documents are still available from the failed (terminated) “Flex Your Power NOW” propaganda (Click “IOU” image above left to download).

Click to learn about Renewable Energy Scam AlertsIn fact it is a “Scam Alert” because the real problem in California, and the entire United States is that not enough energy development distribution capability and electrical generation itself exists as we documented previously.

The original name of “Flex Alert” was “Flex Your Power NOW”. The program was developed in 2001 by Democrat Druids to brainwash citizens by covering up the fact that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) had failed to ensure sufficient electrical distribution and power generation existed in the state.

When the purpose of the cover-up (lack of state infrastructure) by the California Democrat Druids was uncovered, the CPUC terminated the “Flex Your Power NOW” program and removed all but a notice of said termination, changing the program to “Flex Alert” to trick the citizens into thinking they (the CPUC) was doing their job. The facts of the matter are that the CPUC has failed the citizens of California for decades by not promoting the construction (building) of a redundant electrical system to serve the citizens (more on the dangers of the CPUC failure in a future article), not a good thing.

vThe answer Democrat’s provide, tragically, appears to be no on genuinely helping citizens in the United States go “Residential Solar” with a much needed measure of electrical system redundancy in the homes of citizens.

Like cancelled Brightsource Energy projects, but on a smaller scale, if you make a change in residential specifications that affect “the size or look”, it likely means you have to start all over again to get residency or permit.

In many other cases, people have almost lost their property  when the CCC condemns the property or demands easements. One of the worst cases is the CCC making the Sterling family wait over 10 years to get a permit!

Their reward? The rabidly radical California Coastal Commission demanded all but 10,000 square feet of his property for their own corrupt purposes! The CCC lost in court, but that is the point! Who should have to wait 10 years and go to court to prove they were right in the first place? No one!

In case after case, bickering with local nightmarish planning commissions over what are typically only efficiency enhancements, the “residency permit” is withheld by the Democrat Druids to force payment of unneeded studies and municipal fees (and bribes) that only serve to twist the arms of the citizens.

The costly processes, to get an amended construction permit, can take months, some taking over five (5) years to obtain the residency permit, while honest citizens are subjected to Environmental Luddite Druid fascists who heckle homeowners from the audience as I have witnessed firsthand at planning commission meetings.

Land rights battles with the corrupt CCCTo reiterate, if you are unfortunate to live within one mile inland along the Pacific Ocean in California or other inland bodies of water, the nightmare we have shared awaits; the project and jobs killing and corrupt California Coastal Commission places even further barriers to those seeking solar power alternatives, let alone any other types of power generation, citizen solar “Co-Generation” goals notwithstanding.

How you may ask? The California Coastal Commission will stop home solar “Co-Generation” projects if they think it “does not look (aesthetically) right” to them. Meaning that their subjective fascist judgment is used to qualify if your solar project is “worthwhile” not based on utility or law, but how “they think it looks”.

Shocking Facts:

The State of California has over 6 MILLION single family residential structures not counting multi-dwelling apartments (which are also good candidates for solar power). One would think that installations of Photovoltaic solar power generation would be a good thing for everyone, right?

Again it is not so! California, the so-called “Technology Leader”, as some misguided Democrats still prefer to refer to the state from their obvious pipe dream hallucinations, photovoltaic production is ONLY 9.1 WATTS per person in California! (you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page since they hide the data). Not megawatt hours or kilowatt hours people; We are talking 9.1 watts; not even enough to power a small tablet computer for any length of time for goodness sakes!

All this thanks to the repressive Democrat Druids and Environmental Luddites!

Crazier still? California IS NUMBER ONE in the USA for the production of Photovoltaic solar power at 9.1 watts! See the problem citizens? Democrat Druids and Environmental Luddites have enslaved us all with controlling red tape.

Sizing the Problem – Trillions Borrowed from China:

USD-100_million_dollars - Image courtesy Demonocracy Dot InfoLet us break down the numbers via analogy to size the issue for you to consider; President Barack Obama has borrowed EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS mostly from communist slave nation China since he was elected in 2008. $8,000,000,000,000!

Instead of partying with palettes of printed money, has President Obama spent any of it, even $100 million (illustrated to the right) of the borrowings helping the average low income or middle class citizen install “Co-Generation” solar power systems in their homes? Nope. None. Zero!

$8 trillion is enough money to have paid for a robust solar “Co-Generation” system for every residential home in the United States, including apartments, THREE, FOUR or EVEN FIVE TIMES OVER so that citizens would no longer be 100% tied to grid based power. With solar, we, as a country, would be well on the way to complete energy independence with Hydro, nuclear, shale, ANWR, and Offshore “All of the Above” energy sources.

Citizens in the USA would be proud, and for the world would admire us if even 15% of Barack Obama’s borrowings were spent on residential solar, not wasted on Democrat fraudulent pork projects documented in the infamous “Congressional Pig Book“.

Residential Solar “Co-Generation” System Cost:

Solar Inverter - 4KW one half of an 8KW system 100_5777 - Image courtesy Kenn WeeksFor a modest, yet robust system, cost per household for an eight (8) Kilowatt, 220 volt AC, residential solar system (with battery backup for nighttime or grid power outage operations), with twenty (20) 250 watt solar panels, 32 high capacity L-16 (or equivalent) batteries, solar charge controllers and DC (solar) to residential AC power inverters, and associated parts is approximately $35,000 or less for an average four person household.

This type of solar “Co-Generation” system would power 100% of typical daytime usage for most 2-3 bedroom homes including refrigerator, gas/electric clothes washer dryer, computers, television, cable, etc. This system would power approximately 30-75% of nighttime usage, depending on usage.

L16-Battery-Array-100_5772 - Image courtesy Kenn WeeksIf we estimate that there are 60 MILLION residential households (an overly high number) in the United States, total cost to provide “Co-Generation” solar power to every residence? Only ONE POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLARS out of the $8 trillion the President has borrowed and wasted to date!

Note: If the residential solar system does not include batteries for back up operation in the event of a power outage and to lower cost of power during nighttime operations (a daytime only “Co-Generation” solar electric household), the cost for the same system is reduced to less than $20,000 per household, or about $1.2 trillion dollars to solar power EVERY residence in the United States.

Lack of Solar in the California Southland:

As an example of the Democrat failure of policy, in Los Angeles County California alone, more than 500,000 single family residential structures exist with over 300 days (a year) of easily harvested solar power. As a method to supplement conventional grid generated electricity, one would think that state and local Democrat governments, and all environmental groups would bend over backwards to assist property owners installing solar power as they seek to become “Co-Generators”?

Verengo Solar banner logo - Click to learn more at their official web siteNot so! In California, and across much of coastal United States, exactly the opposite is true. Unless you are a wealthy Environmental Luddite Democrat Druid “on the take” like the corrupt California Coastal Commission, or a corrupt politician taking donations from not so friendly corrupt organizations (Sierra Club, Earth First, NRDC, etc), you may never get through the red tape to get a permit to install your residential “Co-Generation” system.

Click to visit and follow Edward Asner on Twitter!With environmental activist Edward Asner as its primary spokesperson, a well respected solar installation company named Verengo has an answer. Verengo Solar, one of the larger solar contractors in California, New York and New Jersey, has been at this arduous task for over ten years attempting to install “Co-Generation” systems in the Los Angeles area. The cost? Free, but there is a catch; you do not get to own the solar system, they do.

You may ask how many installations have they successfully made happen against the never ending red tape and overzealous regulations by the Democrat Druid Luddites who hamper solar “Co-Generation” progress? Only about 8,000 installations! And almost all for wealthy Democrats around Hollywood!

How many Verengo’s for low income or middle class families, the citizens who really need them? A few hundred!

Click to visit and follow Speaker John Boehner on TwitterWhere are the Democrats who say they want to help? Nowhere!

Speaker of the House John Boehner has sent dozens of energy bills to help citizens over to “Do Nothing Goldbricker” Senator Harry Reid. Along with Barack Obama, both have done NOTHING!

In New York, New Jersey and other east coast states, each with some 200 days a year of bright sunshine, all good candidates for home solar that can work with today’s technology even on cloudy days, guess what is happening instead?

The Democrat Druids also ban clean energy from local natural gas as a solution for low cost electricity from local sources to create a viable bridge to renewable energy.

Instead they are using falsified Environmental Luddite tripe and hysteria about “Fracking” that has been safely in use for over six decades.


Conclusions and Considerations:

Residential Solar Power is but one leg of an “All of the Above” energy policy “stool” that the United States, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any person should logically consider as the next strategic project we must undertake NOW as a nation to accomplish as a task in this next decade.

President John F KennedyAs President John F. Kennedy stated on going to the moon in the early 1960’s, we can have residential “Co-Generation” solar “in this decade” with money left over, if we stop giving $150 billion a year to illegal aliens, put an end to the yearly $300 billion in Welfare, Social Security and Medicare fraud bankrupting our nation and simply open the ANWR, Shale and Offshore energy areas that will generate $350 billion in yearly revenue for the US Treasury.

Who is stopping us from the goal of a solar inverter in every home?

The Democrats and their crazed lust for power using environmental fraud and litigation via bogus “Save the Owl” policies like those that killed the Timber Industry on Federal Land in the United States (as is happening in Alaska in the 21st century). Such are an absolute abuse of what the United States Forest Service, and the original EPA was set up to do under President Richard M. Nixon in 1973.

There is no reason that this strategic goal for residential “Co-Generation” solar systems be held hostage over what some coastal commission or planning commission’s idea of “what ‘looks right’ to them”, or by any Democrat Luddite Druid either.

Click to learn more about President Dwight D Eisenhower at his official foundationPrecisely like the Federal Highway System created by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950’s, revenue from existing conventional energy sources in the Arctic (ANWR), Offshore (California, Florida, New York and etcetera), shale, natural gas, coal and oil would be used to repay the “Residential Solar Bonds” over the next decade as needed to finance the renewable nationwide “Co-Generation” solar system proposed herein.

Canada has been able to become energy independent without the red tape, rancor and lies the Democrat party resorts to in the United States. Why not the United States?

Just think what a help that would be for all low income and middle class US citizens!

Barack Obama in Oval Office Sets bad examples by finger pointingLet’s make “Co-Generation” happen by calling, writing, tweeting and Facebook’ing President Barack Obama and all your representatives that you demand they cease and desist no longer allowing Environmental Fascists to file malicious lawsuits, or allow the corrupt California Coastal Commission, or others of that ilk, to be dictators, or for anyone to say that tortoises are more important than you, the citizens!

DEMAND that US Energy Independence, with the good paying jobs for our children and family members in the 21st century and beyond must be the goal, not spending 10 years in court to try and get a permit to override Environmental Luddites!

If the Democrat Druids, like blamer, anti-energy, finger pointing Barack Obama do not cooperate, then tell them that your choice is clear; you will vote all of them out of office in 2014 and 2016 and vote in the party, the GOP, that supports all types of energy, including solar, in the United States!

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

In the meantime, please feel free to share this article with your friends, co-workers and or family by clicking one of the icons below. We thank you for visiting and express our sincere gratitude for doing so!

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6 thoughts on “Chicken in Every Pot, Electric Car in the Garage, But No Solar Inverter in Every Home to Power It?

  1. Hey!

    I used to do work for the Nation Resource Defense Council (NRDC) until I found out they lie cheat and steal and fabricate reports like they did for the solar projects they killed lying about tortoises in god forsaken desert wasteland. I quit when the studies were exposed as enviro fraud.

    Solar Sally

    1. Hello Sally,

      Yes, the Nation Resources Defense Council (NRDC) celebrated after their fraud about the tortoises forced Brightsource Energy to stop work on the huge solar projects.

      The NRDC also cost California tens of thousands of jobs when Brightsource decided they (NRDC) and The Sierra Club were Environmental Luddites who really never supported solar energy. The net result? Brightsource put their high research facility in Israel rather than California, their home state. What a tragedy.

      Thanks for leaving a thoughtful comment about the Environmental Frauds like NRDC.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  2. You really suck for publishing this! The Coastal Commission has saved California from over development and is to be praised! And why do you not hyperlink my group and the other environmentalists in your articles you worthless piece of crap?!

    NRDC Nick

    1. Oh and Nick,

      RockwaterReports does not link to corrupt fascist organizations like the NRDC who abuses citizens by putting nails in trees causing death and injuries, attacking people at public meetings, and who force millions into poverty from your fraudulent actions including payment of bribes to corrupt government officials, several who have been arrested.


      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

    2. Nick,

      The CCC has become the worst nightmare for solar power in the history of the United States demanding bribe payments and when refused, issuing illegal orders to seize citizens property.

      As for the NRDC, your group is one of the worst environmental fascists in history, paying bribes to the CCC and your corrupt Democrat allies. Thankfully, like the corrupt CCC you have lost so many court battles, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that people like you are the problem.


      Kenn Weeks of WHR

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