Bloviating Bureaucrats Bankrupt Detroit: Deviously Destructive Democrat Demons Dictate Debt Debacle Dooming Denizens!


Welcome back citizens,

Detroit Bankrupt - Click to learn more By now you all know that another great regional city in the United States, Detroit, controlled for the past 50 years by the debtor party, by which I mean The Democrats, whom have made Detroit bankrupt with Legacy Costs known since 2011 that threatens to destroy not only the city, but its debt ridden denizens as well.

However, the destructive debt disaster is nationwide, so bad we “cannot see straight anymore” as you will soon learn herein.

Detroit Bankrupt as perceived overseas - Click to learn more Detroit’s bankruptcy as perceived overseas is but a tip of the iceberg. Here in the United States TENS of MILLIONS of citizens live in POVERTY from poor decisions by Democrats over the decades of their debt ridden deceit.

In their infinite lack of wisdom, Democrats have left Detroit debt ridden, including Police and Fire department budgets paying 83% of every dollar in dubious pension payments that may never be honored.

Bob Warfield chief communications officer for Detroit Mayor Dave BingBureaucrats promised such luxuries to Detroit voters in order to remain in power, deceiving them in the process. Clearly the bureaucrats “had too much”, seemingly always saying “it’ll be okay” like the lyrics in our featured song by Lady Gaga.

But it is not okay to “Just Dance” to debt. Detroit debt is ruining lives not only in their city, but all across the USA who purchased Detroit debt (bonds) who may never see 100% of their money ever again.

Unlike Lady Gaga who actually earns a living making people happy, Detroit Democrats dictated doom to their denizens from destructive addiction to debt!

Bloviating Bureaucrats Blow Billions:

Grace Crunican of Seattle now bilking BARTFor comparison are the facts that Bloviating Bureaucrats are not doing their jobs despite huge salaries. In the San Francisco Bay Area, The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) General Manager Grace Crunican, who is referred to as a menace, fled Seattle after bilking that city, now makes an obscene base salary of $333,000 a year plus benefits.

Grace Crunican’s “payoff bribe” at taxpayer expense with BART Bureaucrats include her being 100% vested in her health and retirement in only two years, something unheard of by any employment standard except for deceitful Democrats double dealing destructive debt.

Tom Hock rips off BART taxpayers in San Francisco Bay AreaInstead of working, corrupt Crunican hired even more corrupt Thomas Hock for $399,000 for three months work, plus expenses which equates to a 1.6 MILLION dollar yearly contract rather than do the job she was paid for!

An example of wasteful Bloviating Bureaucrats? The useless California Coastal Commission with a budget exceeding $17 MILLION a year conduct wasteful pork laden lavish parties rather do something constructive, like promote construction of offshore energy and on shore solar energy plants to ensure California produces more solar energy than 9 watts per citizen as we previously reported.

Like The California Air Resources Board, whose pork laden budget (over $651.9 million a year in 2010) includes a top paying job of over $768,000 a year who are “employing” over 1,275 useless bureaucrats who do nothing but generate piles of non productive paperwork. Their claim to success? Driving industry from the California via red tape and regulations based on whim, rather than true science or fact.

California is a state that carries the highest fee structure and recently raised income taxes $50 BILLION to cover 30 years of Democrat waste where over $3.4 BILLION is wasted on expenditures like paying contractors a bonus when they LOSE BIDS and the so-called E-Waste recycling “fee” that was really another tax!

Barack Obama in Oval Office Sets bad examples by finger pointingFor goodness sakes people, enough is enough!

Across the United States, these Bloviating Bureaucrats earn more money per year than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who earns some $450,000!

I do not know about how you feel about Barack Obama, but NO Bureaucrat should make more money than the President of the United States, PERIOD!

Yet year after year the Democrats waste more and borrow more throughout the country! Similar examples of Democrat waste exist that have produced a nation of debt among the States of the United States of $4 TRILLION by 2011, second only to the nearly $17 TRILLION debt borrowed since Barack Obama added $8 TRILLION after he took office in 2009. Obama is increasing our mutual doom at the rate of nearly $2.2 BILLION a day!

Democrats Deal in Debt Destroying Detroit:

Click to learn about the United States Bankruptcy codeDue to destructive debt decisions by Democrats over many decades, Detroit has now been forced to file for financial protection from tens of thousands of it’s creditors, including pensioners, under Chapter Nine of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Sadly, the situation is precisely the same for Democrat deceivers like President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, US House Minority Nancy Pelosi, House and Senate Minority Whips Steny Hoyer and Senator Dick Durbin, and fibber minions which include Democrat National Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who dictate debt at the United States Federal Government level.

Democratic heads - Click to visit The Democrats on Twitter!Each of these Bloviating Bureaucrats are making promises to the Unites States citizens without leveraging the means available for the last 60 years to pay for entitlements, including pensions in Detroit, as we have reported previously.

For those unaware, Chapter Nine of the United States Bankruptcy Code was created specifically for municipalities having been enacted into law in 1934 under another famous borrower of other peoples money, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

No doubt one of the greatest American Presidents, FDR at least delivered on the promises of leveraging the nations energy resources judiciously.

Democrats may be forced to allow Detroit to become a Nuclear CenterAnd here is “the bankruptcy rub” for Democrats of Detroit;

The Democrats, including President Barack Obama’s failure to deliver a national energy policy, withholding support for 85% of the United States energy, in effect holding nuclear, even the Keystone Pipeline hostage, which in turn caused Detroit to falter as an economic engine. Put pure and simple, without energy, any city, any economy will falter.

This until a recent change of heart by Democrats, almost losing Detroit due to the bankruptcy, may make the city a Nuclear Power Center.

Nuclear Energy is something the Democrats have resisted by using fear tactics to maintain the votes from Environmental Fascists who have bribed them with campaign donations for decades. Detroit in 2013 may change all that.

Click to learn more about Franklin Delano Roosevelt wise energy policiesUnlike the recalcitrant, downright stubborn, and often obstreperous Barack Obama, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a brilliant leader.

Roosevelt pushed through the Bankruptcy legislation prior to his Work Projects Administration (1935) (WPA was later, in 1939-1943, called the Works Progress Administration) under the New Deal (1933-1939) were also enacted, because cities across the country were faltering financially from extremely low tax revenues. The situation nearly brought the United States to revolution.

Two major pillars of the “New Deal”, the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the National Industrial Recovery Act were later found to be unconstitutional in 1935, however the Bankruptcy legislation held firm providing orderly reorganization protection for municipalities during The Great Depression of that era.

The Great Depression - Lange - MigrantMotherThe Great Depression, similar to the current economic malaise of 2009-2013 under President Barack Obama, lasted until World War Two when jobs became available to fight for freedom and help avoid more bankruptcies because enough people were employed to pay taxes. This is unlike today’s reality in 2013 where 23 MILLION are without full time jobs and 46 MILLION (1 in 6) LIVE in POVERTY.

Detroit, with at least $18 BILLION dollars in debt is hanging on by a thread after two courts ruled it had violated Bankruptcy Code and was potentially ineligible for protection.

Overruled for the time being by Federal Courts, Detroit is another example of Liberal Democrat wonton spending policies that lead to bankruptcy, and potentially another Great Depression due to the Democrat corrupt financial policies of endless borrowing.

Like President Barack Obama and Governor Jerry Brown, what has gone awry is over spending and borrowing run rampant withholding the resources to pay back the money. The debt created and wasted on their useless pork barrel spending, would instead lead to peace and prosperity via energy security if only they would do the right things.

Click to learn about the need for energy policy - Dominion Energy facility courtesy APSome experts place Detroit’s debt at well over $20 BILLION since the liabilities promised to retirees are growing for the 20,000 people hornswoggled by devious Democrat deadbeats, who rather than tell the truth, kept making promises it could not keep without the energy to engineer a turn-around.

Much like Barack Obama who keeps promising to create jobs, but who fails to realize that governments, city, county, state or federal, do NOT, nor have they ever created jobs, only industry does. Yet Democrats keep demanding more debt for “vapor-ware” jobs.

Detroit is a city spending approximately 35% more a year than it takes in. Versus the $1.1 BILLION a year it spends, Detroit sports a minimum $327 MILLION dollar a year deficit for 2011-2012 as of January 2013, growing to an estimated $380 MILLION according to a more recent audit conducted in April of 2013.

America: The Food Stamp Nation - Click to learn more The facts are that Detroit simply ran out of money that it was available to either borrow, cheat or steal from the poor citizens trapped by the dictatorial Democrats who tricked them for over 60 years that everything would be okay “if you just re-elect us again”.

Things are NOT OKAY in Detroit or the three dozen other municipalities and utilities in the Unites States that have been run into the ground by the destructive Democrat demons of debt who keep promising the citizens “a world of entitlements” with no way to pay for them due to failed Democrat policies.

The net result is therefore that citizens are unable to pay taxes to municipalities like Detroit, Michigan, San Bernardino, California, Central Falls, Rhode Island, Jefferson County, Alabama, and many others teetering on the edge due to the Democrat policies of keeping the nation in POVERTY and beholden to a Federal Dictatorship for welfare and food stamp handouts for 44 MILLION which have enslaved the once employed people in the United States..

Learn how Speaker John Boehner isn trying to help President Obama at his official web site To his credit, FDR leveraged the known United States energy reserves of the time to ensure a full employment economy by the early 1940’s to be prepared to fight the enemies of freedom that were out to loot the planet during World War Two.

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner is trying to help President Obama understand the energy reserves properly utilized by FDR not only saved the United States, he helped save the Free World from tyranny.

Like today, this is a HINT for President Obama to not trust Communist Russia and China, nor the dictatorships of Syria, Iran, North Korea or Venezuela and use all our energy to avoid having to become beholden to such evil government nations and put free people first like FDR did.

“All of the Above Energy” is Key to STOP POVERTY:

U6 chart - Click to learn more at Portal SevenThe United  States has 14.7 percent (23 MILLION) unemployed or under employed according to the more accurate “U6” number.

Just imagine if all these United States citizens were working the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, at California, Florida and New York offshore energy facilities, and all Federal Shale lands producing energy and selling it like Canada does to benefit all their citizens?

It is simple my friends, most of the the 23 MILLION workers who have completely given up trying to find a job would be employed contributing to the country and be able to take care of their families without Food Stamps.

USA has 46 MILLION in POVERTY - Click to learn more at PovertyUSA Dot OrgBut because Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi believe it is more important to protect frozen tundra and tortoises and spew tripe about Fracking and removing MILLIONS of acres of job producing Federal Lands from citizens who want to work, they are keeping 46.2 MILLION in POVERTY rather than helping them get to work!

The primary reason for these conditions and the bankruptcies, and dozens of others in the United States is due to the Democrat policies of keeping over 85% of the nations revenue sources, primarily energy “off the market” with TENS of MILLIONS of citizens kept hostage without good paying jobs available from an “All of the Above Energy” policy we were promised when Barack Obama was a US Senator running for office.

Does this sound familiar? It should. Much like the bankrupt United States of America reeling under the corrupt administration of Barack Obama, which borrows, prints money, and invests in a stock market in order to artificially keep it afloat, some 36 other municipalities in the USA have gone bankrupt from borrowing.

What many do not realize is that Detroit is only the latest in a series of cities that have been controlled by Liberal Democrats’s who have used freebie giveaways and pension bribery to stay in power, borrowing more and more each year, each decade, to cover up their corrupt methods of debilitating, destructive debt.

Write, call, e-mail The President, and The Democrats and let them know you want the one in six, the 46 MILLION out of POVERTY by opening ALL USA Energy sources for development and jobs! Tell the Democrats you will NOT vote for any Democrat that promises things they cannot pay for like they said they would!

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

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12 thoughts on “Bloviating Bureaucrats Bankrupt Detroit: Deviously Destructive Democrat Demons Dictate Debt Debacle Dooming Denizens!

    1. Merry Christmas Richard,

      Tune in to C-SPAN programs like Washington Journal, Book-TV, News Makers and many more after joining the only honest political party left in the Unkited States, the Tea Party Patriots. Thanks for your nice comment.

      Best Regards and Happy New Year,


  1. Hello!

    I don’t even know how I ended up right here, but I thought this article was great! I don’t know who you might be but definitely you are going to a famous blogger should you not be one already!


    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the nice comment. There is no doubt that the Liberal Democrats have not only bankrupted Detroit, but have done the same thing to the entire United States of America. It is a sad, but true fact that Democrats have long engaged in voter fraud (Kennedy 1960 election, Obama in 2008 and 2012, many states including California where illegal aliens vote regularly). Worst of all is what is their well known “vote bribery” by giving welfare, not requiring people to work to become better citizens, and 100’s of trillions in unfunded liabilities including freebies to illegal alien criminals, murderers, drug cartels, and rapists.

      Thankfully, the end of the Democrat corruption began in 2010 when, despite the illegal voter fraud they commit, millions of USA citizens began voted out the corrupt Democrats which continued in 2012 and 2014 national elections. The failure of the Obama administration “bankruptcy” is further exposed in his anti-semitic actions providing nuclear weapons to terrorists and allowing ISIS to rape and murder women and children.

      Fortunately, as we approach the 2016 Presidential election, people by the 10’s of millions are fed up with the lies and outright tyranny of Barack Obama and his gang of liars. Known the world over as the most divisive and lawless Presidential administration in the history of the United States, the reign of the Democrats and RINO’s is coming to an end as evidenced by the rise of non politicians like Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump and true patriots seeking the Presidency like Ted Cruz.

      In closing for now, my name is Kenn Weeks. You can follow me on Twitter by searching for my name. Thanks again.

      Best Regards,


  2. This web site represents hard work. The reason is that everything is quality based information!


  3. Hello,

    Great post! Thumbs up for the good info! You are correct, the liberals ruined Detroit and have done the same in many other states where they live like royalty wasting billions while millions live in poverty instead of having good jobs in energy at ANWR and offshore and shale.

    I used to be a democrat and support the Sierra Club until I found out they were dirty rotten liars.


  4. Good day,

    I used to live in Detroit. I left because the unions took over and some have only one or two people in a union so they can get unfair pensions while people like me struggled with the dem leaders holding huge parties wasting our taxes.

    I moved to Seattle hoping to get away from the corruption, only to find the dems had ruined that city too. That Witch (I mean a B) Crunican ruined our transportation system and then escaped to now ruin another city. These dems must have a network of corruption where they jump from city to city to steal even more of our money and do nothing but live in luxury while others starve?


    1. Hello Sue,

      Thanks for your honest comment about how the Democrats have destroyed your former home, Detroit. As you have noted, there is a Democrat network of bureaucrats who shift from state to state, and federal department to department siphoning ever more money from honest taxpayers.

      As for your comments about BART’s Crunican who also messed up Seattle mass transit before coming to the San Francisco Bay Area to leech off our taxpayers here; She has been screwing up the BART system attempting to corrupt mass transit here but her history as a corrupt bureaucrat is the reason she brought in the “union busting” Thomas Hock, a dishonest swindler who lives like a king bloodsucking taxpayers money.

      I would note that not all unions are bad. The BART union is a good example of a good union trying to protect the mass transit system after BART management laid off all the safety engineers a few years back leading to the deaths of workers and unsafe conditions in the trans bay tube (an incident occurred just yesterday trapping citizens in the dark).

      Crunican is corrupt friend brought in by our lawless Governor Jerry Brown who destroyed the California highway and school systems during his first disastrous term in office. Brown now is setting about destroying the entire state system with freebie giveaways, increased taxes passed in 2012 by telling lies to the citizens, only to come back and say he needs another tax increase or the state could face bankruptcy!

      On Crunican, she was brought in to destroy the BART unions while she, Brown and their pork spending friends party on taxpayer funds making bloated salaries with pension benefits so lavish they threaten to destroy California just like the Democrats destroyed Detroit after 50 years of piling debt upon debt until they went bankrupt leaving pensioners “holding the bag”.

      This is what the Democrat bureaucrats do, they tax and spend and never produce anything but more debt. Instead of supporting industry and energy independence, they have saddled the USA and its states with nearly $100 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities that are likely to cause many more bankruptcies in the next decade.

      Remember to vote them out of office in 2014 and 2016. Thanks again

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  5. Nice article, Kenn. Although I am not an American, I see over and over how the greed of politicians and their corporate buddies is destroying our countries, Canada included, at the expense of the middle class. Doesn’t the American constitution, or an American patriot quote somewhere, mention that the price of Democracy is constant vigilance? Maybe it is really our fault for allowing these horrible people into positions of power in the first place. Whoever’s fault it is, it is definitely well past time to throw the bums out.

    1. Hi Pat,

      The “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” quote is often attributed to Patrick Henry in the early 19th Century, however it was used before Patrick Henry in the early 18th Century in other forms in England.

      The real problem is that once the Bloviating Bureaucrats get into power within government agencies, it is almost impossible to fire them since they are appointed rather than elected in many cases just like in Canada.

      The Democrat fraud do not like the real like examples exposed here because with the US economy so messed up from their endless borrowing and no way to pay it back, there is no longer enough “slush fund money” to cover their malfeasance.

      2014 and 2016 will be years of change to put a stop to a lot of this at the Federal level. Here in California, many steps have been taken to stop the debt ridden Democrats from causing too much more harm. Because the Democrats ran California into the ground, many wasteful budgets have been thankfully slashed but more work remains to be done.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      Best Regards,


      PS: Our Democrat leaders are only now with our and other news articles looking to your country for leadership to learn how wise it is to have your own Canada ANWR (which is right next to ours) producing hundreds of billions in tax revenues and good paying jobs for your citizens.

  6. Hi there. Good article. my family lives in Detroit and no matter what its true the democrats lied to us. My retirement is at risk because of the money they borrowed promising to fix things which they never did just like the President who lied to us.


    1. Hi Dan,

      I am very sorry to hear about your retirement being at risk. I hope that then US Bankruptcy Court can help, but it does not look good for folks like you.

      There is no doubt that the President, who I supported when first elected has not told us the truth. The same is sadly true for the bureaucrats in Detroit who spent all your money with no way to pay for the luxurious lifestyles they have enjoyed over the past 50 years.

      As for most, but not all of the Democrat’s in the US Congress who block all attempts to put people to work in ANWR, Offshore and Shale energy area claiming frozen wasteland, insects and sand tortoises are most important. In the Canada version of ANWR, they take care of their citizens and do not have MILLIONS living in POVERTY because they know how to harvest their countries energy.

      Things are about to change now that the truth about US and State debt is being exposed. 2014 will be a wake up call for those Democrats who keep 23 MILLION without full time jobs in POVERTY, many of whom starve every day. How Democrats like Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Hoyer fail to realize they are wrong is beyond belief, how they sleep at night knowing they have put 46 MILLION in POVERTY is so sad. They should do like FDR and open ALL US Energy areas NOW to put America back to work before more people, families and children are hurt!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. we have received a number on Twitter and via e-mail as well who feel your pain.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

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