Does America Need A Swift Kick In The Pants About Energy?

Hello citizens of North America,

TransCanada East Energy Pipeline - Smart Canadian Women and citizens understand energy security - Click to learn more at the official web site!While American politicians, tree huggers, lawyers and average citizens bicker about the price of gas and the safety of pipelines like Keystone XL, long proven to be the safest way to transport oil and other products, we here in Canada are quietly putting through another national east to west pipeline called the Energy East Pipeline joining liberals, conservatives and independents to make our nation energy secure!

The proposed Energy East Pipeline is not solely to transport Alberta’s crude to world markets, but also to finally provide the East Coast with a large, secure supply of domestic oil, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on August 8, 2013.

Stephen Harper.pngHarper was visiting the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, where he said the TransCanada pipeline would benefit consumers in Atlantic Canada, a region that depends on foreign sources of oil.

The Energy East pipeline project is expected to deliver up to 1.1 million barrels per day from Western Canada to Quebec in late 2017. A 1,400-kilometre extension would be built to ship oil to Saint John, New Brunswick a year later.

The $12-billion development has the support of the Alberta and New Brunswick governments, but the minority Parti Quebecois government of Pauline Marois has remained noncommittal on the proposal.

Harper prefaced his remarks by saying the federal government will remain independent from the project and ensure it is properly regulated. But he also repeatedly said the idea was “exciting” and praised the private sector’s efforts to make it a reality. “It’s a project that will assure all of Canada will benefit from our energy industry,” he said.

“We will have a large amount to sell to the world, but for the first time we will have the capacity to sell our own products to our citizens.”

Chief BernardIrving Oil has said it plans to construct a $300-million marine terminal to expand shipping, a decision prompted by the private sector interest in the west-to-east pipeline project as announced by TransCanada at the beginning of August.

The Assembly of First Nation’s Chiefs released a statement saying the pipeline must satisfy their concerns before it moves ahead.

  • Full protection of the environment.
  • Full protection of the ability to exercise aboriginal and treaty rights.
  • Meaningful participation of First Nations in the management of any pipeline and all benefits arising from it.

Joanna Bernard, Chief of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, said she “is in support of the pipeline if it can be done safely. The concern is always the environment and safety and making sure we protect mother earth. And that’s the bottom line for a lot of First Nations people,” said Bernard.

TransCanada said it would start seeking regulatory approvals on the pipeline in 2014 and the oil could start flowing to Eastern Canada by late 2017. The company proposes to convert roughly 3,000 kilometres of natural gas pipeline on its existing Canadian Mainline route so it can carry crude oil.

Canaport LNGTransCanada says it would also construct 1,400 kilometres of new pipeline to carry crude oil and other products into Saint John, where it will end at the Canaport LNG terminal.

Although the eastern United States has their own natural gas sources, New York has foolishly blocked natural gas development since 2008 because of brainwashing by Democrat Environmental FascistsMassachusetts has fallen into the same trap set by the Environmental Luddites.

Oh well. We here in Canada are more than willing to get rich selling you our natural gas.

Unlike Barack Obama in the USA, Canada uses our natural resources energy to help pay for our healthcare system while you Americans waste time suing each other arguing endlessly while Obama uses you for his political advantage.

Learn more about East Energy Pipeline route The Canadian way is to consult those who are involved and those who will be affected by an energy pipeline, come to an agreement, then go ahead with the plan to benefit our country.

Why? Because the East Energy Pipeline is in our national interest. Canadians do not believe in stubbornly opposing something when it can benefit the entire community. Working for the common good is the most effective way to achieve any project.

Learn about Martin Luther King at the Nobel Prize web siteThis is the reason why so many Canadians often become confused with the American political system where the party in power refuses to do things for the entire nation.

As one of the wisest Americans Martin Luther King once said, “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”.

Barack Obama with Jay Leno August 6 2013 - Image Courtesy NBC The American political way seems to be to take individualism too far; to fight against the whole and if that does not work, get the lawyers involved so nothing moves forward for years while the lawyers fight with each other in court, counting their increasing piles of money all the way.

No disrespect intended, but we in Canada, in fact the entire world knows America is rapidly becoming blind under President Barack Obama, who seems to fight about energy rather than do what is good for his own country.

Addicted to oil

Keystone XL and President ObamaEven as the President recently said that he will approve it, but drags his feet, this overwhelming blindness continues to set in, Canadians have grown tired of waiting for the American naysayers to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

If America does not want the safe oil that Canada was willing to provide, we will take it to the Atlantic Ocean, to a deep water marine terminal, yet to be built, and sell it to you that way.

Visit and follow Premier Allison Redford on TwitterAlong the way jobs will be created and revenues produced. Western oil producers would look to Ontario, for instance, for new and upgraded technology, trucks, tires, pumps, gauges and valves. “This is truly a nation-building project that will diversify our economy and create new jobs,” Alberta Premier Alison Redford said.

The oddest aspect of American reticence against Canadian oil is that America already has a variety of safe oil pipelines running through the U.S countryside like vines around a tree.

What difference would one more pipeline make to the American consciousness? Or, perhaps there are people with money, Obama’s allies, who do not want America to have safe oil from Canada. If you are a US citizen, look at the picture below, and think about it.

Pipelines thru US

“Follow the money”, said ”Deep Throat,” the no longer anonymous source as quoted by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their famous book ”All the President’s Men.”

It is as true today as it was back then. Who is likely to benefit if America does not become energy self sufficient with Canada’s help? Answer that question and Americans might be closer to the realization that they are being played by their own Democrat leaders.

Learn about Prince-Alwaleed-bin-Talal at his official web site!Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who also happens to be a co-owner of FOX News said,

“We don’t want the West to go and find alternatives, because, clearly, the higher the price oil goes, the more you have incentive to go and find alternatives. So, really, our interest coincides with American interest, to have the price for around $70, $80 which is a price good for consumers and producers.”

Learn about a Swift Kick in the Pants the USA may need to wake upIs it though? The Middle East is a volatile area of the world. Does America want to continue dependence on a part of the world that could erupt into war at any moment?

While Americans sit on their hands, we in Canada took heed of what the prince said and will move ahead with our own plans to maintain our oil independence and energy security. Maybe America should give itself a good kick in the pants before the world moves on without you. What do you say America?

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

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10 thoughts on “Does America Need A Swift Kick In The Pants About Energy?

  1. Hi everyone:

    Thanks for writing with your comments about the problems with political responsibility. Canadians have been quite willing to share our abundance of oil with America, but with all the foot dragging south of the border, we just got tired of waiting. So, we worked out our own solution.

    We, as your neighbors and friends, are also frustrated and disappointed by the continual posturing of your politicians. Sadly, they seem more focused on staying in power than on what is good for the people who elected them.

    Please know that Canadians are sympathetic to America’s difficulties. We hope you can get these problems sorted out. Canadians are your friends. We want all of North America be energy independent. Good luck with whatever you choose to do to resolve your problems.

    Best wishes,

    Patricia Stewart-Bertrand of WHR (WormholeRiders News Agency)

  2. Hello Louise,

    Thanks for leaving a polite yet revealing comment. See mine above. Sorry for delay in responding, but a good friend had a friend killed at work (non oil industry energy related). As a result, I had not logged in here for a couple of days.

    You may very well be correct. I did not read your opinion until after I answered Audrey’s comment that the President is waiting for the solar tax credits to expire on renewable energy. They are indeed set to expire at the end of the fiscal year and he may use the issue in the 2014 mid term elections that they are “pro energy” (that they approved the final section of the new Keystone XL pipeline).

    As we all know the President is a savvy politician, so here is an interesting hypothesis; Approval of Keystone in exchange for more solar energy credits paid for by a refining tax on the oil coming from Alberta Canada that is exported outside North America?

    Such would still be cheaper (as an export) than other alternatives since Canadian crude is approximately 40% more cost competitive that other sources and would allow the Democrats to appease the Environmental Fraudsters The Sierra Club, the NRDC and their ilk by providing paid for solar tax credits via KXL energy.

    In any event, it would be a smart move and we will know if that is what the President has planned all along. I think we will know more in early September.

    Right now he is a bit busy with Chemical Weapons atrocities in Syria’s Assad regime.

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  3. Audrey,

    The President is a liar. He delayed Keystone XL so that his friends in the solar and wind business can get billions in tax deductions and loans from the Energy Department. Those loan guarantees go away soon and I suspect then he will approve the pipeline so his party will be able to say in the 2014 mid-terms they supported it.


  4. I thought the President said he was opening the Keystone pipeline? What’s the delay now? Thank goodness for the oil companies who have brought so many miracles of science to our world and have lowered gas prices despite Obama admin energy policy failures.


    1. Hello Audrey,

      The Democrats, including President Obama, are once again being blackmailed with Environmental Fraud by the likes of the Sierra Club and the NRDC. These two malcontent organizations have threatened to cut political donations to the Dems for the upcoming 2014 mid term elections if Keystone XL is approved before 2014.

      Moreover, according to The Daily Caller “The Department of State’s review of the pipeline found that it would create more than 42,000 jobs and not significantly impact global warming or the environment.”

      The latest delays are more stalling tactics related to what Dan Simmons, director of regulatory and state affairs at the pro-pipeline Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The Interior Department, as steward of the nation’s federal land, is unfortunately anti-energy and you see that in these comments.”

      “They’re being quite creative, using every tactic they can to continue to delay and stall the pipeline,” Simmons added.

      “They’ve had it for more than 1,800 days, they’ve been trying to example one simple thing — is the pipeline in the national interest?” Simmons said. “The fact that they can’t figure that out after 1,800 days means that they’re intentionally stalling.”

      The administration stalling is costing everyone higher fuel prices, less safe transport of Alberta oil (the recent Quebec rail disaster)and loss of tens of thousands of good paying jobs keeping citizens in poverty.

      Thanks for your question and comment.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  5. Hi Larry,

    We get a fair amount of traffic, but appreciate people like you for for taking the time to leave an intelligent comment. Thanks.

    There is an old adage:

    “Don’t bullshit the baker, all you end up with is a bread bun”. Of course the meaning is quite clear,therefore the purpose of these energy articles is to send a message to everyone in North America, especially those who think they are fooling the citizens in the United States about energy.

    The fact of the matter is that other nations like Canada are successfully harvesting their energy resources AND working on renewable sources at the same time unlike the Obama Administration, and Senator Reid in the US Senate who have done little, if anything, to ensure the USA is energy secure like Canada.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  6. Hello,

    I ran across this when some one posted it on Facebook. I do not understand why the President and Democrats in Congress lie to us about the Arctic energy. Canada has been there for over 10 years and never has any problems with unemployment or energy.

    More people in the USA are becoming frustrated with the President and the US Senate not opening all our energy areas to help our country be secure like Canada.



    1. Larry,

      I forgot to mention; no tundra or wilderness has been harmed in the Canadian version of ANWR over the past 15 years, only thousands of good paying jobs and hundreds of billions in tax dollars that help pay for Canadian healthcare.

      You would think the President, the Democrats and Eric Holder would arrest and then put the Environmental Fraudsters at the Sierra Club and the NRDC into prison for their shameful perjury.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  7. Good afternoon Pat,

    Brilliant article. You have covered precisely what the challenges with the United States and energy is all about from a Canadian perspective. I was going to write a counterpoint portion for your article as we discussed, however I will save the expose for the next feature.

    As I shared with you on the United States failure to develop a national energy policy for the past four decades while during the same period of time, your country has “slayed the energy beast”… or should I say harvested the energy crop to help your citizens.

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

    PS: I added a few images. I liked your tag line so much, I added “Swift Kick in the Pants” for a dollar!

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