Barack Obama as Samurai to Protect the Innocent in Syria with Tomahawk Butterfly!


To all those against the use of Chemical Weapons,

Syrian-father-and-son-reunited after Chemical Weapons attacks-016Environmental Fraud and Energy can wait a few days. So can the unreal number one trending topic earlier today on Twitter that was reported by the Main Stream Media;

For goodness sakes people, an unknown “strike” by McDonald’s employees is more important than retribution for the horrendous murder of civilians in Syria via Chemical Weapons? Not in my book!

The response by some, many on the left, against President Barack Obama is such that a focus on Syria and supporting our President as he works with allies to find his Samurai to protect the innocent from maniacal Bashar al-Assad use of Chemical Weapons against his own people is required, NOW!

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Syria - Woman with bloody face from Chemical Weapons attackTo begin, it has been said I do nothing to support President Barack Obama. Some say I never support my President. THAT IS FALSE! For the policy failures listed at the end of this article, he has a way to go to regain my support on those items. HOWEVER, topics mentioned at the end of this article below have nothing to do with supporting our President when use of Chemical Weapons by a crazed dictator in our troubled world has become manifest.

Syria War Chemical Weapons victims President Obama must considerTo name but a few other examples, I also supported President Obama’s Haitian Earthquake charity efforts in 2010 with former President’s George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, support for his Libyan logistical efforts, and his chained CPI proposal to help address our nations out of control spending.

President Barack Obama on Syrian government use of Chemical WeaponsMore recently, I tweeted support for the President’s stand against United States traitor Edward Snowden.

In fact each of the policy items I support the President on have been openly tweeted in public for all to see and read.

So let me be perfectly clear; President Barack Obama has my full support to stop Bashar al-Assad and his governments heinous, in fact murderous use of Chemical Weapons against his own people, or anywhere else for that matter. Period.

Syria and Chemical Weapons:

Dictator Bashar al-Assad of Syria - Intelligence no slam dunk on Chemical Weapons useI have read, listen to via talk radio, see on television, and the Internet, people in my country talking trash about the heinous murder of children with chemical weapons in a suburb of Damascus Syria despite well researched facts that Bashar al-Assad’s government used them earlier in 2013.

Many call Syria a “hell hole”, or a “quagmire”, a place the United States should avoid, and not get involved with.

Syria Chemical Weapons use on children confirmed first handI do not care where people live, and believe it is anti-Semitic (since there are many Semitic races) to call the Syrians country a “hell hole” or a “quagmire”. Syria has human beings who live there and do not deserve to be gassed with Chemical Weapons under any circumstances. Period.

It also appears that most citizens forget that the United States, before its own creation, was referred to as a “quagmire” and a “hell hole” in the 1760’s, 1770’s and 1780’s by the British, now our allies.

How United States citizens can forget that if it had not been for the French, Germans and many Canadian and US Indian tribes getting involved with our North American “hell hole quagmire” in the 18th century there would not likely be a United States today to even consider helping the innocent victims in Syria.

David Cameron of Britain on SyriaIn related news, a preliminary vote on the matter was held today. According to the BBC and other sources, each confirmed that by a slim majority Parliament voted to allow Assad to continue his genocidal murder overruling David Cameron of the United Kingdom who debated the matter for many hours.

All people around the world should be disappointed that ANY of the MP’s in the House of Commons decided to allow murder to continue in Syria.

Syria Chemical Weapons facilities shown to UK ParliamentThe people murdered in the suburbs of Damascus were done so in cold blood by Nazi like dictators. President Barack Obama for the United States, and France’s François Hollande, Turkey’s Abdullah Gül and allies in the Middle East are correct to do something to send a clear message to Bashar al-Assad, NOW!

The chemical weapons attack was clearly retribution against a group of families fighting to overcome the nearly seventy years of ruthless oppression that began so far in the past that many of today’s clueless pundits and citizen’s, right, left or center politically, know not of what they speak.

Syria Chemical Weapons Back Story:

United States - ProjectPaperclip by the OSS later known as the CIAFirst off, Syria was one of the many places, Iraq, the United States, the USSR and Vatican included, where some of the Earth’s most wicked beings, the Nazi’s, escaping from Europe went subsequent to the end of World War Two. In the United States after executing “Operation Paper Clip”, the most evil, but not all, involved with the Nazi’s atrocities were eventually brought to justice. Not so for Syria.

In the case of the Vatican, via Odessa, almost all who escaped to Argentina, Iraq, and Syria were never to be brought to justice. And do not even get me started on what the Soviets did with their Nazi’s. But many in today’s Main Stream Media like to lay blame in the past as a convenient distraction rather than focus on the present chemical weapons murders.

Syria, with Iraq a close ally, and it’s evil Nazi scum originally sought chemical weapons technology for the family of vicious dictator Hafez al-Assad (1930-2000) so that the current corrupt ruler Bashar al-Assad could inflict death and destruction on his country.

Syria has worked on Chemical Weapons for at least a decade since Saddam Hussein sent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) to Syria in 2003 at the time the United States invaded Iraq. Syria alluded to working on them in 1990 and 1997, but only admitted to possessing them in 2012.

Second, blaming the United States because we knew that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iran in their decade long war, or that United Kingdom or France, predominant rulers of the world, victors of World War One for the creation of Syria as the reason for the current ruthlessness of the al-Assad family is ridiculous tripe.

Before pundits begin their distractions, three quarters of a millennium of human history are requisite reading to really understand what is happening today in Syria. Below are some salient points from history over the past 150 years to internalize and consider.

Syria of Today Enslaved By Its Own Past:

Syria - Assad family portrait
President Hafez al-Assad with his family in the early 1970s. Left to right: Bashar, Maher, Mrs Anisa Makhlouf, Majd, Bushra, and Bassel

The dreams of Syria becoming Democratic Republic were thwarted by the al-Assad family, who in the late 19th century, after grandfather Sulayman al-Wahhish, Hafez Assad’s grandfather solidified his control over Syrian tribal regions, and Ali Sulayman, father of Hafez al-Assad, whose son Bashar al-Assad now rules Syria, fought against the Ottoman Empire at the start of World War One.

Allegedly aligning itself against the west to fight with the ‘Central Powers” (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia) the real goal of the al-Assad clan was to eliminate French Occupation post 1908 and thereby defeat the evil Ottoman Empire to edify power for their own contemplated murderous regime.

Syria, once part of the slavish Ottoman Empire, a government that dominated the Middle East for over six (6) centuries, was a dastardly dynasty that collected Semitic peoples and tribes over the many centuries in an arc that stretched from Eastern Europe to the Middle East holding the poor citizens in slavery and servitude under penalty of death.

Syria in the Twentieth Century:

The Ottoman Empire in the 16-17th centuryThe Ottoman Empire was allied with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia during World War One. The Empire regularly engaged in atrocities, including the horrific Armenian deportations and massacres conducted in 1915.

The Ottoman Empire actually began to lose grip on Central Europe beginning in 1908 with the Young Turk Revolution Rebellion, the annexation of Bosnia by Austria-Hungary, and Bulgarian independence that occurred the same year.

As with many enslaved Semitic ‘tribes’, with the exception of the Jewish (another story for another time), most, like Syria, sought and obtained independence after the final collapse of the Ottoman Empire which began well before World War One ended with the loss of virtually everything in their European sectors of the empire west of Istanbul in 1913.

Cyprus under Makarios 1960Britain simply annexed the island of Cyprus on August 02, 1914 when World War One began in earnest after having occupied the island in 1878 with a wink and a nod from the Ottoman Empire.

The name al-Assad, which means “The Lion”, was not adopted until the early 1920’s subsequent to the defeat of the Germany and its allies at the end of World War One. Syria had earned the right to become free and seek a Democratic Republic nation status.

The al-Assad family, Ba’athists with close ties to Saddam Hussein’s relatives, dictators all, and European powers in Germany and Austria, had other ideas, such as eliminating the French Occupation during World War Two. Iraqi and Syrian Ba’athist “volunteers” also participated in the Holocaust and the final defense of Hitler’s Berlin.

Ba'ath in Germany World War Two -Bundesarchiv_Bild_101III-Mielke-036-23,_Waffen-SS,_13._Gebirgs-Div._'Handschar'The al-Assad’s later referred to themselves as a “Unitary Republic”; meaning power under a one family dictatorship that was solidified some fifty years later.

In 1971, Hafez al-Assad, father of current Syrian dictator and despot, Bashar al-Assad was “elected” President only two years after Iraq’s Saddam Hussein murdered most of his rivals in the year 1968.

Learn more about the Golan Heights - Mount HermonA silent partner of Saddam Hussein, Syrian Ba’athists assisted in the coup of Iraq until he took full control in 1979 after subverting government agencies throughout the 1970’s and torturing or murdering his opposition, including many of his close “friends”.

Syria performed the same atrocities, but secretly with cover provided by the Soviet Union (USSR) now known as Russia for their client state, Syria. Much the same in Syria as in Iraq under fascist domination, torture and murder reigned supreme for decades, but Chemical Weapons use were frowned upon by their benefactor, Russia.

With power cemented subsequent to edification after 100 years of “family” efforts, the al-Assad family power base was trounced in the 1967 and 1973 wars with Israel that ultimately cost them the strategic Golan Heights.

Syria-Lebanon-Turkey-Cyprus-map-1949Instead the al-Assad’s focused on terrorist financing, enslavement of the “Jewel of the Middle East”, Lebanon, as a terrorist launch point for its ally Iran, and sought ways to further methods to suppress their own peoples via the dictatorship.

That is until the “Arab Spring” that began on December 18, 2010 that swept across the Middle East with varying degrees of success that sent ripples of panic to authoritarian governments in the region and calls for “death to humanity” as reported by Arab News.

Most analysts in the United States, regardless of political party loyalty, agree that the downfall of the dictators in Egypt and Libya were the most successful.

Muslim Brotherhood web siteBuoyed by support from the administration of President Barack Obama for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, and the United States logistical support for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, all of this intensified belief among Syrian rebels that they would be next in line for aid from the western allies, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and perhaps the United Nations in the form of interventionist “Peace Keepers” and or logistics support as occurred in Libya when NATO intervened.

Secretary of State John Kerry issues statement on Syria Chemical Weapons useThis was not to be. Russia and China, seeking to maintain their hegemony in Syria and as an anchor for Iran, vetoed any and all efforts to have the United Nations directly intervene. More recently, although warning the United States against a military strike, China and Russia abstained during a United Nations resolution vote condemning the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.

President Obama upped the ante when he drew a “red-line” that chemical weapons use would not be allowed, or he, and or, the USA and its allies would intervene including statements from Secretary of State John Kerry “There is a clear reason that the world has banned entirely the use of chemical weapons”.

A Price To Be Paid in Syria:

Despite the best laid plans “Of Mice and Men”, with Obama seemingly having his hands tied, such developments certainly must have emboldened Bashar al-Assad to use chemical weapons to exact revenge on some of his enemies and their families in Damascus.

This latest “Arab Spring” chapter began during the fiasco in Benghazi, with Barack Obama partying in Las Vegas on September 11, 2012. When Obama’s CIA gun running scheme to Syria went awry, he was, within a year, confronted with the overthrow and imprisonment of his M1-Abrams tank, F-16 jet customer and ally Mohammed Morsi by the Egyptian military. Assad decided to act during what he may have thought was a vacuum of available western military power, wondering if Obama, or NATO still have the will to use military power?

Notwithstanding these developments, the facts remain clear; Barack Obama, the United Kingdom’s David Cameron,  France’s François Hollande, Turkey’s Abdullah Gül and allies in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and the Arab League are not going to stand idly by and allow chemical genocide to go unpunished in Syria, even if Russia and China block action in the United Nations.

Nor should any nation stand by and allow this type of murderous atrocity to go unpunished. For people who wave the Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan “quagmire” or “hell hole” flag, shame on you. The upright nations of the world, to quote George W. Bush must create “a coalition of the willing” to act or face further lawlessness, including the expansion of slavish conditions in China, North Korea, and Russia where chemical weapons stockpiles are rampant.

I have heard some pundits say nothing good came out of Iraq or Afghanistan.  That is a load of tripe. OBL is dead and so is Saddam Hussein. Others say the west does not do enough in Africa. While this is true, that is no excuse for inaction in Syria to hollow out Assad’s military infrastructure.

Still others, in the United States and different nations who won their freedom in the past by intervention from other powers that be, are hypocrites hiding behind their own “Not In My Back Yard” mentality.

If you (or they), do not support the cauterizing of Syrian military power to send a clear message, other dictators will become emboldened (would resort) to the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction in the future.

This does not mean United States ground troops. However, the time to act against Bashar al-Assad is now by using the 360 USA Tomahawks in the region, as well as long range strategic bombing coupled with United States military assets located in the United Kingdom, France and Turkey to erase significant portions of Assad’s military power.

Why you might ask?

Simple; To buy time for the local allies of freedom to marshal their regional forces against Bashar al-Assad and the hegemonic governments, the evil Communist China and Russia who are the true enemies of humankind and of freedom.

PS: Fear not, I will return to with more about United States energy, its overwhelming debt, Benghazi, IRS, AP, NSA abuses, Energy and Environmental Fraud in the future.

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

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  7. What a shame that President Obama and Secretary of State failed to take action to stop the genocide by the fascists in Syria. The administration apparently could not find their “Samurai” resolve proving another failure of Obama foreign policy.

  8. Hi again,

    I do not trust Obama because he lied about so many things like Benghazi and energy. But we as a country need to support his campaign to stop Syria before it is too late like the mistakes FDR made with Hitler and Tojo that caused the second world war.


    1. Hi again Sue,

      Thanks for a prescient comment.

      You are 100% correct. If FDR, a man known for his own prejudices had acted sooner about the verified intelligence concerning the atrocities that were happening during 1930’s in China to Korean and Chinese victims, as well as in Germany where Hitler’s Holocaust had already killed or imprisoned millions, the total cost in human life paid in World War Two, some 60 MILLION civilians and 20 MILLION soldiers, might never have happened.

      While he has not told the truth on Benghazi and about energy, we must support President Obama before the evil dictatorships out to loot the planet in the 21st century from Syria, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia succeed in bringing humanity to a dark age never before experienced in human history with BILLIONS of deads by crazed communist maniacs!

      Thank you for your comment.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  9. I do not like Obama think this is a distraction from Benghazi NSA and IRS scandals.

    Obama is the worst president in history. but you may be right, Hillary ran the CIA operation in Benghazi that was sending weapons to Syria that set this whole mess off.

    What really pisses me off is that they deny the gun deals for Syria and it got 4 heroes killed in Benghazi. Now Obama has backed himself in a corner and little choice but to say he will attack.

    Will the Congress approve his resolution? If no, will Obama attack anyway or will be use a denial to point fingers again at Congress?


    1. Hi Leroy,

      There are a lot of people who think Syria is a distraction from other more important items that need attention in the USA. For me the number one item is opening all the Shale, Natural Gas, Offshore oil and Arctic National Wilderness (ANWR) areas to create millions of jobs and make the United States Energy Independent by working with our own sources and those of our allies in North America, Canada and Mexico.

      As for Benghazi, it is now well known by Liberals as well as Conservatives that Hillary Clinton approved that operation of weapons to Syria being run out of Libya and went it went “south”, she, Susan Rice, and the President tried to cover it up. They have failed in that regard no matter how much they deny it.

      I agree with you on this; If the chemical weapons were being used against anyone in the USA on our territory, we would want help from the world to find and punish the perpetrators. As for denial and blaming Congress, now that the four leaders and many others have said they will support President Obama, there is little chance of the resolution not getting approved. Only Rand Paul and a few radical liberals in the US House could filibuster it, but only for a little while. Crazed Assad’s days are numbered! I only wish that more of the world would realize this is like other genocides e.g. in Bosnia.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

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