ACA Hearing Proves President Obama and Democrats Knew Obamacare Would Fail!

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Click to learn more about Capitol HillToday I watched a lot of the ACA TrainWreck contractors testify before Congress, specifically the United States House of Representatives “Energy and Commerce” committee which is one of the major committees that has jurisdiction.

Below is a note of humor that I tweeted earlier to deflect the sad situation about Obamacare and the web site, both of which are a disaster for the United States of America.

Brainwashed Barack Obama-nosisHowever, the situation being foisted on the American people is not in any way shape or form funny. In point of fact Obamacare is a tragedy for hundreds of millions of American citizens who have lost healthcare coverage, can no longer see their own doctors, and are paying huge increases for health insurance.

This despite some levity in recent parody videos (included above and below) using Hitler as the foil for the acts of constitutional abuse by the President and his corrupt staff of criminals.

The fact remains that Barack Obama is the most lawless President in the history of the United States, sadly, often brainwashed by his own miscreant staff of Whitehouse liars.

In fact, HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars have already been wasted by The Democrats that soon will become TRILLIONS more in WASTE, FRAUD and ABUSE of our taxes as documented in a recent congressional hearing as discussed below.

Democratic heads - Click to visit The Democrats who have wasted TRILLIONS on Twitter!The hearing testimony by the contractors was a debacle! It is clear from the testimony that the Democrat party leaders, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz as well as President Barack Obama’s administration, knew the program was not ready, in fact they knew it was a disaster, spending (wasting) some $678 MILLION on a useless web site program by the failed contractor, CGI Federal.

CGI (Federal is the US subsidiary) is the same company that the Canadian Government discharged for the same healthcare web program which failed in their country. Clearly the Obama administration did not do any background checking, and worse did nothing to protect the citizens tax dollars. 

Learn how Speaker John Boehner isn trying to help President Obama at his official web siteWhy the President and Senator Harry Reid refused to cooperate with the reasonable Speaker of the House John Boehner and de-fund the program until it could overhauled is beyond all common sense and reasonable logic.

There is no other cure for what must be done, we must Defund Obamacare before it is too late and our country is bankrupted by a horribly flawed piece of legislation that 81% of the voting citizens in the United States do not want, nor have a need for such a bloated program.

I will let the C-SPAN embeds below tell the story, but the note of humor that I tweeted earlier to a sad situation that has happened when our Senate and President remain in a disasterous state of denial rather than do the correct things for the citizens and taxpayers of our country.

Click the image below to watch the hearing and Stay Informed!

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Clico to watch the US House Committee hearing on ACA TrainWreck web sites October 24 2013

I will return to with more about United States the ACA TrainWreck, Obama failed energy policy, his overwhelming debt, Benghazi, IRS, AP, NSA abuses, Energy and Environmental Fraud in the future before the President runs out of money again in ninety days.

Stay tuned as RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series in the future!

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