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Click to visit and follow Hadel Ma'ayeh on Twitter!On Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015, we here at WHR You Decide were graced to be afforded the opportunity to interview a gifted author about her journey, her thoughts about the world, and what inspired her quest over the course of twenty years to share her vision of “From the Heart: A Journey of Love”.

Of whom do we speak? The talented Hadel S. Ma’ayeh!

What with the evil of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, and other tangents of Al-Qaeda who are slaughtering innocent Muslim’s, Christians and Jews around the world, few could argue that the troubled world we live in needs more love.

Some twenty years ago, accomplished Poet author Hadel S. Ma’ayeh embarked on a two decade journey to bring her considerable wisdom to bear on that specific goal of sharing love in words in “From the Heart: A Journey of Love”.


One of Hadel’s most poignant sayings, listed with many others near the end of her book, rings true in any age, in any timeline, that can bring persons of any and all heritages together in mutual understanding.

“I do not ask you to agree with my beliefs; However, I do ask that you respect my beliefs.”

From The Heart: A Journey of Love front cover. Click to learn more at Amazon Dot Com!This editor was impressed by these wise words, words that I have held dear to my heart, learned from members of my own family. Tragically, many in today’s world, including the misguided members of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, and other tangents of Al-Qaeda have seemingly forgotten that God loves all his children on Earth.

Not one to be discouraged easily, and ultimately succeeding in her quest, Hadel announced publication of “From the Heart: A Journey of Love” on October 14, 2014, Hadel S. Ma’ayeh compiled fourteen Haiku’s and fifty-six poems dedicated to bringing her journey of love to the public to the delight of her followers around the world!

Hadel S. Ma’ayeh is an American writer and poet of Jordanian heritage; who has a B.A. from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign majoring in Middle East History and Political Science.

A lover of the arts, Hadel enjoyed dancing since the tender age of four. With the support of her University of Illinois friends, Hadel joined a dancing group called COPA.

Enjoying a long career with corporations, the last position as a Vice-President of Support Services with an international company; Hadel went on to start her own business in management consultancy, training, and Social Media PR, @Hadel Social Media.

Click to learn about the Saint George Church in Madaba JordanHadel S. Ma’ayeh is a Jordanian American woman who has devoted twenty years of her life to sharing her journey as an author with her admirers around the world. Hadel is proud of the fact that she was baptized in an ancient 19th century family church known as the Greek Orthodox church of Saint George located in in Madaba, Jordan.

The Greek Orthodox church of Saint George is the home of the oldest known (6th century) geographic floor mosaic in the history of such works of art.

From The Heart A Journey of Love back cover - Click to learn more at Amazon Dot Com!Hadel loves quality entertainment works of art in addition to the passion of her life; writing. Hadel is often found sharing her thoughts on Twitter and other Internet social media sites around the world, re-tweeting with glee when she finds a worthy topic, work of art or expression of her philosophy of love.

A person with a generous heart, we were honored when we met Hadel on Twitter in 2014 before she published “From the Heart: A Journey of Love”.

Hadel is well known as a “Huffington Post Passionista” whom resides in both Jordan and the United States, traveling across the world to spread her words of love during her ongoing journey as an acclaimed author!

We are at RockwaterReports hope you enjoyed our interview with this gifted writer, and strongly suggest that you read Hadel S. Ma’ayeh‘s “From the Heart: A Journey of Love”, currently available on Amazon for Kindle, and if you enjoy the read, purchase a copy of the book for people in your life that you love. This editor assures that everyone you know will not be disappointed in doing so!

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  1. Dear Hadel,

    Thank you for an inspiring interview about your book “From the Heart: A Journey of Love”. I have enjoyed reading your words of wisdom that you have created!

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of RockwaterReports

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