Update: Status People, Barack Obama’s 95 Million Fake Followers Just More Static From Channel Z!


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Welcome back Election 2020 Patriots!

2020-01-01-POTUS at White House with FLOTUS and VP
POTUS at White House with FLOTUS and VP

Thank goodness the United States of America has had a real POTUS in Donald Trump serving with distinction at our nations White House for the past three years.

Together with Vice President Mike Pence and his wonderful wife, Melania Trump our fabulous FLOTUS the election of 2016 has been a non stop three year journey of Promises Made Promises Kept by President Trump!

This is an interesting story we have revisited many times since first published in 2013.

Barack Obama – Fake Followers Status Report

Much has happened since we last reported in 2016 on the fake followers on Twitter that President Obama utilized to increase his follower count with purchased followers that are actually most inactive, hence fake. 

The bad news for former President Obama is that he now has 86% fake followers, a ten percent increase since 2016 while boasting that he has increased his followers by more than 41 million.

Get real citizens, all honest Citizens know that the former President continues to be a liar, purchase fake followers, not to mention his myriad Crimes Against The Constitution including FISA Abuse!

May 2016 Update:Click to visit Barack Obama on Twitter

Welcome back Election 2016 Patriots!

It is once again time to perform our update, exposing perhaps the most heinous fake Twitter account holder, Barack Obama, and his equally faked POTUS account!

Donald Trump Wall is ComingTragic But True, President Obama is a liar, and a Constitutional Criminal only equaled by his “All (none) of the Above Energy Policy” lie as we have reported on previously.

Fortunately, a new President will be elected this year with Donald Trump looking like a landslide despite the polls from Fake News MSM!


This year we also honor one of his Marxist Maoist Misguided Minions on Twitter, Mav who has also MANY fake followers  (currently at ~51% fakes and inactives as of today’s update). You can witness Mav’s faker follower score below for yourself like we did using our diligent scanning for Twitter Trolls via Fakers: Status People Dot Com!

Kenn-Status-Report only 1% fake followers

One of our most popular stories since first published in 2013, the brazen lying by Democrats, using fake purchased and inactive Twitter accounts is something this editor works hard to keep in check.

Our team regularly scans our inactive accounts and remove them along with the “Sock Puppet” Twitter Troll attack accounts created by the corrupt Democrats in a failed attempt to bully C-Span Washington Journal Patriots on the Internet. This Editor is proud that our tally of fakes are at approximately one percent (1%) or less!

Click to visit and follow Tea Party Patriots on Twitter!The good news is that our hard work as loyal Tea Party Patriots helps keep our scores stellar (in the less than one percent fake range). Moreover, we scan the inactive account and remove them on a regular basis (see our successful Troll removal score above right).

More good news is that the fake Twitter account boasters have once again been exposed just prior to the commencement of Election 2016!

This after six successful years of throwing out of office over 1,000 corrupt Democrats from the United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, and in State Legislatures across our great land from 2010 to 2014 as we prepare for the COSProject!

Click to learn about stopping Illegal immigration voter FRAUD promoted by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton!As in the past, we have set our sights on not only exposing the Twitter FRAUDS, but ensuring that illegal alien voter FRAUD attempts in California, our next target of returning freedom and liberty to he United States, are stopped.

These criminals are to be arrested, imprisoned and or deported!

These efforts have been an unqualified success as the illegals have left California at an unprecedented rated before they are apprehended as the criminals they are! In the future after Election 2016, we are confident that the illegals will be greatly hindered by the wall!

Click to follow Jihad Watch on Twitter and learn how to erase POTUS ISIS infiltrators Beginning in 2014, Patriots across the United States manned voter stations and not only identified the illegal aliens we will run out on a rail who were trying to vote. 

How did we do this?


By calling the police on these vile Democrat operatives! We also work to identify the ISIS infiltrators who were allowed to enter the United States illegally by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their misguided Marxist Maoist maniacs!

Our efforts were successful in stopping Voter FRAUD as the illegal alien and ISIS criminals literally ran from the polling stations before they were allowed to vote, scared to death of being arrested in the process!

Update May 22, 2016: Obama Sets New Record for Twitter Fraud!

Over 57,062,460 of @BarackObama 75,082,146 Twitter followers are FAKE (or inactive purchased fakes)!

Click to learn about Barack Obama FAKE Twitter followers!

Update May 22, 2016:

Over 5,671,943 of @POTUS 7,769,786 Twitter followers are FAKE (or inactive purchased fakes)!

Click to learn about POTUS' FAKE Twitter Followers!

Update May 22, 2016:

AND over 5,330 of @Spooney35 10,452 Twitter followers are FAKE (or inactive purchased fakes)!

Click to learn about Spooney35 FAKE Twitter Followers!

Update May 01, 2015:

Over 42,975,330 of @BarackObama 52,700,000 Twitter followers are FAKE (or inactive purchased fakes)!

Update May 05, 2014:

Over 33,333,000 of @BarackObama 42,800,000 Twitter followers are FAKE!

Update February 17 2014:

Over 32,785,000 of @BarackObama 41,501,150 followers are FAKE!

Update August 21 2013:

Only 7,463,809 of @BarackObama 35,541,950 followers are real!

Welcome back Canadian and United States citizens,Main Stream Media failure

Today Friday March 01, 2013 is a date that will “Live In Infamy” as we present a special unannounced expose hardly being reported by anyone in the Main Stream Media (MSM) to the best of our knowledge.

To mark this extraordinary day of infamy known as “Sequester” In the United States of America”, a day that President Barack Obama himself begged the United States Congress for, began in the summer of 2011. The purpose was to avert financial disaster for a government teetering on the verge of bankruptcy the past four years.

Today we will present you with a shocking realization of media “static” that should make your blood boil as our featured re-mixed number one 1989 hit song, “Channel Z”  from famous band The B-52’s clearly indicates by way of facts, and metaphor “Channel Z, All Static, All Day!”

Channel Z and Media Static From Stephen Harper and Barack Obama:

Bob Woodward-February 2013 - Click to visit his official web siteIn 1989, The B-52’s “Channel Z” melody represented a fictional radio station that played “static”, or worthless news, “all day” to the utter frustration of the citizenry in the United States who wished to escape the tripe being feed to them on a daily basis.

The metaphor of “Channel Z” is a reference to the MSM. The MSM was the same then as it is now, only things have gotten much worse today in 2013.

How you may ask?

When famous reporters like Bob Woodward are verbally attacked and threatened, or more precisely, a veiled threat “Coded as You Better Watch Out” for reporting the truth about the Sequester to several major news organizations, including CNN, it is a clear indication of the sheer panic in the White House for being a fibber caught in the act.

Although it is quite disconcerting that a “senior White House staffer” would deliver a veiled threat to such a distinguished journalist, that is not the major revelation as you will read below the interview Mr. Woodward conducted with CNN on Wednesday February 27, 2013.

Click to visit and follow Stephen Harper on TwitterThe news media in the United States represents the worst abuser of its power,  not reporting the ongoing state of liberal fibber Barack Obama’s failures. However, our northern neighbors in Canada are also suffering similar media failures under conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada.

Major news organization were accused then, as they are now, of not delivering the truth to the citizens about the failures of their respective governments.

For those old enough to remember “Channel Z” in 1989, everyone definitely realizes that not much has changed in the past 24 years, but in fact has gotten much worse in the last four years with the explosive clash between between citizens armed with social media tools like Twitter versus the less than truthful Main Stream Media shoveling the tripe down their throats.

Click to visit Twitter at their official! web siteIn fact, major broadcast news organizations in 2013, with very few exceptions, continue to shovel tripe in ever larger amounts at disgusted citizens who are sick and tired of being fibbed to by the Main Stream Media who are providing cover for the beleagured Obama and Harper administrations that are currently in power in the United States and Canada.

Barack Obama’s 23 MILLION Fake Twitter Accounts:

WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR) began using Twitter in March 2009 when fewer than 20 million active accounts were in existence. Unlike WHR, at that time fewer people worldwide believed in Twitter, preferring Facebook, other social media sites or none at all.

Fake Twitter Follower examplePresident Obama was no different. He had approximately 600,000 followers when we joined Twitter in March of 2009, most of which were active and real. This editor followed the recently elected President believing he would bring change to Washington, but then monitored an unusual and tragic situation we have experience with.

Update: April 05, 2013 President Obama drops to lowest level of real Twitter followers in history. Now at only 20%! Why Mr. President? When will you have your staff clean out the fakes? 

Update: On Thursday February 28, 2013 liberal President Barack Obama’s account displayed 27,769,243 followers while conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s displays only 308,006 followers as of this expose.

However, both the Obama and Harper accounts have a distinct similarity hiding a dirty political secret; Approximately eighty-three percent (83%) or over 23 MILLION of Barack Obama’s followers are fake accounts purchased or created to artificially inflate his “follower” numbers. Shame on him!

In contrast, scanning Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “followers” also revealed that it contains fakes, but only twenty-three percent (23%).

Click to visit Status People at their official web siteHow do we know about this dirty secret with regard to President Barack Obama? Because we have scanned the incredible (unreal) growth of President Obama’s followers over the past four years, with a jump of nearly ten million fake followers since August 2012.

All the while noting that most of Barack Obama’s followers have either zero tweets and zero followers with no avatar (shown above left), or some have a few ridiculous tweets (not supportive of the President) and with very few followers. Most of these fake accounts associated with President Barack Obama go inactive after being created.

Status Exercises by Fake Twitter people bow downDo not take our word for it. Do what we have done over the past four years and scan millions of these fake accounts your self using available third party utilities. One of the most reliable such utilities is Status Peoples Fake Followers utility.

UPDATE Monday March 04, 2013: To give credit for efforts when and where it is due, we document today that White House staffers and or others involved with creating the fake accounts for President Obama have been quite busy.

UPDATE: Since we researched on February 28, 2013 and published this expose at midnight March 01, 2013, tweeting suggestions to President Obama over the weekend to clean out fake followers using Just Follow Dot Com and verify with Status Peoples Fake Follower Utility, the President’s score has improved seven percent (7%) to twenty-four percent (24%) real followers as of today. We note that some of the fakes un-followed and or were blocked being replaced with new “real” followers.

UPDATE: However, the number of inactive followers (fakes with few or no tweets) has not improved. The updated fake/inactive follower score is now 76% for President Obama as of this update at 11:30 AM Monday March 05, 2013 leaving 21,198,460 fake followers. We strongly encourage White House Staffers and any other people creating the fake accounts to un-follow President Obama as soon as possible in order to not cause further damage to his reputation. Thank you.

We have invested time each day to block fake followers from our own account. My personal score is currently  99% “real” followers, 5% of which are inactive, 1% percent is suspected of being fakes at publication time. As everyone who works with me knows, I clean out fakes on a regular basis. Yes friends, it does require a lot of work to be an honest Twitter citizen.

For instance, the entertainment oriented WormholeRiders News Agency account has cleaned out 8,335 fakes to date since we opened our entertainment news account. If we were as dishonest as President Barack Obama and his White House staffers, WormholeRiders could have 12,778 followers as of today. WHR’s current score is 96% real and 16% inactive followers. And yes it is time for weekly “spring cleaning” at WormholeRiders again.

UPDATE March 04, 2013: Our main point is that Barack Obama is being dishonest with citizens and his “real” Twitter followers allowing fake followers. The President’s team should take time EVERY WEEK to clean out the rest of the ~21 MILLION fake accounts following him. We will continue to monitor and report the President’s progress from time to time.

We know of only of a few news agencies which have reported these facts. We include a recent video below for your edification. All other major MSM broadcast television and radio networks are not reporting what we and you should know.

In closing, and as mentioned in our last expose, this editor’s next expose, now being researched, will focus on energy with a different aspect of analysis than we reported previously. There are still lots of documents to examine and verify, so look for it in the near future this month.

Stay tuned as Kenn from RockwaterReports announces more of our new Real News series during 2020 and beyond!

Rockwater Reports LogoIn the meantime, please feel free to share this article with your friends, co-workers and or family by clicking one of the icons below. We thank you for visiting and express our sincere gratitude for doing so!

Feel free to visit me on Twitter by clicking the text links or images avatars in this news story. I and the RockwaterReports look forward to sharing more Patriots News with you in the future!Click to visit and follow Kenn on Twitter!

Thank you.

Best Regards,


14 thoughts on “Update: Status People, Barack Obama’s 95 Million Fake Followers Just More Static From Channel Z!

  1. Hello Tea Party Patriot,

    Thank you for visiting and for your articulate comment about the fraudulent followers that Democrats use on Twitter. Source indicate the problem is even worse on Facebook with hundreds of OVER 500 million fake accounts created by the likes of misguided Marxist Maoist minions of charity frauds like Hillary Clinton and her corrupt Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Valerie Jarrett and etcetera Ad Nauseum!

    In closing for now, we will indeed be writing new articles soon about the criminal activities of the Democrats, including the corrupt Clinton’s. Thanks again for visiting!

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of RockwaterReports

  2. hello. I love this article about obama and his years of lying about twitter follows. i know who this mav is. another twitter troll for sure! too bad for the freeloaders in 2017 when trump builds the wall and arrests the criminal illegals for deporting. please write some new articles and keep updating this one. could you include the fake followers for hillary clinton too before she is arrested? thanks.

    tea party patriot lover

  3. To honest citizens across the world,

    I thought after President Obama visited the Pope, he would stop being a Fibber and delete his 28 million fake followers.

    Tragically, his corrupt boss, Valerie Jarrett. has purchased even more fake Twitter accounts, crossing the 30 MILLION fake followers number. Sheez Mr. President, the entire world knows you bought those fake accounts!

    Is it any wonder your approval ratings have dropped to the lowest level recently in the high 20% range?

    Kenn of RockwaterReports

  4. Oh and “Faker Follower Creator”

    The e-mail you used to post your comment is also a “fake” there is no such e-mail address. Guess you do not want people to know who you really are?

    Anyway, thanks for admitting you did wrong on both matters.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of RockwaterReports

  5. Hello,

    I never thought we would get caught creating fake followers for the President. My group has been caught red handed and we apologize to the President, but we only created about 50,000 fakes. Do you know who else is involved at the White House?

    Fake Follower Creator

    1. Hi Fake Follower Creator,

      It would only take forty (40) people like you to create two (2) million fake followers at 50,000 each. And yes, our sources indicate that an unethical rogue group of staffers in the White House and in the DNC started this entire mess for the President. If we can get some help from honest news media, the truth will eventually come out.

      While we do not believe the President was directly involved or approved creating the fake followers, it has damaged his reputation horribly. Hopefully “real” Twitter Democrat citizens will berate any person involved with such fraud and never do this again. Unfortunately, there are many unethical people in the world who buy these fake followers. Shame on them!

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  6. Good evening,

    I voted for Barack Obama twice, but I will never vote for a liberal again after the lies they told all of us ab the sequester.

    Thanks for the links on finding fake twitter followers. I knew about people buying followers because ads are everywhere. Who would buy followers? I am ashamed of our President because of what he or his people have done with fake twitter followers.

    Good report. Thanks.


    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for nice comment and for dropping by to read our expose on the sequester and the tragic situation about the fake followers of our President. The real abuse of his staff (or him) began in August of 2012, but it had been going on for at least four years.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  7. You guys are rocking it! Keep up the nice working exposing President the liar. Hey did you see that Donna Edwards on Washington Journal today? What a liar she is telling lies on the air!


    1. Hi Gene,

      Welcome! This is your first visit here at out Politics site. It is a shame that the President is not telling the truth using fear tactics. I truly believe he is being used by a rogue group in the White House.

      Also, President Obama does not tweet his own tweets and that is why these people have gotten away with this hoax making him look so bad. He is responsible though as Commander in Chief to clean house and his Twitter account.

      Yes, I did see Congresswoman Donna Edwards this morning. Her fibs were so blatant, I only sent one tweet since she was sadly not telling the truth.

      Thanks for nice comment.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn Weeks of RockwaterReports

  8. Wow!

    I used the Status People app and confirmed that Obama does have 23 million fake followers. He or whoever is running his Twitter should be ashamed of themselves.

    Nice re-work of a great song and you hit the nail on the head. Thank you

    Tea Drinker

    1. Hi Tea Drinker,

      Yes, the Fake Follower Utility linked in the is used by millions of real people to keep their Twitter accounts clean. We have always verified our followers to the best of our ability to keep the spammers, porno, hackers and fakes away.

      Thanks for the compliment on the re-mix of Channel Z!

      Best Regards,

      Kenn of RockwaterReports

  9. Good morning!

    Brilliant post! Right on target for what Obama is trying to do to the USA, destroy it! I see all the Dems whining. Proves your point they are in full panic!

    Great video too. Really slick.

    Lady Liberty

    1. Welcome back Lady Liberty,

      Thanks for your nice comment. Yes the Democrats are in a state panic that their attempts have failed. I have known for a long time that Barack Obama account contained millions upon millions of fake followers.

      I will say this though, it is my belief that a rogue staffer or group of rogue staffers running the account did this to the President beginning a couple of years ago. They should all be put in prison although that is no excuse for the President. He is “captain of the ship” and should have known better.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn of RockwaterReports

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