Straight Out Of Wuhan: Communist China Contagion Corrupts Congress Critters!


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Thank goodness for the successful efforts by President Donald Trump whose declaration of a National Emergency has saved countless lives including his China Travel Ban to effectively limit the ability of the China Virus that likely started by cooking live animals, including cats, bats and dogs in Wet Markets that ended up infecting over a million worldwide, including some 300,000 United States Citizens so far.

Juxtapose these facts with the failed efforts by President Barack Obama who took over six months to declare a National Emergency in 2009.

Are there other guilty parties at fault for causing the current needless panic, fear, and impending economic catastrophe caused by the Wuhan Virus crisis if the United States does not Reopen America as soon as is possible?

You Bet!

The United States is at war with the perpetrators and those Congress Critters covering up China’s heinous crimes as Judge Jeanine Pirro explained to a concerned nation on April 05, 2020!


China Virus victims and those responsible USA
China Virus victims and those responsible USA

Everyone knows that a Pandemic is a very serious matter, including the current China Virus Straight Out Of Wuhan China. Such illness’ are no laughing matter despite the MSM Miscreants and Joe Biden’s recent flip flops on the China Virus issues, not to mention the shameful hypocrisy from Senator Schumer, useless Speaker Pelosi guilty of the Impeachment Hoax blackmail, severely corrupt Governor Cuomo, and corrupt Mayor deBlasio who are in large part responsible for not replenishing New York in specific, and the United States Congress Critters, Barack Obama and Joe Biden who failed to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile in general, all subsequent to the Swine Flu H1N1 Pandemic in 2009.

The United States will never forget that Speaker Pelosi delayed helping our Citizens when she attempted to pack the Corona Relief Legislation, effectively holding up the bill with unrelated items including USPS Pork, same-day voter registration Voter Fraud initiatives, collective bargaining dictatorships for unions, solar and wind tax credits, and even forcing airlines to adhere to stricter emissions standards!

Click to visit and follow Mitch McConnell Twitter
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated when chastising Speaker Pelosi “Tax credits for solar energy and wind energy. Provisions to force employers to give special new treatment to Big Labor. And listen to this — new emissions standards for the airlines. Are you kidding me?”, finally forced corrupt Speaker Pelosi to accept defeat.

Citizens also will never forgive useless Governors like corrupt Andrew Cuomo and corrupt Jerry Brown who spent billions on Waste, Fraud and Abuse Pork Projects and Illegal Aliens instead of preparing their States in specific, and the United  States in general for the latest Pandemic, the China Virus, Straight Out Of Wuhan!

Only one Governor, Gavin Newsom elected to set aside his differences to work with President Trump, resulting in one of the lowest rates of Corona Virus infection rates in the most populated State of the United States!

Know this Citizens: It is not up to the Government to protect everyone from everything in life, so let’s get a couple of things straight.

One: Citizens expected that the Congress Critters will spend our Tax Payers hard earned money on at least replenishing the Strategic National Stockpile after the 2009 Swine Flu, not wasting 1.5 TRILLION dollars on Illegal Aliens, all the while failing to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile!

Two: it is incumbent on every person to take personal responsibility and internalize common sense precautions when Pandemics arise as people have done since the Black Plague. In fact my family has a long history of practicing such common sense behaviors having survived many Pandemics since they came to North America in the early 1600’s from England as White Slaves (not indentured servants) that are delineated below.

Variance Worldwide Due to China Lied People Died:

2020-03-27 Wuhan China Urns - Image courtesy Shanghaiist
Wuhan China Urns – Image courtesy Shanghaiist

The worldwide totals included below must be tempered with a tragic fact; China has doctored (down played) the infection and death numbers in it’s reporting to the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO). China is claiming that only 3,299 China Virus deaths occurred in Wuhan, a city of 10.6 million people in Hubei province with a population of nearly 60 million.  Simply put? It’s unbelievable!

How do we know? Reliable sources from inside China report emergency shipments of tens of thousands of cremation urns. Sources doucment indicate double 5,000 urn shipments a day AT ONE FUNERAL HOME have been ongoing the entire time the virus in China since early November of 2019. Another indicates figures of over 1,500 urns a day were utilized at another cremation center alone.

Unfortunately, Communist China cracked down on reporters in March, throwing out United States major news sites after blaming our countries military for causing the Wuhan Virus. Sources inside China, under penalty of  imprisonment or death, conservatively place the death totals at nearly 50,000 for Wuhan city alone.

Let’s do some simple math: Assume that only 5,000 urns a day were used in Wuhan city at only one crematorium. That would translate into 150,000 deaths in one city in the month of March alone. What about the rest of the crematoriums, or for that matter the rest of China?

It is impossible to tell since round ups of people in China are now in full effect with an unknown number being incarcerated for trying to tell the truth. Some estimate that the numbers of deaths are 3 times to 10 times higher. One Chinese billionaire leaked to a reliable western source that actual number of Wuhan Virus infections is 1.5 million leading to the well known China Lied People Died hashtag that continues to trend on Twitter.

Congress Critters Conspiracy Condemn and Castaway Citizens:

Representative James Clyburn Witch Hunter
Representative James Clyburn Witch Hunter

With all this in mind, that there has been an unbelievable over reaction to the China Virus Truth, this week, useless Congress Critters Speaker Pelosi, in conjunction with Representatives Adam Schiff and James Clyburn announced another ridiculous Witch Hunt against President Trump. What is the subject of this latest boondoggle?

An investigation into Corona Virus response by President Trump’s Task Force! This even before the fist relief fund checks to Citizens have even been distributed by electronic means, to say nothing about paper check for those who did not sign up for Direct Deposit with the Internal Revenue Service in tax filing years 2019 or 2018!

It’s unbelievable that the House Democrats would consider such a thing subsequent to failed Impeachment Hoax that interfered with their ability to focus on replenishing the Strategic National Stockpile. Why? because The Democrats were too busy in December 2019 through February 2020 obsessing on fabrications that never met the standard of High Crimes and Misdemeanors required to convict President Trump.

No sooner was the “cat out of the bag”, on Sunday April 05, 2020 Majority Whip James Clyburn went on Fake News CNN to lie to United States that his efforts are not designed to target President Trump. Unbelievable!

Let’s review the facts about Pandemics over the past 225 plus years in the United States. First we will focus on the the 2020 Wuhan Virus Pandemics, then H1N1 Swine Flu from 2009, and then provide a look back 227 years in United States history.

2019 to 2020 – China Wuhan Virus:

New York Emergency Hospitals in Central Park - Courtesy Getty Images
New York Emergency Hospitals – Courtesy Getty Images

The facts are clear; President Trump declared a National Emergency 10 days after the first China Virus case was confirmed in the United States. This versus President Obama who waited over 6 months to declare same.

President Trump mandated tabulation of the impacts of the China Virus that has become reality in the United States, with New York hit the hardest, required building of emergency field hospitals due to the sheer incompetence of Governor Andrew Cuomo who failed to prepare his State for the China ViV

Click to visit and follow the CDC on Twitter
Visit and follow the CDC on Twitter

The CDC, still not entirely accurate however, has followed orders to create a more accurate view of the situation as is documented below.

According to the CDC, as of April 03, 2020, there have been a total of 239,279 China Virus infection cases in the United States with over 7,150 deaths. When measured against a population of approximately 350 million, including some 22 million or more Illegal Aliens, the results below present an accurate look at the situation.

USA Not Infected Rate = 99.9994167% (239,279 infected out of 350 million)
USA Recovery Rate = 99.9768345% (239,279 minus 7,153 versus 350 million)
USA Infection Rate = 0.0006836% (239,279 divided by 350 million)
USA Death Rate = 0.00002048% (~7,153 divided by 350 million)

Let’s look at the worldwide situation for the China Virus.

World Not Infected Rate = 99.9896% (1.15 million infected out of 7.8 billion)
World Infection Rate = 0.00147435% (1.15 million divided by 7.8 billion)
World Recovery Rate = 99. 99986% (193,177 minus 46,809 divided by 7.8 billion)
World Death Rate = 0.005873%:  (46,809 divided by 7.8 billion)

So, incredibly, the entire world of 7.8 BILLION people has ground to a near complete halt over a 0.0005873% China Virus death rate. Unbelievable! Reopen America!

NOTE: These calculations represent an accurate snapshot in time.

A Look Back at Past Pandemics:

2009 to Present H1N1 Swine Flu:

According to the estimates from CDC this Pandemic infected 60.8 million United States Citizens, with over an estimated 275,00 hospitalized and a range of 12,469 to over 18,000 deaths. After the peak of illness during the second wave had come and gone in the United States. From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1) virus. Swine Flu recurs every year.

Herein is the problem. The CDC, under President Barack Obama, had never been able to provide completely accurate verifiable data. To this day, even the CDC’s own website has not been completely updated due to severe budget cutbacks by Congress from 2009 to 2017.

Shame on President Obama! He transferred over a billion dollars in 2010 from other healthcare budgets at his disposal in an attempt to offset draconian budget cuts by the useless Congress Critters. Moreover, in later years subsequent to 2009, Congress Critters have engaged in over 1.5 trillion dollars of Waste, Fraud and Abuse giving away freebies to Illegal Aliens instead of devoting taxpayers money to prepare for the next Pandemic resulting in extremely low levels of emergency supplies in the Strategic National Stockpile that President Trump inherited.

Similar problems in failure to prepare exist in California and New York who have wasted many billions on Illegal Aliens instead of United States Citizens. Shame on Governor’s such as failed Gavin Newson and Andrew Cuomo, both of whom would ultimately become responsible for the hot spots of the Wuhan Virus Pandemic in their States now sweeping across the country Straight Out Of Communist China.

1993 to Present Cryptosporidium:

“Improved water filtration helped eradicate this disease, but an estimated 748,000 cases of cryptosporidium still occur each year. Cryptosporidium spreads through soil, food, water, or contact with infected feces. Be sure to practice personal hygiene, especially when camping.”

2010 and 2014 – Whopping Cough:

Pertussis, known as whooping cough, is highly contagious and one of the most commonly occurring diseases in the United States. These coughing attacks can last for months. Infants too young for vaccination have the highest risk for life-threatening cases. Ten infants died during the first outbreak… A whooping cough outbreak comes every three to five years. The CDC reportsTrusted Source that an increase in the number of cases will likely be the “new normal.”

1957 – Asian Flu:

“The (Spanish) Flu would return later in 1957 as the “Asian flu” and cause nearly 70,000 deaths (in the United States) before a vaccine became available… Influenza strains mutate every year, making last year’s vaccinations less effective… It’s important to get your yearly vaccination to decrease your risk for the flu.”

1916 to 1955 – Polio:

“Polio is a viral disease that affects the nervous system, causing paralysis. It spreads through direct contact with people who have the infection. The first major polio epidemic in the United States occurred in 1916 and reached its peak in 1952. Of the 57,628 reported cases, there were 3,145 deaths… Getting vaccinated is very important before traveling. There’s no cure for polio.

1921 to 1925 – Diphtheria:

Diphtheria peaked in 1921, with 206,000 cases. Diphtheria causes swelling of the mucous membranes, including in your throat, that can obstruct breathing and swallowing. Sometimes a bacterial toxin can enter the bloodstream and cause fatal heart and nerve damage… About 15,520 died from Diphtheria”

1918 – Spanish Flu:

“This mutating influenza virus actually doesn’t come from Spain. It circulates the globe annually, but seriously affected the United States in 1918. Approximately 675,000 United States Citizens died from the Spanish Flu”

1906 to 1907 – Typhoid:

“One of the biggest typhoid fever epidemics of all time broke out between 1906 and 1907 in New York. Mary Mallon, often referred to as “Typhoid Mary,” spread the virus to about 122 New Yorkers during her time as a cook on an estate and in a hospital unit. About five of those 122 New Yorkers passed away from the virus. Annually, 10,771 people passed away from typhoid fever…Medical testing showed that Mallon was a healthy carrier for typhoid fever. Typhoid fever causes sickness and red spots to form on the chest and abdomen.”

1858 – Scarlet Fever:

“…a bacterial infection that can occur after strep throat. Like cholera, scarlet fever epidemics came in waves. During the 1858 epidemic, 95 percent of people who caught the virus were children… There is no vaccine for Scarlet Fever.”

1832 to 1866 – Cholera:

“The United States had three serious waves of cholera, an infection of the intestine, between 1832 and 1866. The pandemic began in India, and swiftly spread across the globe through trade routes. New York City was usually the first city to feel the impact. An estimated two to six Americans died per day during the outbreak…  Cholera still causes nearly 130,000 deaths a year worldwide, according to the CDC

1793 – Yellow Fever:

“Philadelphia was once the nation’s capital and its busiest port. One humid summer, refugees leaving a Yellow Fever epidemic in the Caribbean Islands sailed in, carrying the virus with them. Yellow fever causes yellowing of the skin, fever, and bloody vomiting. Five thousand people died, and 17,000 fled the city.”

Quoted data prior to the Straight Out of China Wuhan Virus courtesy of Healthline.

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