Rioting Looter Arsonists and Bloviating Bureaucrats Would Love to Change Our World!

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Representative John Lewis on Twitter
RIP Representative John Lewis on Twitter

One would think that with the recent passing of Representative John Lewis, a United States Civil Rights icon, that protesting Citizens would respect his passing by moderating their behavior and actually protest peacefully?

Sadly, the death of this peaceful protester has proven to produce no effect at all since the death of George Floyd. What is really happening? A propaganda plan by Democrat Anarchists that would Love to Change The World, whose sole purpose is designed to replace law and order with a malignant menagerie of crime, violence, rioting, looting and arson.

Is this what the United States Citizens really want?

Most say no thanks!


Click to learn about President Woodrow Wilson
Click to learn about President Woodrow Wilson

Representative Lewis could have taught such misguided Citizens, in effect malcontents who embrace Antifa Domestic Terrorists, that rioting, looting and arson are the incorrect way to protest versus peaceful methods. What Lewis supported is virtually nonexistent today as people are being duped by Democrat politicians, paid for by the likes of Communists dedicated to overthrowing the government of the United States. 

At local city, state, and the national levels, Marxists propagate their 100 year series of lies that began in earnest with failed President Woodrow Wilson, a dedicated Communist and racist; that a Utopia is just around the corner in the future if they would only be allowed to destroy their communities, history, and therefore United States civilization itself.

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Peaceful Protest:

Click to learn about the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Click to learn about Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

A true leader in many ways, Representative Lewis founded of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, founded in early 1960 at Raleigh, North Carolina. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which Representative Lewis spearheaded, was designed to capitalize on the success of a surge of sit-ins in Southern college towns, where black students refused to leave restaurants and conducted “Freedom Rides” in which they were denied service based on their race.

Setting an example that rioting, looter arsonists should emulate today, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was an afterthought to many Citizens of all races that protested peacefully during the Second World War at Woolworth’s lunch counters and often escorted black Citizens to sit next to them at lunch or bring them to the front of the bus against the wishes of racist Democrats who relegated black people to second class status.

Family Histories of Non Violent Protest:

Click to learn about World War Two Japanese Internment Camps
People of Japanese descent wait in line for their assigned homes at an internment camp reception center in Manzanar, California.

Many families, including my own, have a long history of fighting against injustice using peaceful protest, specifically Democrat racism that is tearing apart our communities in the present. Dating back to the founding of the United States, my family fought the Democrats in the Civil War. One grandfather, a United States Marine Corp Staff Sergeant, fought against racism when stationed in China, through the Second World War when my mother marched in St. Louis to fight segregation, to my father promoting Citizens of color in the Second World War subsequent to his witnessing firsthand as anti-Semite racist President Franklin Delano Roosevelt illegally placed Japanese Citizens into Internment Camps, with FDR literally ordering the military to take elementary and high school students from their classrooms to place them in his concentration camps.

Click to learn about Unfreedom of the Press by Mark Levin
Click to learn about Unfreedom of the Press by Mark Levin

FDR’s association with the New York Times infamous Walter Duranty began over a decade earlier when the NYT covered up the Ukrainian Holodomor genocide famine massacre in 1932 and 1933 leading to FDR recognizing the Soviet Union November 16, 1933. FDR also covered up the Holocaust working with his New York Times allies to relegate coverage of the genocide to the back pages of the original Main Stream Media (MSM Miscreants). These travesties by the New York Times are clearly documented in Unfreedom of the Press written by Mark Levin.

Click to learn about the San Francisco Riots September 28 1966
Click to learn about the San Francisco Riots 1966

In my lifetime, I marched with my father in the 1966 riots in San Francisco at the tender age bringing food stuffs into the Hunters Point Bay View district churches to help the poor.

A well known community leader, my father, a successful industrial caterer who ensured that his employees racial balance matched the local community, was escorted  by black community and church leaders through the National Guard and Federal Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO’s) riot lines to deliver the much needed supplies to the Citizens.

Peaceful protests against the Vietnam War
Peaceful protests against the Vietnam War

Later, when I was about to head to Vietnam, I peacefully protested at the University of California Berkeley California over the Gulf of Tonkin incident that failed President Johnson created to escalate the war that as started by President Kennedy. Himself a racist, President Johnson worked closely with Senator Robert Byrd, a Grand Cyclops of the Klu Klux Klan, voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to in 1964.  Although I was scheduled to be drafted to fight in Vietnam, I had ambivalent feelings about the war and joined debating teams and marched to peacefully protest a war created by Johnson as a cover for his failure to honor World War Two commitments to Vietnam who helped defeat the fascist Imperial Japanese supporting General Douglas MacArthur.

The Facts Today:

Click to learn about Democrat Cities Prone to Violent Riots
Click to learn about Democrat Cities Prone to Violent Riots

What is the truth recognized by a vast majority of Citizens on how did we got here from condemning the act of a single police officer to the maelstrom now manifest?

Simple. Democrats 100 years of Progressive Propaganda failures turning once beautiful cities and states into crime infested hellholes now overrun with rioting, looter arsonists! This fact is well documented that violent rioting looter arsonists are Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton!

Tragically, the so called peaceful protests have proven to not be the case. In city after city under the control of Democrat mayors, and the equally guilty Democrat Governor’s who have failed to restore civil order crime is soaring as miscreants ravage our towns!

Click to learn about the Portland Courthouse Fire
Click to learn about the Portland Courthouse Fire

In effect, the Democrat mayors and governors are promoting an illegal insurrection, damaging the very fabric of our country and communities failing to protect their Citizens and taxpayer assets such as Federal Courthouses and Federal property.

Cities such as Portland, Oakland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and many others that have brought disgrace to themselves, not to mention tarnishing memory of George Floyd which the malcontents claim is the purpose of protest.

2020-07-22 Citizens reject rioter looter arsonists
United States Citizens reject rioter looter arsonists

While the vast majority of United States Citizens supports harsh actions against the police officer who attacked Mr. Floyd, an even larger majority do not favor the rioting looting arsonists or efforts to defund the police. However, none of this seems to matter to the rioting looter arsonists who are in process of not only destroying their own cities, but damaging taxpayers Federal property as well.

However, the riots not being covered by the MSM Miscreants are not confined to a single metropolitan area. The mayhem, murders, rapes and destruction from looting that erupted after Floyd’s death has been reported in at least 25 cities while the MSM Marxist Miscreants such as the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC who falsely claim the riots are “Peaceful Protests” as we all witness the looting, rioting and arson on a daily basis.

Click to learn about Minneapolis Riot Damage
Click to learn about Minneapolis Riot Damage

The extent of loss of life, and damage to United States Citizens lives grows daily with financial costs are still being tabulated, city after city report hundreds of millions in damages with 1,500 buildings damaged in Minneapolis. The final costs could amount to billions of dollars with one city alone requesting $500 million. Local news reports suggest that the loss of life and costs are widespread, the Antifa rioting looter arsonists are bankrupting the very cities and states the rioters claim they are trying to help.

In Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, reports of hundreds of businesses and properties in downtown area were damaged, many beyond repair. The Downtown Seattle Association reported over 50 businesses had been damaged downtown. In San Francisco the rioting included residential areas and in Chinatown, with police cars destroyed as the Democrat Mayor London Breed retreated to the safety of police protection. In Chicago at least 45 properties were damaged in the downtown area by rioting that quickly spread to the suburbs. Even a mild town like Madison, Wisconsin, over 75 businesses were damaged and looted.

“We expect this to be a significant loss event as the impact is being experienced in large and small markets across the U.S.,” stated IIIinois spokesman Mark Friedlander. “ However, because it is an ongoing event, it is premature to determine the volume of property loss that will be incurred.”

Click to learn about lawsuit against Bill deBlasio
Click to learn about lawsuit against Bill deBlasio

In Minneapolis, that was the start of this mess, the mayor finally called in Federal Law Enforcement to help to quell the illegal actions of the wretched rioting looters, subsequent to 1,500 properties damaged or destroyed.

The king of cities targeted by the rioting looters, New York, now exceed 750 properties damaged or destroyed with legal action filed with the New York State Court of Claims, the first step in suing the state and its agencies.

The amount of damages (for starters) due to the failure of Mayor deBlasio?

$100 million dollars with more legal actions undoubtedly waiting in the wings!

President Trump Takes Action:

Click to visit and follow President Ronald Trump on Twitter!
Visit and follow President Trump!

This week President Donald Trump took action against the vile Antifa Domestic Terrorist rioter looter arsonists tried to set the Portland federal courthouse on fire multiple times only to be repelled by absolutely appropriate use of tear gas on the miscreants.

In all cases the malcontents were successfully repelled by United States Federal Law Enforcement Officers who emerged from the Federal Courthouse building to break up the vile rioting looter arsonists and send them fleeing.

The misguided malcontent miscreants then moved to other parts of downtown Portland & started street fires fanning them with battery operated leaf blowers.

Joining the rioting looter arsonists, the useless Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered responding Portland Police to stand down, whining about existing statute that provide Federal LEO’s to protect the United States properties.

2020-07-23 Mayor Ted Wheeler tear gassed
2020-07-23 Mayor Ted Wheeler tear gassed

Marxist Mayor Wheeler, himself tear gassed, and heckled by the rioting looting arsonists, specifically instructed his police to not engage with the far-left rioters, ordering Portland police to allow the rioting looters to ravage local businesses and make no arrests… AGAIN!

Enough is enough!

With Federal Statutes on the books to fight the insurrection and in order to protect our Federal property, on July 22, 2018 President Donald Trump in a press conference attended by Attorney General Barr and other Federal Agencies, announced they have already deployed Federal LEO’s to protect taxpayers property and arrest the Antifa Domestic Terrorists placing the LEO’s across the United States on alert to protect our taxpayers property.

Click to learn about National Guard Deployed
Click to learn about National Guard Deployed

In a separate efficacious effort, the United States National Guard reported that it had deployed troops in 24 states to protect lives and property due to the failure of mayors and governors to keep United States citizens safe from the rioting looter criminals and arsonistss.

Over the course of the next 100 days leading up to Election 2020, United States Citizens look forward to President Trump protecting our country from the vile Marxist Communists who have perverted the Black Lives Matter movement by using Antifa Domestic Terrorist tactics that have been paid for by George Soros and Move On Dot Org.

Click to learn about George Soros funded prosecutors
Click to learn about George Soros funded prosecutors

Now well documented by honest journalists, Soros, funder of Move On Dot Org have both bribed prosecutors like Kim Gardner among other to pervert the justice system to attack innocent citizens like the McCloskey’s who protected their property from the violent rioting looters.

The concept that a criminal like George Soros is buying District Attorneys is repugnant to the United States and a direct violation to the rights of all American Citizens!

Operation Legend:

“Operation Legend was created as a result of President Trump’s promise to assist America’s cities that are plagued by recent violence. Operation Legend is named after four-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he slept early in the morning of June 29 in Kansas City.” Source: The Justice Department

So fear not United States Citizens, despite the desperate lies of the Democrats, real justice has been deployed by the Executive Branch and President Donald Trump to protect all of us from the Marxist Miscreants attacking everyone these days as we prepare for four more years of Liberty and Freedom with President Donald Trump!

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