How to Make America Healthy Again, Part 1 of 3!

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An outbreak (of a disease) over a whole country or the world.

An article about infectious diseases would, no doubt, call to mind the COVID-19 Wuhan Virus pandemic. The reader might anticipate that this article, and the two that will succeed it, will attempt to dissect the pandemic, the impact that the virus has had on America, and try to predict what the post mortem will be when the virus spread has finished its course.

Masks do more than provide us the bromide that we are somehow protecting ourselves from the Coronavirus: they keep us visually fixated on one environmental threat, thereby making us blind to other threats. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock Photos.

If you buy what the Mainstream Media is selling, we are to assume that our country will only be freed from extreme social distancing measures once the population is finally protected with a vaccine. We are made to believe that virus eradication is our only course of action, and normal life can resume only once this is accomplished. They act like this is reasonable. Meanwhile, we silently wonder why there was not this level of virus intolerance for H1N1 or Ebola or Bird Flu or SARS. After all, the level of impact that these would come to have on our population were unknown to us when they first hit our shores. Some proved to be more fatal than others, but all proved to be lethal to segments of the population. With this virus and intel coming out of China, it made sense to take extreme action to “flatten the curve,” to allow time for our country to build up storehouses of the equipment and facilities we would need to meet the impact of the spread. Yet here we are, a full six months later, being told to adjust to our “new normal,” even though infection levels have continued to be manageable.

The COVID-19 “new normal” is keeping our country in a sustained state of anxiety, dooming us to forever hide behind masks, perhaps never visit Granny again, and certainly stay away from houses of worship, because someone might inadvertently die from our failure to adhere to austere social distancing measures.

This kind of sustained alarmism has been propagated with this disease alone. There are “experts” being given platforms on Twitter and TV. They either brandish a Ph.D. or they are already-established media darlings, and they all talk at us like guidance counselors. They are, for reasons unknown and unasked, supposed to be trusted to know universal truths about COVID-19. They tout they are merely “following the science.” They continue to assert that shutting down small businesses and schools for the foreseeable future is objectively necessary, that we should listen to them. For some reason, BLM riots are safe zones from virus exposure, so we can feel free to throw our Molotov cocktails. As if this is a form of relief that should help us muddle through the pandemic.

The mandate to “Follow the Science” as if the science is being presented without any political bias is intellectually dishonest. Photo courtesy Kevin Kallaugher, editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine of London, The Baltimore Sun and the online newsletter Counterpoint.

“Following the science.” That is what they keep saying. Never mind that not all scientists agree with this assessment. (Of course, the ones that do not agree do not get a platform, and will probably be censored and have their reputations destroyed). Never mind that even a scientist is human. Never mind that scientists are often dependent upon grants and may need to hold certain positions to receive certain funds. Never mind that scientists can bring to their science their own set of biases. Never mind that scientists can also be motivated to prioritize social ideologies to bring sway to the interpretation of their findings for a host of decidedly non-scientific reasons.

So I agree, to write such an article about the course of COVID-19 as a disease, and whether the continued lockdown response has been worth it, would be a worthy pursuit.

But that is not this my objective.

My objective is to make a case that the COVID-19 outbreak will turn out to play an important part in what I believe to be a healing process. The part it plays, I will argue, can be regarded as an unexpected catalyst that brings remediation of a societal plague. The amazing timing of the outbreak, with other societal variables at play and an election in sway, this very contagious virus is going to be responsible for the death of a whole lot of people, but the experience of it will come to help heal our nation.

To restate for emphasis: the reality of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, insidious, invisible, pervasive, and especially deadly to the infirm and unhealthy, is a contagion that remarkably acts like a real-life metaphor for a contagion that has been infecting all sorts of aspects of our society for decades. I argue that this year’s China-produced pathogen, instead of being just another contagion, might turn out to be the very thing that brings us an immunization for another societal disease.

The USA Has Been Plagued… For a Long Time!

Would it be shocking if I were to say that this country has been in a pandemic for decades?

I assert that we have been, and continue to be, suffering from a plague in this country for all my life. Your life, too.

If you think that is an overstatement, then I dare you to read on. The plague I am talking about may not be a virus from a Chinese bat, but it is perhaps more insidious and more pervasive than the Coronavirus could ever possibly be, more debilitating and more lethal. Yet if we survive its infection, I anticipate that our country will be able to thrive, better than ever before, with the freedom of knowing the disease cannot hurt us again, at least not for a very long time. Because, like any virus, we can become inoculated from this societal infection, and remain strong to withstand it, by use of several means:

  • “Herd immunity”
  • “Vaccinations”
  • “Natural fortifications” that strengthen against the infection.

The plague that I propose has been infecting this country for decades is, of course, Marxist Socialism.

I think it encouraging that we have several proven ways to combat it, which fall under the bulleted points listed above. I will be reviewing these remedies in Part 2 of this series.

So to begin this line of thought, of tracking the metaphor that exists between the virus in the body and the socialist in the system, we must first define was makes the United States of America both alive and healthy.

The Critical Anatomy of our Nation: Listen for the Heartbeat

Everyone knows that the thing that indicates whether a body is alive or dead is the heartbeat. If the heart stops, it’s all over. If there is no life, there is no health.

To give a frame of reference for the allegory I am pursuing, let me be clear that I consider the Constitution as the Heart of our country. It is a unique invention of our country’s form of government, and with it the USA has positively impacted, through its influence, the human-rights-protecting constitutions adopted by a host of other nations. If the Constitution stops, the United States of America stops. It is that simple. 

Constitutional Heart Disease:

The Bill of Rights was a new incarnation of the ideas brought forth in the Magna Charta, to protect the people against abuses of the power of the government over the governed.

Just like a heart, if any part of the Constitution ceases to function optimally, the whole of it ceases to function as intended. Especially the part of the Heart called the Bill of Rights. For instance, without individual sovereignty to speak and worship and express opinion, there is no more suffrage. Emancipation ceases. The right to not self-incriminate is a laughable idea.

Taking away our right to bear arms necessarily takes away our ability to protect our family and our property from usurpers, but it also takes away our ability to independent thought. In Stalin’s communist Russia, many went to concentration camps because the people could not defend themselves from the state. Intellectual and political and religious dissidents had no way of stopping it when the Secret Police came to take them off to some Gulag to remain for the rest of their days. Intimidating and oppressing the populace is an easy feat to accomplish when the populace is unarmed.

In particular, the original 10 Amendments that make up our Bill of Rights hang together. You destroy one, you destroy them all.

You do not have to look far to see what life is like without guaranteed rights. Check out the enslaved Uighurs in China.

Uighurs, blindfolded shackled, caught on drone camera footage brings China’s human rights abuses to the world.

Here is something that should convict us Americans: we are willing, if unwitting, participants in the subjugation of humans: Uighurs slave away, possibly making Nike Shoes or the next generation of iPhones, so American companies manufacturing in China can provide brand names at affordable rates for American consumers. Our freedom-loving nation has been benefitting from products created by laborers whose labor wages approach zero. The Uighur’s crime: They are Muslims. The Chinese Christian Church is also a large and persecuted class as well. They may not be an entirely enslaved class, but they do not fare much better. The oppression is profound. Yet they make all our stuff, including the swag of our favorite basketball players and teams.

But let us observe oppression that is a little closer to home.

Take Washington DC, where these days the Bill of Rights goes unobserved and unenforced.

Just blocks away from where the Constitution is kept there has been rioting, looting, defacing monuments, burning churches, and terrorizing citizens. Consider the Republican Convention attendees unable to safely leave the White House grounds after the closing ceremony. How about the Washington DC couple who were screamed down at their table as they attempted to dine? And the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania outdoor diners, too. They were also trying to enjoy dinner at a restaurant, but instead enjoyed being accosted by a mob of BLM “protesters.” Again, the BLM “protesters” were demanding they pay homage to the BLM cause. The diners refused to be coerced into bowing to the demands of the mob on the principle that no one should ever be forced to bow to anyone else. Good on them for standing up for their own Constitutional rights when no one else was around to protect their rights for them. Nevertheless, down the tubes go their right to feel free to dine in peace.

A Constitution not enforced is a vulnerable Constitution indeed.

Brownshirts, Bernie Bros, Bolsheviks, BLM…

BLM Washington DC
Restaurant patron who was threatened by BLM rioters in Washington, DC. Apparently the need to force BLM allegiance is much more important than the need for social distancing.

Certainly, these mob violence incidents are eerily like the oppression exercised in the past and in all parts of the world. By the Russian Bolsheviks. By the Nazi Brownshirts. By the Cambodian Khmer Rouge children. Young soldiers all of them, drunk on the passions of power. These passions of power were instilled in them by political operatives who spent plenty of time cultivating these young minds and guiding them to be emboldened for insurrectionist activities (Read the “Tactical Turns” section here about Lenin’s thoughts on young Bolsheviks… enlightening stuff). It is always the young and impressionable who are unleashed onto the streets, to do the damage and strike fear in the hearts of the law-abiding. BLM protesters are largely young idyllic minions (and, curiously, mostly white). They have been suckered into thinking that an aggressive societal takeover makes total sense, with the allure of believing they will get to be in charge one day. They have bought into the utilitarian notion that denying American citizens the right to walk across a street safely, or eat a meal peaceably, is dependent upon whether they pay their allegiance to an ideological agenda these young terrorists have come to believe in (think: religion). If their takeover is a success, the BLM/Antifa/Bernie Bros mixture of insurrectionists will get to decide whether any of us even get to eat dinner at all. When there is no longer a Rule of Law, decisions like who can walk and who can eat become very arbitrary on the streets.

BLM or Brownshirt or Bernie Bros or Bolshevik: They look remarkably the same wherever you find them. They all terrorize in the name of a new order.

The Constitution’s Clogged Arteries and Arrhythmia:

While we are heartsick over the chaos in our streets and the lack of enforcement of our Constitutional rights, we need to regard what Constitutional “heart disease” looks like, understand it, so we can take corrective action. Because enforcement is not the only problem. The Constitution itself is under attack by an internal problem. So let’s define what Constitutional Heart-health looks like, why it is sick, and what will heal it.

Constitutional Heart-health is defined by this: whether the prevailing laws that govern the land defend the freedoms protected by the Constitution.

It is pretty simple. A “Heart-healthy” Constitution would be demonstrated through the “stress-tests” from the bench, particularly SCOTUS rulings. Every judgment that upholds the liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights not only benefits real people in real time, but also benefits the enduring strength and power of the Constitution through its application. Rulings that do not align with the Constitution hurt people in real time and diminish the enduring strength and power of the Constitution. We have experienced a vast number of judgements in the past 50 years where our SCOTUS has ruled in cases that completely, and unashamedly, disregard our Constitution. Innovative interpretation (treating the Constitution as a “living” document that should be subjected to changes to it, usually based on popular sentiments) is causing clogged arteries in the flow if civil liberties to all parts of the nation’s body. It forces the Heart to beat at an irregular tempo. Textualism/Originalism keeps the freedom blood flowing and the Heart beating at a regular and healthy pace.

2020-09-14 Ruling against Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania
Federal Judge William Strickland Rules Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s Shutdown Orders are Unconstitutional

Furthermore, every time textualism/originalism of our Constitution is applied to a situation where government mandates have restricted the Heart of our freedoms, there is immediate relief. Observe the September 14, 2020 Federal Court ruling that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe’s oppressive COVID-19 restrictions were unconstitutional. The moment that ruling was announced, suddenly “plaintiffs that included drive-in movie theaters, hair salons, farmers markets, and several GOP officials who sued as individuals,” along with all the Pennsylvanian small business owners and residents that these plaintiffs naturally represented, were set free of prison-like restrictions that were being enforced by a tyrant governor.

The Epoch Times article covering U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV’s judgement made it clear:

Stickman’s judgment stipulates that “the congregate gathering limits imposed by defendants’ mitigation orders violate the right of assembly enshrined in the First Amendment,” the “stay-at-home and business closure components of defendants’ orders violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment,” and “the business closure components of Defendants’ orders violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”  (emphasis added)

To bring home the parallel I am drawing between the health of the human body and the health of our nation:

The COVID-19 pandemic is particularly lethal to people with cardiovascular and respiratory weaknesses, and the Marxist Socialism pandemic is particularly lethal to our country if our Constitution is weak. If the tyrannical infection of Marxist Socialism has its way on our Constitution, so weakened by the irresponsibility of those who have been entrusted to guard it, then the resulting oppression can stop the Heart of our country. But if our Constitution is resuscitated by responsible judges and a nation of people willing to fight for it, like the plaintiffs who fought for their rights in Pennsylvania, then it will beat strong for us again.

I, too, want to do my part to make America healthy again.

I hope this first installation of my three-part series did a fair job of setting up the analogy I hope to draw between that which medically ails us in this COVID-19 pandemic, and that which ails our Constitutional form of government. In the next installment I will attempt to present and explain the multiple avenues we have available to us to combat the Marxist Socialist disease. In the final installment I will share my thoughts about how we should all be encouraged that corrective course changes are already taking place: that our system of government has been blessed with a natural capability of healing itself, and that COVID-19 helped bring it to pass.

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  1. Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for an in depth view of the situation regarding the unconstitutional lock downs that have been imposed on United States Citizens as a result of the hysteria created by Main Stream Media and the Governors of Democrat states. Yesterday’s Federal court ruling makes it clear that the “Blue State Tyrant” governors have applied incorrect unconstitutional methods to deal with the Wuhan Virus.

    I look forward to parts 2 and 3 of your series.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of #RockwaterReports

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