How to Make America Healthy Again, Part 2 of 3!

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As I premised in Part 1 of this series How to Make America Healthy Again, how we treat every part of our body impacts the health of our heart.

Make America Healthy Again
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And in my human-body-to-American-society analogy, I regard the Constitution as the Heart of our social system. It is our unique form of governance, and it defines the high quality of our life and culture. It is the reason why people from all around the world risk everything to get here. When it stops, the USA (as we know it) is officially dead. In this analogy I liken Marxist Socialism to a lethal virus, attacking our country’s body. Furthermore, I posited that our country has been growing sicker from this Socialism virus, and we have been infected with it for a long time.

Now I will attempt to outline and explain some of the areas where our country is weakened but can be strengthened. Although Marxist Socialism pervades several institutions and classes (social classes often described in terms of tribes), I will provide my thoughts on what we can do (and, in fact, what we are doing) to overcome it.

Let's Make Americal Feel Healthy Again
We all want to have a country that feels healthy again, so let’s do what we can to to have recovery! Get well greeting card compliments of Pheonix Greetings at ETSY Dot Com.

As I review the various cures at our disposal, I want to state at the outset that some are easier to accomplish than others. Some may be more effective than others. Still others may involve a cost that might make the risk outweigh the benefit. But in the end we will, no doubt, find we have made use of a combination of them all:

  • Natural Herd Immunity
  • Vaccinations
  • Fortifications

Where there is an actionable item, I will mark the word ACTION in bold. Some of these actionables may be things that you can do personally to do your part to help heal this country.

Without further ado, here we go!

Natural Herd Immunity

Where social viruses are concerned, the least pleasant course to take parallels the least pleasant course when dealing with an actual virus: Natural Herd Immunity.

The whole point of herd immunity, aka “community immunity,” involves that (barring the availability of a vaccination) a pathogen be allowed to transmit through a community naturally. Once all are exposed, all who are able to survive it will acquire an immunity by developing antibodies to the pathogen. Subsequently, the pathogen is much less likely to be a severe blight on the population in the future. The problem with this, however, is that there is no way of knowing who will survive the infection and who will not. Some may not have the physical constitution to handle it. Therefore, utilizing this as method for strengthening the people against a dangerous viral infection is not preferred. Often it is the weakest among our population, and most in need of protection, that suffer and succumb.

Marxist Socialism
Marxist socialism is recruiting openly on college campuses, and promoting online socialism education as well. Not only here in America, but in England and the USA as well. Image courtesy  to Socialism Dot Com.

Yet as this regards the transmission of Marxist Socialism, we have seen a similar spread happening in our country. Over the course of nearly 100 years, Marxist Socialism has been breathed into the nostrils of our academic institutions. From there the infection set a slow course, at first settling in our ‘head’ – our halls of higher learning – and creeping through the bloodstream of our nation to infect all kinds of institutions.

It has been a very gradual process and a long incubation period. For quite a while we thought our symptoms and sniffles were just something like seasonal allergies bothering us. The clogged sinuses of legislative partisanship, caused by a do-nothing Congress. The fuzzy thinking of judicial activism, committed by confused judges with bad habit of creating law instead of interpreting law. These were attributable, we thought, to our country experiencing a bad reaction to environmental irritants such as worldwide terrorism and the growing pains of an expanding global economy.

But here we are, finally admitting that those achy muscles and the unbearable exhaustion in all our extremities are because we became sick with something much more serious. We realized that we have been ignoring it for a long while, and suddenly the extreme fatigue caused by lost wages, and inability to preform even simple occupations due to offshoring and outsourcing, and our emerging generation suddenly dependent upon safe spaces, indicated that our condition was acute. If we don’t treat it somehow, this sickness could take us down altogether. We wonder: will we survive in time to develop those social sickness antibodies that are supposed to come through Natural Herd Immunity?

Now please bear with me for a moment while I walk you down another line of thought. I promise it ends up back on the original course:

Hive Brain Hell

Dark City (1998) Starring Rufus Sewell and Kiefer Sutherland
Dark City (1998) Starring Rufus Sewell and Kiefer Sutherland, contemplates an interesting experiment to discover what makes a community thrive. Image courtesy Ludditerobot.

A surreal science fiction thriller from 1998 called Dark City presents an alien race experimenting on a collection of humans who were abducted from earth. The aliens placed their captive-humans in a contrived, anachronistic city (circa 1955) that works much like a rat’s maze where the walls can be reconfigured. The captor-aliens share what is called a “hive brain” – one collective mind with which they all think the same thoughts. They share a homogeneous sameness with each other. They have apparently evolved to this condition, but because of it, their race is dying.

Like-minded sameness in their society, therefore, has not worked out for them. They suppose that these experiments they do on their humans, whose memories they erase and implant with new memories every night, will help them discover how humans experience individualism. They believe that individualism might be the key to the survival of their own race. Yet they still regard these human individuals as rats in a maze, to be manipulated at will. They cannot recognize that the perpetual manipulations, constraints, and mind control are the very things that hinder the individualism they seek. Once the protagonist human is able to set himself free of this controlled environment that the aliens forced on him, his freedom does not merely set him at liberty to live his individualism, but it destroys the captor-aliens and their hive brain in the process.

Now let’s take that movie analogy back to the main trail of our virus analogy:

Marxist Socialism is Hive Brain Hell

Like-minded sameness is the pinnacle of Marxist Socialism. Famously, Orwell depicted this example of society in his work 1984. It does not take a brainiac to see that word-sameness (what Orwell called Newspeak) leads to thought-sameness, and is just another way of aiming for mind control.

The Hive Brain Pathogen Unleashed on the American Population

The Mainstream Media broadcasts out to us every day conscious attempts at mind control. The montages of verbatim talking points that are parroted over and over again, word for word, by every anchor on every major news outlet is the Newspeak of our time.

It is the Marxist-Socialist virus being replicated and propagated.

There is also plenty of evidence that these talking points  are distributed with an eerie efficiency by all those devoted to the Democrat Party, as if they get a daily email instructing them on the issues to make their focal point, and the exact words to use to discuss them.

Likewise, there is an eerie sameness to the stories that get no coverage at all. If it were not for alternative news sources, and certain information leaking straight to the public, often posted on Youtube and Twitter by independent journalists or kids with smartphones catching inconvenient truths on video, there would be no knowledge of it.

Unfortunately, news from amateurs and the un-vetted is sometimes burdened with a lack of authentication. Information peddled through back channels does not have access to the very things that lend veracity to it. We do not have a reliable Press, obviously, willing to be dependable arbiters of honest fact-checking. This deficiency, however, does not stop the public from craving what it desperately wants and needs: an assessment of our country’s physiological and psychological state, where the diagnosis fits the symptoms we experience as a society. If normal channels will not provide a diagnosis that seems credible, then alternative practitioners will be found. One word embodies this phenomenon playing out in our society right now: QAnon. While the QAnon ‘data drops’ might hold the allure of being credible, there are many reasons to be suspicious. Just as suspicious as you might be, in fact, of Mainstream Media.

Editor’s Note: Bear in mind that verified material from multiple sources is their greatest challenge.

Viral False Narratives and Our Truth Crisis

Slavish slogans are designed hold thoughts and opinions captive.

To deny that there is a dedicated effort at creating the Orwellian Hive Brain here in the USA right now is to be willfully fooling yourself. To disparage people who are seeking information from alternative channels and call them radical, or idiots, or gullible, or uneducated is to be in denial of the fact that Objective Journalism had to be completely broken for this phenomenon to trend with such popularity.

Although we seem to have descended so deeply into Hive Brain Hell in our news distribution (the other word for this is propaganda), the good news is that our instinctive, DNA-level drive for freedom and truth is what helps us build defenses against groupthink takeover. Individualism is the Antibody of Socialism.

ACTION: So get busy seeking out the truth. Brush up on your critical thinking skills while you are at it.

How We Are Able to Combat Hive Brain Fever

In the pursuit of taking action against Hive Brain fever, we have at our disposal three very important fever reducers.

BIG and ESTABLISHED News Outlets

We have a small collection of major news carriers and established news sources who have not bought completely into the Hive Brain collective. They are, therefore, targets for attack. Plenty of efforts are made to sully their reputation or get them to compromise their standards. For instance, in order to get a shot at hosting a town hall, Fox News is persuaded to hire presidential debate moderator fraud Donna Brazile. You know, the moderator who sneaked Hillary the debate questions. You know, to give the Democrat candidate an unfair edge in the 2016 election.

What could go wrong?

Sure, it can be argued as either a good or bad move to bring socialist-progressive Brazile on board. Perhaps, with the addition of Brazile, Fox’s current great ratings are achieved by virtue of approximating its old tagline “fair and balanced.” Someone on deck (besides Juan Williams) to balance out the viewpoint of Jesse Waters.

Or, perhaps Fox’s grip on “fair and balanced” is a ridiculously weak hold on an irrelevant concept. One side of that “balance” has radicalized completely – the DNC has embraced extreme socialism, complete with the Green New Deal and BLM organizers who openly profess to be Marxists. So the “balance” possible between conservative commentators and today’s DNC representatives is better perceived as a see-saw with an 8 year old girl on one end and a gorilla on the other. While just a few channels away, all the other major broadcast news networks are enthusiastically jumping over the cliff of social progressive propaganda, so all the socialist-progressive news consumers are more likely to surf over to MSNBC, or take the leap with CNN, than watch any contrived, “balanced” approach on Fox News with Donna Brazile.

Donna Brazile on The Five
The Five on Fox News attempts to present the issues of the day with a balance of opinions that span the political spectrum. Donna Brazile (bottom center) provides the far-left voice. Image courtesy Fox News

Something of a Pyrrhic victory in that: Short-term, Fox News is doing fantastic with viewership and ratings. Probably because the vast majority of news consumers can take just so much of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. But long-term, The Fox decision-makers have invited another Marxist-socialist virus carrier to embed within their ranks, and they will have to build up antibodies that would prevent the spread. Otherwise, they will become the next major news outlet to succumb to the fates of CNN and MSNBC.

Meanwhile, however, we have in our arsenal a small collection of “old and therefore trusted” news outlets where we can get some reliable perspective. Bear in mind that our decision to give credit to a news outlet just because it is old and big is called a genetic fallacy, an error in critical thinking. I have found that the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner are both helpful publications that provide accurate news out of DC. But even though I might recommend an established newspaper or publication, every news outlet should be held accountable every day. As I mentioned in To Tell The Truth About Objective Journalism, keeping objectivity in journalism is difficult indeed. But it is imperative that we do.

ACTION: We must demand our major news outlets distribute the truth and furnish objective reporting. Refuse to read or source publications that push provable propaganda, except to demonstrate the lie or the bias. Call them out when they do this. It may seem in the moment like it does no good, but rebuilding a healthy and honest press corp in this country is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and persistent and call them out every time they fail at honesty in journalism.


Just like we should not lazily credit the big and verified as always being objective and credible, we should not dismiss out of hand the smaller news outlets organizing to be alternative news sources.

One America News Network (OANN) Chanel Rion
White House correspondent Chanel Rion with One America News (OAN) is often the only reporter present at Press Briefings from a network that is not entirely left-leaning. Image courtesy OANN.

Indeed, smaller news sources do not have the advantage of established reputations, but they have emerged for the very reason that bigger, established news agencies with stellar reputations have turned out to be using their clout to actually lead us astray. Some of these news agencies that are emerging as newcomers, and building their reputations for straight-shooting objective news, are outlets like OAN and The Epoch Times.

ACTION: Look for smaller news outlets as information sources, but corroborate them against each other and with older, more established sources that have proven to stay the course. If they are all reporting similar facts from their own individual and authentic viewpoints, that makes the information strong. When you hear the same talking points parroted with verbatim precision, you know that means trouble: it means a rehearsed narrative, just like criminals getting their story straight.

BEWARE of Anonymous Sources

I will admit that there are several claims coming out of the QAnon movement that I find compelling and worthy of taking the time to see what can be proven. But there are some Q claims that I am watching carefully, with great interest, to see what develops (are ultimately proven, not alleged).

However,  I have a huge problem when a claim is made by a source that does not provide accredited sources, choosing instead to remain anonymous. An anonymous source is an unaccountable source. What goes for the Ukraine/Whitehouse phone call Whistleblower. That goes for QAnon, too.


QAnon Movement
The QAnon movement, while being repeatedly denounced as a dangerous conspiracy theory movement, as none the less gained momentum across the United States… and also in Germany. The acolytes of this movement posit that the government and powerful are running an ulterior set of agendas to keep themselves in power and enjoy criminal excesses that include pedophilia rings. Image courtesy of NBC News

In truth, I find the Q movement encouraging and certainly not the radical threat they are portrayed to be by Twitter and the Mainstream Media, and I support the movement for the role it plays as a catalyst to an American public that is trying to wake up and make up its own mind about what the heck is going on in our country.

Because of it, a great segment of our population, as well as populations in other countries like Germany, are seizing control of their own minds and taking ownership about what is going on in their world. They are standing up to question their government and corporate power players who would have the masses subdued with the bromide of “just do and think what we tell you to do and think… we’ll take care of the rest.”

The QAnon crowd won’t have none of that! Good for them! Nevertheless…

ACTION: Be careful with any information generated from a source unknown. This does not mean to ignore such intelligence. But, like any investigator of a crime, the anonymous tip must be treated like a clue that must be independently verified, to the point that it will pass muster in a court of law. Because, as any investigator will tell you, not all anonymous tips are good tips. Some might even be meant to mislead.


Politicians and the Press have given us whiplash in one aspect of the Wuhan Virus COVID-19 crisis. We have swiftly shifted from “We need a vaccine!” to “Don’t trust the vaccine!”

The narrative that went with “We need a vaccine!” is obvious and true enough: safely achieving herd immunity cannot be accomplished without it. The clock is ticking, and people are dying.

The narrative that goes with “Don’t trust the vaccine!” is a narrative that calls into question whether the vaccine has been developed too quickly. Can Operation Warp Speed have produced something safe? A large segment of Americans — both on the Far Left and on the Far Right — are already inclined to mistrust vaccines altogether. To suggest a COVID-19 vaccine might be unsafe plays, precisely, on already-present and unreasonable fears.

I have to share one of my all-time favorite segments of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, on the subject of anti-vaxxers:

So back to the vaccine for the much-feared, entirely contagious China Virus: Why the sudden change in attitude toward a desperately-needed vaccine? Why the fear mongering against the vaccine that would stop the feared virus? Certainly, there must be an agenda involved.

Those of us who question the excuses being shoveled to us, who can easily imagine how COVID-19 events can coordinate with presidential election manipulations, naturally suspect that another objective pulls sway. An objective that could care less about our health. That objective is, I suspect, the Universal Mail-In Ballot campaign. If the world no longer feels they have to avoid the polls on Election Day because they are immune from virus spread, they might not feel the need to participate in the Universal Mail-in Ballot campaign. Which, based on already emerging incidents happening in several states, Like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Minnesota.

Remarkably, all swing states. Except New York. New York is dark blue.

But not just swing states and blue states seem to have this trouble. Even a Texas case of election fraud from the 2018 election cycle is making headlines, and showcasing exactly how election fraud has been, and will be, a utilized mode of meddling in American elections.

Move over, Russia. And hold our beer.

But regarding my infected-human-body-to-infected-USA-society analogy, what would be an effective inoculation to the Marxist Socialism that has proven its ability to infect America?

The SCOTUS Vaccination!

Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court of the United States. Image courtesy United States White House.

ACTION: Saturday, September 26, 2020 when Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, an appointment was made by President Trump for our country to get an important vaccination shot. Judge Barrett is set to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s position on the highest court of the land.

This is the day Trump triumphantly took a fatal blow against Viral Central, otherwise known as the liberal-activist-leaning Supreme Court of the United States. Bye-bye liberal activism! Hello, constitutional originalism!

It’s a powerful vaccination that protects our country and its heart (that beautiful Constitution) with originalist judges who (as a majority) can protect the intent of the Constitution and its application to the proceeding laws of our land. Legislating is not supposed to be a high court activity – that’s supposed to be done in Congress!

They say this “vaccination” – this originalist-majority SCOTUS – will last for about 40 years. Depending on whether Trump can secure a second term, I might be willing to buy that. But certainly, his successful re-election might lead to the retirement and replacement of other originalist judges, which will increase my confidence in the endurance of this “vaccine”, and perhaps even extend the longevity of this vaccine’s efficacy even further than 40 years. I will be happy to take a booster shot of originalist judges every chance we get!

NOTE: Just as this article is to be published, this Rose Garden SCOTUS nomination event, where no one was allowed entrance without first submitting to a COVID-19 test, is now being scrutinized as the super-spreader event that caused a large number of attendees to catch the Wuhan Virus. I find that remarkable. I am sure there are many investigating how this is possible. I will note that, however it came to be, this occasion which infected both the President and many other attendants with the biological virus was the inflection point for overcoming the ideologically virulent Socialist Marxism. Many powerful members of the swamp of Washington DC dread this.

Natural Fortifications and Infection Prevention

Natural fortifications and infection prevention
Natural fortifications and infection prevention against bad ideologies and doctrine require that you read good information: good literature and honest history. Image courtesy Katherine Parker

Now let’s look at those things that should be helping our country remain resistant to disease in the first place. There are several areas where our immune system is no longer as strong as it should be.

As a result, we were left vulnerable to infection, and our immunity continues to become weaker because we have not been taking care of ourselves. Let’s look as some of those fortification opportunities:

Vitamin H and Vitamin L Deficiencies

These micronutrients, Vitamins H and L, may be unfamiliar to you for the past few decades.

They are supplements that continue to be manufactured, but unfortunately the “typical dispensaries” have stopped stocking them:

  • Vitamin H is History.
  • Vitamin L is Literature.

The “typical dispensaries” were our lower and upper education systems. Clearly, they have preferred to peddle the sugar-filled gummy placebos rather than the actual supplements. They have been refusing to dispense the quality supplements for a long while now.

I recently conferred with someone who graduated in 2006. “How it is possible that we are now living in Orwell’s 1984 since we had all been forced to read the book in high school?” I lamented.

The ’06 graduate responded back to me that it was not until recently that she had even heard of the book.

I think it is safe to suspect she, and everyone else in her generation, were never taught about the true history of the rise of Communism in Russia, the devastation is caused to all the people living under it, or the genocide that it produced that outstripped by far what Hitler was able to accomplish, and sure as hell outstrips what any biological virus can do. All of that devastating, deadly history of totalitarian socialism was the inspiration of Orwell’s cautionary tale. So I suspect that if the public education system and universities were going to stop teaching about the one (the cautionary fiction), the they are probably not going to teach about the other (the historical horror story).

Click to read my article about Tribalism Part Two
Click to read my article about how Tribalism in this country was developed by Communism advocates and educators.

Why teachers and education administrators have become increasingly opposed to teaching real history and useful literature is a topic I explored in To Tell the Truth About Tribalism, Part 2. I encourage you to trace its movement. It emerged in this country with European communist disciples, and now we see its spread and aggressive attacks through the present-day efforts to compromise our country’s Constitution-immunities. They are recognized by the known markers of the viral strain as they try to take over, in Brownshirt/Bolshevik fashion, the streets of our cities. It is important for everyone to know what they are seeing as they watch the bullying and the violence play out on the streets, and understand its direct tie to the philosophies that produced East Berlin, The Gulag Achipelago, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, families eating their pets in Venezuela. People risking shark attacks swimming from Cuba to America. Marxist socialism oppresses, starves, threatens, promotes paranoia, abducts, subdues, kills. In its quest for Utopia, is brings about the darkest circle of Hell.

Socialist Student
Socialism – where somebody else pays for your life – is attractive to students who were lured into taking on massive debt in order to afford college. Couple this with professors who teach socialism as a solution, and you get… Photo courtesy of Gen Z Conservative.

Yet the idea of Marxist Socialism remains very attractive. The concept of Utopia is an alluring one. The prospect of socially engineering a future Utopia is a virulent idea, and especially susceptible to spread through education systems and infect the minds of the young, inexperienced, and impressionable.

Which is why Marxist socialists take over what is taught. Because, if you knew all the dreadful realities, you might begin to contemplate that these horrors, that if Marxist Socialism is implemented, the deadly consequences of it could come to the United States of America, too.

Certain people may not want you to consider that. They want you to think of the happy Utopia idea and instead paint a free market society as bad and oppressive.

It is critical to understand that History and Literature go hand-in-hand. It used to be called Humanities, and those of us familiar with the Classical Education model will recognize this without any problem. The Classical Education model used to be the standard for children’s education, possibly better recognized as the Trivium or Quadrivium. Most people don’t know about this anymore because the public education system kept monkeying with the rubrics of education over the past 100 years, to achieve all sorts of goals they felt were more essential, like teaching to standardized tests to try to force better scoring against other schools.

See how well that worked?

How to Improve your Vitamin H and Vitamin L Levels

ACTION: Read. Study. You need to do the work of learning to improve these levels. Read the classics. Read them alongside the history in which they were written. Knowing how we got here cannot happen unless we know what happened before we got here.

Study civics.

It is amazing how many people are convinced that fascism is a conservative mindset, and not understand that it is just a variation on socialist totalitarianism. Clearly, conservatives want a decentralized government set by a rule of law that applies to everybody (a Constitution), which is the the antithesis to a totalitarian expression of government. But it will take a generation of re-programming people with truth and facts about this fundamental tidbit of truth to get many to recognize the glaring misunderstanding of where various forms of government fall on the spectrum between totalitarianism (on one side of the spectrum) to anarchy (on the other).

I also recommend reading the works represented in the Great Books of the Western World series. It provides a comprehensive list of works that will thoroughly educate on matters of history, philosophy, civics, and literature. Image courtesy Britannica Dot Com.

The real trick is that you make sure you are reading from authors who have an honest, or at least authentic, perspective. Read from revered authors who have withstood the test of time and you can’t go wrong.

One resource that I can recommend is Hillsdale College. Hillsdale is a university in Michigan that has committed to remaining faithful to the standards of education that have guided our development of the best of humanity into the 20th Century. They have created an abundance of online courses for people who want to be better educated in history, civics, and literature. There is even a great guide to children’s literature if you are a parent seeking to expose your children to the kind of works that will help form them into wonderful, thoughtful adults.

Avoid Toxins, and Detoxify

Along with deficiencies, we must consider whether we have allowed ourselves to ingest toxins. The non-nutrition the education centers have been distributing are full of crap, but that is not the only source guilty of spoon feeding us substances that destroy our sociological health.

ACTION: Take care to remove, or at least limit, the following from your home:

  • TV shows/YouTube/Music that normalize bad behaviors and language. Find entertainment that is clean and fun… and educational.
  • Violent video games that teach wanton murder, theft, etc.
  • Remove from your lives the Marxist Socialism viral comorbidities: social justice, tribalism, identity politics, and an entitlement mindset.
Family Game Night
Family Game night is good for mind, body, and spirit: One good way to have a healthy and wisdom-filled life is to have quality time and strong relationships in your life. Game Night is just one way to foster that kind of healthy interaction. Image courtesy CBC Canada.

ACTION: Add these into your lives instead

  • Find wholesome entertainment. Family game night is so darned healthy!
  • Instead of violent video games, take yourself and your offspring to the gun range to learn responsible and safe firearm use. Get your kids addicted to Kahn Academy or Curiosity Stream. Or painting, or building go-carts, or learning and instrument. Get them involved in interests that help foster in them productive activities.
  • Volunteer! Part of the reason why so many people have this idea that the government is supposed to take care of the unfortunate is because people do not get out of their house and lend a helping hand themselves. It is not “somebody else’s problem.” And if you volunteer, you will probably become aware that government cannot give real care. At best, they just send a small check. Only people can care for people.

The Final and Most Important Action

How To MAHA - Make America Healthy Again
Image courtesy Katherine Parker

And, of course, this list of ways to Make America Healthy Again will not be complete without discussion about this. In order to keep our body (of government) strong and able to resist infection is…

(Your Right to Vote!)

ACTION: To keep this country strong, you must exercise your right to vote! And make sure the people you are voting for actually care to preserve the Constitution, whatever other agenda they represent.

There you have it: the means by which America will recover from the Marxist Socialism disease, with a few suggestions about things each of us can do to get our nation healthy again.

Coming up in How to Make America Healthy Again, Part 3

I have one more proposition to make, and that is this: Our Founding Fathers gave us a nation that will last. It was built to withstand these attacks of competing social ideologies, and we can be encouraged that we will prevail. So join me in my next installment when I will defend my position that the Left never really stood a chance to begin with. See you then!

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Katherine Parker

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