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Updated October 16, 2020:

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2020-10-15 Brian Stelter throws C-SPAN under the bus
Image courtesy Twitter

On October 15, 2020 while researching and working on new articles, CNN Fake News reporter Brian Stelter threw C-SPAN under the bus with this reprehensible statement regarding Steve Scully “A true WTF, what-was-he-thinking moment… causing real damage to the national news media’s reputation”.

Stelter, who has rarely, if ever, reported anything honest in all his years at CNN, took the swipe at C-SPAN, one of the few honest political news networks remaining on the air, to cover up the fact that his own network is one of the primary reasons the vast majority of citizens no longer trust the Main Stream Media. Tragically, CNN and their ilk rarely, if ever admit their mistakes after broadcasting packs of lies day after day, 24/7/365 about myriad subjects.

Howard Kurtz on Twitter
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Stelter’s reaction is no surprise coming from a person who has destroyed CNN’s reputation time and again, not to mention ruining the program “Reliable Sources” that Howard Kurtz made famous before Mr Kurtz had enough, deciding to join an honest network.

Now as to the subject of C-SPAN, and Steve Scully who has a thirty year reputation as a straight honest reporter of political news, we here at Rockwater Reports are stunned by the fact that Mr. Scully lied regarding a tweet from another troublemaker, Anthony Scaramucci known affectionately as the “Mooch”.

Stephanie Myers on Twitter
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Our revelation came at 12:30 pm Pacific time, approximately five minutes after the Associated Press (AP) story broke. A trusted associate, Lissa Merriman alerted me that Stephanie Myers of OANN tweeted that Mr. Scully admitted his mistake to the management at C-SPAN.
The AP story was the original report about the admission yesterday. Many did not even tweet the news initially and less than five people on the C-SPAN Washington Journal timeline were even aware of the revelation.

Previously we published our original editorial on Saturday October 10, 2020 at 8:53 pm at a time when few political news sites were even talking about the tweet from Mr. Scully. We admit that our theory, although based on logic and experience in the computing device arena, was incorrect.

Brian Stelter and Steve Scully
2020-10-15 Brian Stelter throws C-SPAN under the bus. Image courtesy Twitter

By 12:40 pm yesterday, fewer than ten news sites had reported. Most posted “shell articles” with a single sentence or two that appeared to have been copied from the text reported by Ms. Myers at OANN. We began writing this article, but prudently waited for actual evidence to be released before publishing an updated article when we discovered Mr. Stelter’s vile tweet about Mr. Scully.

This evidence became manifest shortly thereafter when the C-SPAN Network released a letter regarding an indefinite suspension of Mr. Scully as a result of his admission to them that he had not been telling the truth regarding the Mooch tweet which said “He understands that he made a serious mistake,” the network said. “We were very saddened by this news and do not condone his actions.” (full C-SPAN letter included below)

Full Circle:

Many news articles and tweets were subsequently forthcoming, some from people like Mr Stelter making excuses for his own lies, while others expressing hatred for Mr. Scully which I find to be disconcerting at best. Some even stated that Mr. Scully should be fired after a investing thirty years in his career at C-SPAN. We disagree.

Pedro Echevarria on Twitter

In closing this update, this Editor believes that all people make mistakes in their lives. This includes fibbing and even telling a lie to cover an error in judgement. Finally, Mr. Scully has apologized for his error. This morning Pedro Echevarria on Washington Journal opened the program with a brief review of the situation admitting publicly that Mr. Scully apologized for his mistake.

Can we say the same for the vile Mr. Stelter and Jim Acosta at CNN Fake News, or for that matter, most of the other Main Stream Media who have told tens of thousands of lies, day after day, week after week, year after year?

You decide.

I for one look forward to the return of Steve Scully at C-SPAN!

2020-10-15 C-SPAN Letter
2020-10-15 C-SPAN Letter.

Original Article:

Click to visit and follow Steve Scully on Twitter
Images courtesy Steve Scully & C-SPAN on Twitter

Welcome back to Rockwater Reports, your trusted home for Real News!

By now anyone not living under a rock has seen on television and or heard on radio news, specifically read on Twitter, about a tweet in the past few days, that veteran C-SPAN host, Steve Scully’s Twitter account was hacked.

On Friday October 09, 2020 at 9:08 AM, C-SPAN posted a tweet that Mr Scully, Political Editor, Senior Executive Producer, Host of Washington Journal and many other C-SPAN programs, experienced his Twitter account being hacked in a now infamous exchange between Steve Scully and Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director.

2020-10-09 C-SPAN statement on Steve Scully being hacked
Image courtesy C-SPAN on Twitter

C-SPAN believes Mr. Scully’s Twitter account was hacked pursuant to the network announcing the same in their statement Friday. According to C-SPAN, Mr Scully “did not originate the tweet” sent to Anthony Scaramucci. C-SPAN added that the Commission on Presidential Debates was investigating the incident “with the help of authorities” yet to be identified.

Rockwater Reports believes C-SPAN when it says Steve Scully was hacked for nefarious purposes. C-SPAN has been a fixture of American Politics in my household and tens of millions or others as well since it was founded in 1979. This Editor believes that Steve Scully was hacked by Miscreants to deliberately create a “Tweet Storm” prior to the second (and now cancelled) Presidential Debate.

2020-10-10 FBI investigating hack of Steve Scully Twitter account
Image courtesy Fox News on Twitter

In the postmortem of the tweet sent from Mr. Scully’s account to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, some have raised questions of impartiality by Mr. Scully. Others, primarily Twitter users and some news sources immediately attacked Mr. Scully without facts. This includes several hosts at Fox News that jumped to a conclusion not related to the facts.

Although Steve Scully himself has not yet made any comments about the incident as of this report, Fox News corrected the record today reporting that the FBI is investing the hack of Steve Scully.

However, with some 40 years of experience in Unix Linux based servers, the underlying operating foundation of most Internet operating systems, it is clear to me that Mr. Scully’s account was indeed hacked for reasons as are discussed below.

C-SPAN , Steve Scully and Washington Journal Viewers:

Click to visit and follow C-SPAN on Twitter
Image courtesy C-SPAN on Twitter

As mentioned above, and for anyone who is interested, I have watched or listened to the C-SPAN networks as the primary source of political news almost every day since 1979. The live coverage of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, including hearings with gavel to gavel events is the finest in the world bar none.

Critically, C-SPAN helps citizens keep an eye on the corrupt Labor Fakers in Congress who needlessly squander trillions of taxpayer’s dollars on endless sewage pit of Waste Fraud and Abuse Pork Spending. All this is accomplished without the constant interruptions by talking heads of the Main Stream Media who spin the Fake News every day, 24/7/365!

2020-10-04 Example of Democrats blaming Steve Scully
Image of viewer blaming Steve Scully courtesy of Twitter

On the subject of the daily Washington Journal (WJAM) call-in program, it never ceases to amaze Rockwater Reports that when Conservative guests are featured, the Democrat Leftist tweeters are constantly complaining that C-SPAN in general, and Steve Scully in specific is a tool of the GOP! Conversely, when a Democrat guest is featured, the Conservative tweeters are constantly complaining that C-SPAN is a tool of the DNC! It’s unbelievable because Washington Journal is the victim no matter what they do to address the viewers.

Rockwater Reports Managing Editor often takes a different approach thanking all WJAM guests and has posed questions to the hosts that have been read on air since we opened our account in early 2009. Prior to social media dominance, many live calls were also made, always following the C-SPAN thirty day rule.

The facts are simple: Washington Journal features guests from all sides of political perspectives and regularly reads social media comments from Facebook and Twitter as well as text messages from viewers in addition to engaging callers, again from all opinion perspectives.

Is there room for improvement? Yes. Ever since the failed administration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, C-SPAN Washington Journal has been clearly reluctant to discuss some leading news stories in a robust forthright manner. One such example is the illegal Obama Gate scandal.

Is It Possible To Ever Know For Certain That It Was a Hack?

2020-07-15 Twitter hacked in bitcoin scam
Click to learn about Twitter being hacked. Image courtesy Twitter

Yes. The Twitter server logs can easilyidentify the device(s) that people use to tweet with. Additionally, the server logs can identify the location (if enabled), the routing addresses, and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of any tweet this is posted on their platform.

If either or any of these items are different than the normal device, location and or IP address, Twitter can confirm if, when and where the suspect tweet came from anywhere in the world to identify an account was hacked as Twitter has previously revealed.

2020-10-09 Proof of Hack
Image courtesy Twitter

Moreover, Twitter would not have initiated a restoration of Mr. Scully’s account from backup without first confirming that he did not originate the suspect tweet as they have in the past. The real question is whether Twitter will reveal this information to it’s users as they have done in the past for other high profile accounts that have been victimized by hackers as was Mr. Scully.

Closer examination of the situation reveals that Twitter themselves locked down Mr. Scully’s account and restored it from backup late Friday. This was evidenced by the now well known Twitter tactic of displaying zero followers, zero following profile for Mr. Scully while they restored his account. The account restoration was successfully completed Friday night.

On the specifics of knowing that it was a hack, this is based on my professional experience which spans forty five years dealing with servers since earlier days of computer server systems in the late 1970’s.

What I can share is that Mr. Scully is a consummate professional based in Washington DC who I have admired since he joined the C-SPAN family of networks in 1990. Setting my admiration aside, one must approach this situation logically; Would he, or any other dedicated professional ever deliberately jeopardize their career by openly tweeting such hyperbolic nonsense to Mr. Scaramucci?

This is highly unlikely since Mr. Scully has direct access to Mr. Scaramucci through professional channels since Mr. Scaramucci has appeared on previous episodes of Washington Journal. The question one must asked is why open tweet something that would stir up a hornet’s nest? It simply makes no sense.


2020-10-08 Anthony Scaramuci Response to Steve Scully
Image courtesy of Twitter

Steve Scully has been a victim of being hacked on Twitter for the third time since he opened his account, but even that does not tell the entire story as is outlined above.

Mr. Scaramucci on the other hand has used the incident to whip up a type of Yellow Journalism frenzy for his appearances on sources such as at Fake News CNN and other places where he appears regularly since he was discharged by the White House for unprofessional conduct including profanity laced rants.

Click to visit and follow President Ronald Trump on Twitter!
Visit and follow President Donald Trump on Twitter!

Lastly, President Donald Trump, who Rockwater Reports believes is the finest President since Ronald Reagan, and who we support, has issued a tweet that refers to Mr. Scully as an advocate for former Vice President Joe Biden because he interned with him many years ago. Rockwater Reports respectfully disagree with President Trump on this specific tweet. Why?

This is like criticizing me because I worked with Senate and House Democrats and Republicans to secure taxpayer paid funding for wildfire prevention when I was a Fire Chief in the early 21st Century, or when I testified to Congress in the 1980’s regarding corruption discovered at United States naval installations.

In closing for now, I was sincerely looking forward to Steve Scully moderating the second Presidential Debate in 2020 because I believed that he would be tough but fair on both candidates and because he is the most qualified of all the Election 2020 Moderators. Now that the Presidential Debate Commission has changed the rules at the last moment effectively abrogating their charter, we will never know, will we?

Rockwater Reports LogoIn the meantime, as Reopen America continues to become reality by honest hardworking Citizens before Election 2020, feel free to share this article with your friends, co-workers and or family.

We thank you for visiting and express our sincere gratitude for doing so!

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