How to Make America Healthy Again, Part 3!

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Make America Healthy Again
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In Part 1 I attempted to define, by method of analogy, what makes America alive and healthy and the strongest nation in the world. I defined the strength of our nation by its heart: The United States Constitution.

In Part 2 I attempted to explain what has been attacking the life and health of our country: that the slow and steady spread of Marxist Socialism ideologies is to blame. I likened it to a viral infection, pervading through several institutions of our country with its destructive ideas. Additionally, I pointed out resources we have at our disposal to combat this social disease so that we can both recover from it and protect ourselves from future infection.

And now I hope to provide my readers with a healthy shot of encouragement: not only can we beat this viral spread of Marxist Socialism, but it never had a chance to take us down in the first place.

A Resilient Republic:

I closed my last segment with this bold notion:

Our Founding Fathers gave us a nation that will last. It was built to withstand these attacks of competing social ideologies, and we can be encouraged that we are destined to prevail with all of our freedoms intact.

In this final essay on the subject, my objective is to demonstrate that no tyranny born of a destructive ideology, like Marxist Socialism, will be able to overcome us.

Liliana Moreno sees President Trump as socialism prevention
Actress Liliana Morillo regards President Trump as the barrier to socialism in America. Image courtesy of BBC News Mundo, Miami

That is a bold statement because it is contrary to what many conservative politicians, pundits, and educators preach. They faithfully sound the alarm, continuously, that this Constitutional Republic is a fragile thing. We are always only one election away from potentially becoming Venezuela. I do not deny there is a large measure of truth in this. One of our strengths, indeed, is humbly recognizing that what we possess here in America is a precious thing that needs to be protected. But I submit that what our Founding Fathers have established gives We the People an insurmountable advantage over the prospect of ever seeing the fate of Venezuela here in America.

I also promised to back up this assertion:

The COVID-19 virus that was sent here by Communist China (a Marxist Socialist country), as disastrous as it has been to the life and health and financial circumstances of so many Americans, actually brings with it the cure to our current Marxist Socialist infection. The catastrophic event of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to act as a treatment – a therapeutic, if you will –  to heal our nation from the socialist stupor we have been suffering for decades.

“Like A Really Bad Flu” for Our Country:

Press Elitists
President Trump grants interview to fractious and combative reporter Leslie Stahl. Photo courtesy Inside Edition.

How have we been suffering? I am sure everyone can identify with at least one of the following symptoms:

  1. Corruption of the Political Leadership.
  2. Favoritism for Big Corporations.
  3. The Perverse Autocracy of law enforcement, elected and un-elected bureaucrats, at state and local levels as well as at the federal level.
  4. And, of course, we have all had a bellyful of observing Press Elitists working in orchestration with (usually liberal/socialist) political powers to promote their favorite candidates. The press plays kingmaker, and news coverage operates more like a free marketing service for their darlings. They will punish political enemies with sustained character assassinations.

Oh, and…

Hollywood stars and sports celebrities, the obnoxious, fawning groupies for all of the above.

These Four Giants of Government Privilege and Power, and their celebrity groupies, are constantly refining their operations as they continue to manipulate American citizens to increase, maintain, and protect that privilege and power. They coordinate with each other to do this. They overwhelm us with bad ideologies. They drone on with their talking points that are weirdly and consistently scripted. They constrain us with production-stifling , and often absurd, environmental and social restrictions. With the help of both the CIA and Hollywood, they hypnotize us with propaganda woven through both news and entertainment. They teach revisionist history information in our lower and upper education systems. They pass policies protecting monopolies which ultimately limit consumer choice and our access to information, such as Google’s search engine black listing.

Our Country’s Real-Life Drama in Literary Form:

There is plenty of literary imagery that help us to visualize the Marxist Socialist tyranny, with their surrogates and minions, threatening America. Much like in Lord of the Rings, where the tyrannical Sauron is happy to have compliant Orcs that do his bidding. Orcs (which were once Elves, by the way, similar to how congressmen were once not corrupt for their first ten minutes in office, but then became bent and ugly with political ambition) are hungry for their own little piece of power. To achieve more power, our US Representatives are willing to be mobilized to go out and destroy the free world of men. They subjugate their constituents with the bromide of false promises, aimed at making voters vulnerable to the will of their masters: their political party lords, their lobbyists, and their mega donors. In the distorted worldview of the US Congressmen, they hope this will lead to higher recognition in the tyrannical realm they serve. And, result in a fatter wallet.

Hunger Games
Our DC Beltway is a real life representation of The Capitol’s City Circle. Hunger Games City Circle concept courtesy of Color Force Production Company and Lionsgate Distribution.

Or, if Hunger Games is your thing, then you might regard all the Marxist Socialists infesting our Beltway – the bureaucrats, politicians, and the fatuously grinning Mainstream Media faces that promote their agenda (à la Caesar Flicker… or was that Savannah Guthrie?) – are the elitists occupying the City Circle of the happy Capitol. They expect you to be contentedly miserable in your District while they make you produce whatever you are told to produce for the benefit of their luxurious quality of life.

But there is a reason why the Hunger Games’ Capitol falls, and why Middle Earth’s Mordor falls. It is because evil, self-serving empires eventually fall. They eventually collapse in upon themselves. A significant uprising always comes along to bring about its end.

The Cautionary Tale: Orwellian America:

When it comes to literary examples, however, I must account for 1984. I have alluded to Orwell’s dystopian story several times over the course of my “To Tell the Truth About…” series, and we cannot so easily declare that (in theory) the evil and tyrannical regime Ingsoc of Oceania falls. This tale ends with the protagonist Winston being successfully re-programmed to deny his true and natural will in order to be submissive to the will of the Party, as is demonstrated by the fact that he no longer loves the free-thinking Julia and loves only the Party and Big Brother instead.

1984 demonstrates that to understand our ability to resist tyranny we must consider our ability to resist an overthrow of our freedom of thought. And, how possible it might be to transform freedom-loving people into mind-overthrown drones for the state.

1984 also forces us to ask: Is it possible that (given the modern example of Venezuela) any social experiment that affords citizens freedom and prosperity through republican rule (that is, ruled by a system of laws rather than potentates, where citizens are free to live their lives and pursue their dreams unfettered) can and will be snuffed out by the next despot that comes along? And, isn’t it inevitable that a despot will eventually come along to ruin a free society?

George Orwell The Principles of NewSpeak
George Orwell © ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images

George Orwell himself posited in 1984‘s appendix entitled The Principles of NewSpeak, that NewSpeak (which is the language innovation of Ingsoc that is intended to erase knowledge of history in order to control acceptable memory and thought) would take generations to evolve. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth, a part of the machine that perpetually re-writes all history and literature. There, the job is to edit written works by removing certain words from use and in their place insert the words of this new language, which modifies and limits the acceptable scope of ideas defined by each word. This is done in a manner that follows the perpetually adjusting party line, with the objective of erasing the true understanding of the past. Eventually, over the course of time, Ingsoc hopes by this method it will achieve its end of mind control over the people.

This is Orwell’s take on Hive Brain Hell, which I discussed at length in How to Make America Healthy Again, Part 2.

Orwell imagines that controlling the allowed relationships between words and their meaning is key to editing out certain notions of freedom and prosperity from the human conscience. We must consider also that Orwell’s antagonist Big Brother is a sort of visual, person-like representation of the tyrannical essence – a malevolence behind a manufactured, friendly image with a euphemistic name. Big Brother’s purpose is to enforce compliance. Ingsoc is actually still in the early stages of word/literature transitioning at the time that Winston’s story unfolds. Ingsoc has only been at it for 14 years when we find Winston working at the Ministry of Truth in the year 1984. The Party projects that complete NewSpeak takeover will not be reached until the year 2050. So Ingsoc is still very much in its own process of “becoming.” Big Brother’s job is to protect the Party’s control over the people during this time, using intimidation while wearing a veil of benevolence. And the population, of which Winston is just one member, is likewise early in the process of “becoming” the mindless automatons that the Party means to oppress indefinitely.

I have already made the case that the Marxist Socialists have been busy about mind takeover through their operations at our universities for nearly 100 years. In my article To Tell the Truth About Tribalism, Part 2 I referenced Allan Bloom’s work The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students. Bloom’s book was written in 1987. That was 33 year ago, more than twice the time Orwell imagines it to take the fictitious Ingsoc to force Winston to lose his mind to Big Brother. So are we actually further along than Winston in our own Orwellian story?

When the Dormant Tyranny Awakes

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Enemy of the Heir... Beware!
Image courtesy of Warner Brothers © 2002 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights/J.K.R

So Ingsoc in 1984 and Marxist Socialism in America 2020 are both something like Voldemort in Book 2 of Harry Potter – not yet fully formed but full of mystery and capable of working out an evil purpose through surrogates. Or, for that matter, like Sauron in Lord of the Rings, where Sauron is dependent upon pawns like the wizard Saruman, who sells out his integrity for what he perceives is the greater power that’s coming. Never the less, this perceived great power of Marxist Socialism is, in reality, something that is struggling to completely come “into its own” from a dormant-like state. Both Voldemort and Sauron are utterly dependent on surrogates to bring them back to full flesh and power. This is still the state in which we find Marxist Socialism here in America. It is still dependent on surrogates to operate.

If this tyranny ever develops to its full form in America, I once mused it would look a lot like Hillary Clinton. But perhaps it will look more like a Big Brother: a sort of composite of all the personalities at the top of the Party pecking order. Whatever it looks like, I cannot think of a scenario where a tyranny would stand for very long in America.

There is no real opportunity in 1984’s time frame to contemplate the eventual consequences of Ingsoc’s radical and sweeping overthrow of human knowledge and wisdom through its systematic destruction of language and history. But I think it is reasonable to imagine that this fictional government will, in time, have to be run by people who are products of the generationally-enforced ignorance campaigns. Dumbed-down autocrats cannot maintain control forever. The relevant example that just pranced across my mind is … Nancy Pelosi. Although, I guess no one is dumber than Sheila Jackson Lee. Rulers with limited comprehension skills will eventually be overthrown because they are dependent on someone clever enough to prop them up. In time, these two Congressional embarrassments will be tossed and forgotten. They have no inherent value except to self-serve, so their relevance will eventually disappear.

Soviet Union
In 1949 the Soviet Union used freight trains to deport “enemy of the people” Lithuanians as part of Operation Priboi. Photo courtesy of Albert Jankowski, for use in the Public Domain.

Orwell himself does not overtly say what he imagines will happen to Ingsoc, but in his appendix he presumes this difficulty: that original ideas of independence and liberty will survive here and there, by way of an unaccounted copy of the Declaration of Independence, or a copy of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, books and papers that had gotten lost for years in the back of a closet somewhere and managed to endure through the years to be re-discovered later. Besides that, people will be born with natural free-thinking inclinations.

Of course, if Ingsoc has its way for long, the words of the new language will be stripped of any meaning that conveys thoughts of liberty. The tools of communicating certain ideas of freedom and independence would be lost to both. People would no longer have the capacity to understand any surviving literature written in the pre-NewSpeak language. The free thinker would no longer have a vocabulary able to help the free thinker articulate free thoughts.

There are some who do believe that Orwell is hinting that Ingsoc cannot succeed. I disagree: I do not think Orwell is denying the possibility that complete tyranny can be achieved and maintained. He wrote the book (first published in 1949) because he witnessed Stalin and Hitler take over Europe, and that some in England were attracted to the very socialist ideologies that caused Russia and Germany to succumb to them. Orwell died from illness just months after 1984 was published. At the time of his death Communist Russia was not only surviving but flourishing, gobbling up the Eastern Bloc countries and mobilizing to spread across Asia with Communist rule. He wrote this tale to warn us. But I am also sure that, in the words of Erich Fromm who wrote 1984’s Afterword,

The mood of hopelessness about the future of man is in marked contrast to one of the most fundamental features of Western thought: the faith in human progress and in man’s capacity to create a world of justice and peace. This hope has its roots both in Greek and Roman thinking, as well as in the Messianic concept of the Old Testament Prophets. The Old Testament philosophy of history assumes that man grows and unfolds in history and eventually becomes what he potentially is. It assumes that he develops his powers of reason to love fully, and thus is enabled to grasp the world, being one with his fellow man and nature, at the same time preserving his individuality and his integrity. Universal peace and justice are the goals of man.

In other words, mankind may lose the word for Freedom, but mankind will never lose the need for it. Furthermore, lost words will be re-coined if they are needed to express meaningful things.

A solution to the problem of tyranny is what mankind has been progressively at work solving for over 5000 years. As Fromm points out here, freedom will never stop being the yearning of the human soul. It is evident in the formation of the Republic of Rome, Constantine’s re-imagination of an empire with God’s Law at the helm (which I discussed at length in To Tell the Truth About Winning). Later in Medieval England it resurfaces again against evil King John as the barons forced him to sign the Magna Charta. In 1517 Martin Luther puts the Roman Catholic Church on notice of its alleged abuses regarding the 95 Theses nailed to the Wittenburg church door. Which, incidentally, marked the first case of a personal rant going viral, thanks to the Guttenberg press.

As I discussed in To Tell the Truth About Tribalism, Part 2, Marxist Socialist Utopia does not, and never will, exist. Tyranny can only ever be a temporary circumstance and cannot hold forever. Populations will always overcome the sickness of tyranny eventually, and the reason why they will overcome it is because it is in the fabric of the human spirit to do so.

Furthermore, because of our particular American spirit, tyrannies that attempt to take over America are especially doomed to fail.

The Mighty Human Spirit:

Whether tyranny can overcome a people indefinitely is actually a spiritual question with a spiritual answer. If people suffer under oppression, every day is a new choice to decide whether they will remain under oppression or whether they will assert their will to be free. Yet the courage that is needed to rise up comes from some place, and people who need to mend a broken spirit will need a spiritual healing.

What do I mean by ‘spiritual healing’? When one invokes the word ‘soul’ or ‘spirit,’ many envision a ghost or something abstract that cannot really be quantified or understood. So to be clear, I don’t mean ‘spiritual healing’ in the sense of these emotion-fomenting, forehead-slapping faux ministers who scream, “You are healed!” and then a burden is suddenly lifted, as if by magic.

Soul to Catch Up with the Body
Group of resting San Bushmen in Botswana – Photo by Mario Micklisch

I am talking about true, bona fide spiritual healing of the soul – the soul of both individuals and the collective soul of the nation as a whole.

As the African saying suggests, when a people rush too fast, they must pause to wait for the “soul to catch up with the body.” The world has been moving too fast for too long and, I submit, that many people here in America have become disconnected from their soul. A world moving progressively faster since the 1950’s, due to accelerating technology, may be at fault; it may account for how this Marxist Socialism ideology has had opportunity to root itself into our culture in the latter half of the 20th century and now well into the 21st Century. It is time to take an assessment of where we are. And, more importantly, who we are. As individual Americans. As America as a whole.

To define what it means to heal our nation soulfully and spiritually, I will utilize a measurable gauge of the language and concepts we commonly use. So to get started, let’s discover how we utilize the term ‘spirit’. It takes us back to our Constitution.

The Spirit and the Letter of the Law

In Constitutional Law circles, “Spirit of the Law vs. Letter of the Law” is the struggle between literal reading of the words of our Constitution and the intent of the Framers who originally wrote it.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

However, the debate between Spirit and Letter is not confined to Constitutional Law circles. It is also a big deal in theological circles. New Testament scriptures challenge Christians to reconcile that, while Jesus declared he “did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it” (Matt 5:17), even so we are to be aware that the strict law is lethal without the ‘spirit’ (2 Cor 3:7-8). In other words, the law of the church and the law of the land can both be weaponized against the people they are intended to serve if the words of the law are stripped of their spirit, their true meaning.

As Orwell’s dystopia involves a government that works to strip meaning from words by forcing a re-write of the language, the Originalist Constitutional Lawyer and the faithful theologian alike are instead pursuing to discover and understand the fullness of truth and meaning behind the authors they study and the words they used. In fact, at both extremes (Orwellian extreme where the meanings of words are stolen, and the Originalist extreme where words are perpetually contemplated to capture their ultimate understanding), you find the essence of what religion is.

In fact, at both extremes, and everywhere in between, is religion. Religion is the practice of establishing the meaning in everything. The reason why Communist Russia banned the Russian Orthodox Church, and killed and purged the Russian Jews, was because Communism cannot compete with other religions. The Party alone gets to define the meaning of what it is to be a human. The Party alone can determine the individual’s needs and worth. The Jewish faith and the Christian church’s explanations of human worth stood in stark contrast to the definition of humanity by Communist standards, so it could not be tolerated. And today there is no end of examples of Christians and Orthodox Jews in America being persecuted right now, marginalized because their religious platforms compete with progressive policies and population control. This is an important observation for the thoughts I will be developing next. Because while it may seem that religion is potentially the problem, it turns out to be the solution. And, indeed, it is the secret sauce of the American solution.

Now let’s look at why I say that our Constitution makes our country particularly resistant to overthrow. It is because the ‘spirit’ of the words of our Constitution is not only contained in the words on the parchment. The ‘spirit’ of the principles described in the Constitution dwells…in us. It turns out that the stuff that makes our country, through our Constitution, so amazingly resilient is a collection of expressions born out of one incredible and innovative concept: Freedom of Religion.

Our US Constitution is Tougher Than Iron:


The Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS hearings was a brilliant display of what makes America so strong. In the October 12th opening statements, Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska gave an impressive civics lesson that provided a basic understanding of the purpose of our three branches of government. Particularly, he explained why the Judicial Branch was not intended to be political. Congress does the legislating and policy-making, and the Justices merely apply the Constitution to cases where policies may have gone awry from Constitutionally-protected freedoms. They decide only whether the policy aligns with the Constitution or whether it is unconstitutional. This, Sasse explains, is why judges can have lifetime appointments and why they do not need to be elected positions. But voters certainly need the option of throwing out bad policy makers, which is why every two years we get to re-decide on every single one of our Representatives in the House, and every six years we can consider replacing our Senators.

After Senator Sasse came Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, who gave an additional lesson about Article 6 of the Constitution. He explained how it presumed Freedom of Religion long before the Bill of Rights was even added to the Constitution.


Many are not aware that the Constitution did not even include the Bill of Rights for over four years. It was added later. The Constitution presumed some of these rights, but it did not do so overtly. Consequently, citizens wanted a better spelled-out guarantee of their freedoms, and that is why the Bill of Rights came to be. Senator Hawley’s point in bringing it up, however, centered on just one of the five elements that is contained in First Amendment, and which is alluded to in Article 6: Freedom of Religion.

What Freedom of Religion Meant to the Founding Fathers:

I often hear people, especially on the political right, declare that America was founded to be a Christian nation. People who say this really need to better understand European history, which governed the Founders’ thinking about the whole point of Freedom of Religion. While the vast majority of Early Americans were indeed Protestant Christians who came to the New World to exercise their Protestantism (Puritans, Huguenots, Baptists, etc.), the Founding Fathers were much more concerned about preventing religious persecution of any kind, not merely protecting Christianity. This was because religious wars between various sects of Christianity were a big and bloody problem in Europe for centuries.

Roman Catholic/Huguenot Conflict St. Bartholomew Day Massacre
Dead Huguenots line the streets in One Morning at the gates of the Louvre, 19th-century painting by Édouard Debat-Ponsan.

Since the Middle Ages, Europe was embroiled in devastating fights between Roman Catholics and various branches of Protestantism – Anglicans, Calvinists, Lutherans all had their turn against the Roman Catholic Church. Various Protestant denominations would also fight against each other. Protestants and Catholics also took turns playing aggressor and victim. These conflicts were usually also tied up with kings, emperors, bishops and popes: vying for who would get to rule the people and what territories would be controlled at the end. One of the bloodiest occurred between France and England, called the Hunderd Years’ War, which claimed approximately 3 million lives in the 14th and 15th Centuries. The Huguenot Wars of the 16th Century claimed nearly 4 million lives. It was bloodier than the 100 Years’ War, and managed to kill that many people in only 36 years. 17th Century skirmishes like the English Civil War motivated a great many Englishmen to want to leave England.

The Founders were very concerned that the American governmental format would need to prevent any notion that leadership should be required to hold a religious affiliation of any particular kind. These many bloody wars and religious conflicts in Europe drove a great number of early Americans to start over in the New World in the first place, and all they wanted was a government that would allow them to live at peace with the free exercise of their faith – the meaning of who they are.

And people still come to America today so that they can live out the meaning of who they are through the free exercise of their faith. You can recognize this truth when you see the Buddha statue at your favorite Chinese restaurant and the Crucifix on the wall of your favorite Sicilian bistro. Religion defines a person’s meaning and it is expressed in every facet of a person’s life. So the objective of the Founders was to form a government that would make room for individuals to have that capability. And certainly, as was the point of Senator Hawley’s lecture, Article 6 of the Constitution explicitly states that a person’s faith cannot impede a person from serving in the administration of this country.

James Madison and the Bill of Rights
James Madison was the principle author of the Bill of Rights. Image Courtesy of GraphicaArtis/Getty Images

It was James Madison who drew up twelve rights to be adopted. President George Washington submitted them, and ten of them became the Bill of Rights and were ratified on December 15, 1791. It is my belief that the element of the Constitution that makes it so iron-clad is wrapped in the First Amendment, which contains five parts:

Congress shall make no law respecting

1. an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or

2. abridging the freedom of speech, or

3. of the press; or

4. the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and

5. to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

At the tippy-top of the first right that is at the tippy-top of the Bill of Rights is… The free exercise of religion.

In other words, those who choose to worship at the altar of atheism have Congressman James Madison from the 5th District of Virginia (an Anglican), President George Washington (also Anglican), and the 2nd United States Congress (mostly Christian of one denomination or another) to thank for it. Because our Founding Fathers recognized that people need to be free to live out the “dictates of their conscience,” as President Washington said, and give free allowance to let others do the same. This is central to the identity of the United States of America. It is our collective soul. It is the spirit of who we are. In the context of how we distinguish ourselves as a country on the global stage, it is America’s meaning. It is our essence. It is central to the dream of coming to America. De Tocqueville opined on it as he stated, “In America religion is the road to knowledge, and the observance of the divine laws leads man to civil freedom.” So have more recent scholars, like the American historian David McCullough, discussed at length how our concept of Freedom of Religion, and the confluence of diverse religious observances, has helped to strengthen our society instead of weaken it. It has reinforced our ability to have strength in our convictions…and be in full possession of our minds.

And here is the BIG, IMPORTANT POINT:

Diversity of Religion in the USA
Chart of religious and race differences in America released by the Pew Research Center, October 17, 2019

Because of our diversity of faiths, it is outrageously impossible to commandeer the population through forcing a socialist doctrine.

Why? Because we are a country that embraces a diversity of faiths.

Freedom of Religion is a dogma that lives loudly in each one of us.

Our faiths are so diverse, it is useless to use a singular ideology, like Marxist Socialism, as a method of population control. Orwellian word-play will not work on the devout Protestant who is a 5th generation American, nor on the Buddhist immigrant, nor on the political refugee from Venezuela, and certainly not on the 2nd generation Cuban whose father swam to Florida through shark-infested waters to escape Castro. Yet together we all buy in to one big idea: America is defined by the freedoms it grants us, that in this country we can possess our own minds, and not have to bow to a tyrannical government.

So population control through manipulating a new religion, like the attempts at popularizing the White Guilt cult, won’t ultimately work in America. At best it will take over small pockets of weak-minded people hypnotized by the bad ideologies promoted in college and rap music. It will be attractive to criminals and grifters looking to use people and take advantage. However, Marxist Socialist values are anathema to the majority of value systems held by the majority of Americans.

Those who would lord over our American population will have to do it by accommodating other tactics. Perhaps a fear tactic. Like…quite possibly…a pandemic.

Except that this pandemic is actually bringing about a healthy jolt of brand new empowerment for us Americans!

COVID-19 as a Remedy? Yes, Indeed!

I mentioned at the beginning that there are four notable groups responsible for engineering our oppression. We can readily identify them. Political corruption. Big corporation favoritism. The federal, state and local bureaucrats acting like a bunch of obnoxious autocrats. A press corps that has decided to prop their favorite politicians, play spin doctors for their darlings when allegations of corruption arise, and certainly refuse to look out for the interests of common citizens. Oh, and then there are the celebrity groupies. They certainly would hate it if I forgot to mention them.

The 2020 plague has actually brought the abusive behaviors of all these Four Giants of Government Privilege and Power to the foreground. Responding as they have to the national health crisis, their manipulations, hypocrisy, lies and ineptitudes are all bubbling to the surface for all to see. Because the health crisis has demanded our undivided attention, we cannot help but see it, and we see it so clearly.

COVID-19 Closed
Courtesy of Adobe Stock Images File #336056234

COVID-19 has locked us down, away from our daily routines. Locked away from our favorite distractions, and for some, locked away from our livelihoods. Like a ten year old that just had his iPad taken away from him and he is anxious to amend whatever behaviors he must to get it back, the national lockdowns and mandates have left us anxious and paying very close attention to understand what we can do to get our lives back to order. We have been compliant to social distancing demands. We have worn those damned stinking masks. And we have become acutely aware of those people and institutions that seem to delight in keeping us in this unpleasant “new normal” (if there is no other Orwellian term that represents 2020, “new normal” is it):

  1. Political Corruption – COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to experience our government’s duplicity in a completely new way.
    • Grethcen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan (the Great Lakes State) locks down the whole state. No one can even go boating. Except her husband. He can go boating all he wants.
    • Nancy Pelosi mandates mask wearing and no indoor salon services. Except for her. She can get a wash and blowout. Indoors. No mask.
    • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy makes it his personal mission to keep Atilis Gym closed. Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti have made it their personal mission to not let go of their Constitutional rights to operate their health-conscious business. This has been an ongoing soap opera type of saga that has kept me entertained. I especially love that the person to catch COVID-19 in this epic pandemic match-up is Governor Murphy Meanwhile, all the liquor stores remain open for business so that depressed people can be unhealthy and drink themselves to death. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Big Corporation Favoritism – So many of the Mom and Pop businesses are shut… but Wal-Mart is open. Big box and building centers can operate. Certainly, Amazon can operate. All the big corporations with deep pockets and with all the resources required to retrofit business with plexiglass can keep profiting, but all the businesses owned by Middle Class Americans… poof!
  3. The Perverse Autocracy of Local Law Enforcement – Who can forget the open-air middle school football game in Ohio with the mom tasered for sitting alone and minding her own business – probably much more than six feet from other spectators – because she dared not wear her mask? And then they accused her of trespassing? At her son’s football game? This one is my favorite example of real law enforcement bullying. But at the other extreme we see the local liberal leadership of other cities and towns that are letting rioters destroy their cities with no limits while the rioters are victimizing the local law enforcement, emasculated to do anything to protect the streets. Police are powerless to stop thugs from burning down those businesses owned by Middle Class Americans. Because Black Lives Matter is Big Brother.
  4. Press Elitists – They make up the veritable NewSpeak Machine giving full throated endorsements of their favorite politicians and policies with every news report. They make light of the “friendly peaceful protester” bonfire – a bonfire that used to be a federal court building, or a restaurant, or a gift shop. And, of course, they turn out in vicious velocity, all day long, negative news coverage of all those they hate (Trump).

Signs of Healing:

Now that news has broken about Hunter Biden’s laptop, things are becoming even more clear. As of the writing of this report, the laptop has already been triple-verified as authentic, by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, by Hunter Biden’s former associate Bevan Cooney, and by the bombshell announcement of Tony Bobulinski, all who have corroborated the laptop and its contents by giving personal accounts with evidence. Many of the emails on the laptop prove a pay-for-access scheme that the Bidens have been running between our Executive Branch and corrupt and Communist foreign governments for years.

Joe Biden Hunter Biden Pay for Access to Obama Administration
Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden on Jan. 30, 2010. Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Do the Press Elitists cover it? Nope.

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times… they are all running from this story like the plague (Get it? The plague?), insisting it is nothing more than Russian collusion (their go-to excuse), and anyone who says otherwise is part of the Russian collusion.

Thank you, New York Post, OANN, The Federalist, Epoch Times, Breitbart, The Washington Journal, The Gateway Pundit and Fox News, for being press outlets willing to give it the air time it deserves. Since Joe Biden is on the ballot right now, it is so important that we be able to investigate whether he has compromised his integrity and sold out America to the rest of the world. We need to consider whether he might be going into the presidency owing hostile nations big favors, should he win. We don’t need a president that is beholding to Communist China…

…Or Putin’s Russia…

And Biden is obviously beholding to both.

While all of these crazy shenanigans and political upheavals have been going on, Americans have been watching, with rapt attention. They can now plainly see that the Russian/Trump Collusion claim that the public has been spoon-fed by politicians and the press, through Mueller Reports and Impeachment hearings for four long and ugly years, was always a DNC/Beltway Bureaucrats/Mainstream Media collusion. Americans have seen the Twitter and Facebook censorship, where Big Tech moguls decide what you and I get to see. Just breaking is the long-awaited antritrust lawsuit against Google that has kept Americans from accessing the information they want and need online. It’s about damned time.

Americans have experienced a healthy spoonful dose of Big Brother while in this lockdown state. It tastes like hell. American citizens may or may not have voiced their opinions about their reaction to it. Some take to their social media accounts and rant out loud how they feel about these dreadful revelations. Others go about their business and keep their opinions guarded. But both will make their thoughts known at the polls.

American Souls Catch Up:

American Orthodoxy is Freedom
American Orthodoxy is Freedom. Diverse citizens, previously generalized as typical Democrat voters, are full MAGA at Swanton, Ohio rally September 21, 2020. Photo Courtesy of Tom Brenner/Reuters.

The lockdowns have forced all responsible people to be still and observant, and to allow their souls to catch up with them. They have been forced to take stock of their identities as Americans, and what they think it should mean to call oneself American. They have decided whether they want to have their vote align with the dictates of their conscience or whether their vote should capitulate to the demands of the Four Giants of Government Privilege and Power.

Americans have had ample opportunity to recognize, also, that the Liberal Democrat orthodoxy, the Progressive orthodoxy, is a Marxist Socialist orthodoxy. Most Americans just plain don’t buy into that faith. It conflicts with their identity, their meaning, their soul. And so, as the literary stories go, the evil menace of Marxist Socialism in America will be vanquished. The Democrat Party, and its surrogates, will fizzle away into the mist. The Light of Freedom will shine again.

We have an election in little more than one week. It will decide what the majority believes is the essence and the meaning of our nation. Will we remain the Land of the Free and a limited government? Will we choose to subdue to the dictates of the state and controlling policies?


I am optimistic that, down deep, Americans are very clear on what is the correct answer to that question. It was formatted by our Founding Fathers, articulated by President Ronald Reagan over 45 years ago, and it remains true today. Our collective identity is to be strong… and to be free. To possess our own minds and determine our own destinies. And not to have a government that does for us what we ought to do for ourselves.

And I do believe, that through all these things, the Spirit of Almighty God is spreading through our land. He is on the move, and the culmination of all the crazy events of (2016 through) 2020 have come upon us providentially:

For thus says the LORD:

“Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken,

and the prey of the tyrant be rescued,

for I will contend with those who contend with you,

and I will save your children.

Isaiah 49:25

There are no coincidences, and we can all share in the confidence that, whatever happens on November 3rd, Freedom will win.

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