The Sum of All the Democrats Fears!


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Biden Owned by China-image courtesy Gateway Pundit
Biden Owned by China-image courtesy Gateway Pundit

Never in the four decades of voting has this Editor witnessed the misguided MSM Media Miscreants so brazen about an election. Rockwater Reports knew there was trouble brewing because virtually all of the District of Columbia, home of the Deep State troublemakers, when over ninety-two point three percent (92.3%) of the Swamp Creatures voted for the candidate known to have accepted bribes directly from Communist China.

The election, now contested in dozens of lawsuits making Election 2020 “The Sum of All the Democrats Fears”, with our nation Republic under direct assault by ne’er-do-well’s.

Big Tech Censorship. Image courtesy Federalist Papers

Buttressed by the High Technology Social Marxist Media firms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, provided additional suppression of the crimes of the Democrats in general, and Joe Biden in specific. In every case not suppressing Joe Biden and using, in some cases Chinese Communists to suppress President Trump, either by not allowing, and/or directly impeding Citizens from making their own decisions on the details of the election.

The MSM Miscreants added insult to injury falsely claiming that Harris Biden are the President Elect and Vice President Elect in Election 2020 when no results are certified!


Let’s Set the Record Straight Shall We?

Projected Electoral Map – Image courtesy Epoch Times

First off, the results of Election 2020 have not been certified by any State within the United States. The latest realistic projections currently document that President Trump is ahead of Joe Biden two hundred thirty-two to two hundred twenty-seven when the States currently being contested are considered.

Below are the official dates to determine the results of the Electoral College as required by the guidelines within the United States Constitution.

December 8 is the official deadline for resolving any election disputes at the State level. All State recounts and court contests over presidential election results are to be completed by this date. There are no exceptions to this date. However, court litigation could extend the delivery of results to the next item

Electoral College created during the Great Compromise Image courtesy Getty Images
Electoral College created during the Great Compromise. Image courtesy Getty Images

On December 14 the Electoral College Electors meet to vote by paper ballot in their respective States and the District of Columbia, which accounts for three votes. Thirty-three States and the District of Columbia each have laws or party regulations requiring electors to vote the same way the popular vote goes in each State. Some States Electors can even be replaced or subjected to penalties, according to the Congressional Research Service. The votes for President and Vice President are counted and the Electors sign six “Certificates of the Vote.” The certificates, along with other election official papers, are sent by registered mail to various officials. This includes the President of the Senate (the current Vice President Mike Pence).

2016-December Congress counting Electoral College votes in 2016
2016-December Congress counting Electoral College votes in 2016. Image courtesy Bustle

December 23: The certificates must be delivered to the designated officials in Congress. If the certificates are not delivered, the law provides alternative methods for getting the results to Washington including delivery by hand in the event of loss or other mitigating circumstances that could extend the actual delivery date.

January 6, 2021: The House and Senate hold a joint session to count the electoral votes. If one ticket has received 270 or more electoral votes, the President of the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence, announces the results.

Until these procedures are completed, the is no President Elect, period. Everything else, including propaganda from Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi is irrelevant posturing at best, hack politics at worst. Further, court challenges which have occurred in the past could complicate these dates.

What Went Wrong in Election 2020?

Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum spew Fox News corporate Decision-Desk propaganda. Image courtesy Getty

The MSM Miscreants each utilize something known as “Decision Desks” where groups people speculate on projections of what the final results will be. With the exception of a honest news agencies, something of a rarity in the twenty-first century, all the MSM Miscreants “nothing news” could not be further from the truth as far as Election 2020 is concerned.

The Decision Desks are allied with the Democrats in most cases with two notable exceptions, but one ended up making matter worse. The Decision Desks were all over map offering differing prognostications that amount to nothing less that putrid propaganda and Election Interference!

All of this often occurred within minutes after polling stations closed across the United States long before the majority of votes have been counted or reported by county officials to State agencies skipping over Joe Biden’s mea culpa that his Voter Fraud organization was set to perpetrate Election Fraud!


Who Did the Most Damage Adversely Undermining Citizens Confidence in Elections?

Fox News no longer fair and balanced
Fox News not fair and balanced. Image courtesy Daily Surge

To the utter amazement of Conservatives, Fox News did the largest amount of damage by “calling” States results for a non existent President Elect without offering any empirical evidence to support their wild speculations. This disgraceful behavior was often within minutes of polls closing, before any votes were actually counted! Such amounts to blatant Election Interference by impacting those yet to vote!

With the exception of known Democrat controlled States where Voter Fraud has been rampant for decades with dead people, people who moved out of State, and worst of all Illegal Aliens voting in the national elections, Fox News unprofessionally called several States for Joe Biden that are now subject to litigation for Election Fraud.

To compound their disgrace, Fox News corporate executives obviously ordered their news hosts to withhold announcing GOP governed States for hours, days and now stubbornly refusing to admit their errors for over a week.

Arnon Mishkin Election Interference
Arnon Mishkin perpetrates Election Interference at Fox Decision Desk. Image courtesy Fox News

Instead Fox News executives brought forth a spokesperson, Decision Desk named Arnon Mishkin. Not only did Mr Mishkin not make his case in a convincing manner, he admitted that it was simply the opinion of the Fox News Decision Desk Staff who also prognosticated that the Democrats would pick up at least 15 seats in the House of Representatives.

Yesterday, November 12, 2020, Fox News finally admitted that Mr Mishkin who leads the Decision Desk, was 100% incorrect regarding the House of Representatives projections.

It is now known that instead, at least twelve (12) House of Representative seats have “flipped” to the House GOP

Sid Powell uncovers election fraud
Sid Powell uncovers election fraud. Image courtesy Dan Bongino and Fox News

Even more unbelievable are at least 450,000 documented cases where only Joe Biden is singly selected on a ballot with no down ballot selections providing evidence that these ballots were illegally fabricated after the fact for Joe Biden with only 418 cases of similar activity nationwide for President Trump. 

Freedom fighter and legal expert Sidney Powell visited Lou Dobbs at Fox Business and stated she will be “Releasing the Kraken” with additional litigation to expose what honest Citizens know, that the Democrats deliberately engaged in Election Fraud!


Amazingly, to further place a spotlight on this epic failure by the corporate management at Fox News, their two major cable news competitors, CNN and MSNBC never called Arizona of Nevada for Joe Biden on election night 2020!

What is the penalty for Fox News for misleading the Citizens of the United States regarding Election 2020? CNN exceeded Fox News ratings Election 2020 week with honest news web sites like NewsMax and OANN picking up million of their viewers. Sadly, millions of viewers have stopped watching Fox News who have likely destroyed twenty-four years of success because of an error in corporate management error in judgment that lasted twenty-four minutes in total on election night and the following days!

Click to visit and follow President Ronald Trump on Twitter!
Visit and follow President Donald Trump on Twitter!

Even this Editor has lost confidence in Fox News. It is no longer “Fair and Balanced” due to massive corporate level interference in the broadcasts  by including known Communist guests day after day. With the exception of a honest journalists including, but not limited to Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson, Doctor Jessica Tarlov, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Shannon Bream, Katie Pavlich, Kennedy, and early morning host Jillian Mele.

Tragically, virtually the entire daytime Fox News hosting staff starting with Ainsley Earhardt who retweeted the Decision Desk Election Interference false President Elect propaganda tweet. Apparently all have been ordered by Fox corporate to stab President Trump in the back instead of stating without equivocation that no President Elect has been officially certified by ANY official government agency in the United States. The real question is how many will leave Fox News so they will be able to share truth at such outlets as OANN and NewsMax? Only time will tell.

Sadly, it has become worse. After watching C-SPAN for forty-one years, and Washington Journal since the first broadcast, even this network has falsely claimed Joe Biden is President Elect almost completely turning against reporting news fairly regarding the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

What’s Happening Now?

Kelly Boockvar Pensylvania Secretary of State acted illegally
Kelly Boockvar Pensylvania Secretary of State acted illegally. Image courtesy New York Post

The Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, Kathy Boockvar, has just been declared to have illegally extended the last day of the election for receiving mail-in ballots. Although a major victor to combat Election Fraud, only ~10,000 ballots have been disqualified, not enough to offset the hundreds of thousands of other illegal ballots when Observers were barred from witnessing the counting process.

Georgia has invoked a 100% manual recount. A legal force of law petition has been filed in Arizona for a full manual recount after Observers were kept away from their jobs to monitor the mail-in ballots to ensure no shenanigans. Nevada threw away the signature security envelops when the Secretary of State illegally declared they did not need to keep them in case of an audit or recount. The results of all of these efforts prove that Democrat Election Fraud is both systematic and pervasive .

Dominion Voting Systems Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein major invovlement
Dominion Voting Systems Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein major invovlement. Image courtesy Getty images

Day after day more Election Fraud activities tied to Dominion Voting Systems defective fraud prone equipment is coming to light. This includes recent revelations that Dominion, a Canadian equipment company based in Colorado is run by Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff who is the Chief Executive and Senator Feinstein’s husband are among the major shareholders at Dominion.

The system has been rejected by Texas and other States due to it’s inherent lack of security, easy to hack interface and lack of auditing capabilities. We know that that Dominion further clouded the results of Election 2020 by cheating Citizens, in effect stealing their votes.


Stop the steal campaign dead people voted
Stop the steal campaign dead people voted. Image courtesy Washington Times

As of Thursday November 12, 2020, the following has been documented that people no longer living in certain States registered to vote: Pennsylvania 7,426, Georgia 17,877, Nevada 5,145, Michigan 1,688, Wisconsin 6,245, Arizona, 5,084. The number of dead people who voted across the United States continues to climb on a daily basis creating even more havoc, chaos and loss of confidence by the Citizens.

Regarding the Joint Meeting of Congress that is tentatively to be conducted on January 6th, 2021, members of the United States Congress may object to vote returns received from any State as they are announced in the joint meeting.

Official objections by a Senator or Representative must be made in writing by at least one member of the House and one in the Senate from the same State. If the objection(s) meet certain specified requirements according to the rules of the Joint Session of Congress, the Joint Session is suspended so that the Senate and House of Representatives can meet separately to debate any objection(s).

The time limit for such debate is currently set at two hours in each chamber of Congress for each objection but could be voted to be of a longer duration if both chambers agree. Considering the current lack of cooperation between the two chambers, such agreement is unlikely. Such could lead to a series of lengthy debates and votes that may not be resolved within established time constraints.

Subsequent to the debate in each chamber, each chamber votes to accept or reject the objection(s). The Joint Session of Congress then resumes. The results from each chamber regarding the respective chamber votes are announced in the resumed Joint Session.

Summary Conclusions:

AG Barr greenlights election fraud investigation
AG Barr greenlights election fraud investigation. Image courtesy The Federalist Papers

Due to the Election Fraud perpetrated by Democrats, now being investigated by Attorney General Barr at The Justice Department, the United States could find itself with long delays since any objection to a State’s electoral vote objection must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be officially excluded. This process is typically short with only one State objection debated at a time, the last time being in the election conducted in 2000, Should the objections and legal battles exhaust the available time, the United States could find itself in a rare situation, with the election ultimately decided in the House of Representatives.

Due to obvious Election Fraud in many Democrat controlled States, this process could continue for many weeks if many objections are raised in the Joint Session of Congress. The ultimate confusion could lead to surpassing the deadline date and result in a Presidential Election for 2020 that is decided within the House of Representatives so that a President Elect is officially decided by Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.

When the 2000 election occurred, Al Gore contested the results and everyone stated he had the right to do so. Subsequently,  the Congress promised to correct the issues to make voting bullet-proof. This week, in an absolutely unbelievable press conference, corrupt Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer stated that President Trump was not to be efforded the same rights as Al Gore.


Other than spending ten’s of billions on solutions that did not work, the result we were faced with was a Democrat and MSM Miscreants panic driven by a flu virus that is on average 99.8% non lethal with the current election the true victims afflicting all of the Citizens of our country.

If all of this is not enough reason to call for a Convention of the States to amend our Constitution and/or force our representatives to pass legislation to ensure Voter ID is required for all Citizens to end this type of nightmare once and for all, what is?

You can help decide by voting in representatives that support the COSProject that is well on its way to becoming reality!


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  1. So I stumbled on your article literally at the END end of the “more results” results of a search for “senator censored and doxxed by facebook in 2017” during a conversation I was having with my wife about censorship algorithms and how outta control “they” have “allowed” them to operate pretty much unchecked & unrevised with an already extremely aggressive intent within its core operational coding that was so blatantly obvious after Jan. 25th 2019 to anyone using the google & youtube platforms that there was a narrative being promoted that was agenda motivated prejudice & bias that using these platforms was like using a completely different product where pages & content & some whole channels & maybe even websites had all but vanished as though never ti have existed It was Bad. Fortunately, this issue is being looked into. Unfortunately it’s kinda too late & can’t really be undone fully & there not going as hard as they need to be to completely irraticate this kinda censorship from existence on public forums & seriously make an example & teach a painfully uncomfortable lesson to those who operate by using any type of AI algos as to keep this from surfacing again more aggressively & without over site & just tighten the noose much tighten on the voice of the people “You” & “I”. We don’t have to like everything that’s out there, we can’t & shouldn’t care to. We also don’t have to listen, read or watch it & have the free will to change it & go form out own opinions. That means we have the right to unfortunately go get stupid & go be misinformed. If we want to seek truth then that desire & drive that compels one to dig deeper comes from being tired of being fed lie after lie & being abused by the very government that should be protecting us from acts of propoganda, mind & emotional manipulation & aided by multiple industries in a conspiracy of control through fear, lies & ultimately genocide built on the backs of those who of which they are set out to destroy. Sadly in many cases the cogs, pullies, levers, nuts, bolts & belts that make up this machine are well oiled & under constant care & upgraded to run at optimal efficientcy until it can opperate itself taking on a life of its own “shedding its skin” and doesn’t need the clunky inefficient cogs, nuts & bolts etc. anymore & they’ll quicly be decommissioned like the rest of us the ines “they” aided in silencing & eradicated. Sorry bout that… That’s my 1st tangent of the 2 or 3 I allow myself a year but at a glance with a quick skim & scan of your article im super impressed with the way you’ve presented everything factually clear to the point & objectively non-bias. I have not read it all completely yet, but I was compelled to throw this out there… It may be a bias article which I don’t mind. In fact I kinda expect that sometimes & definatly feom certain source… I want that but that didn’t seem to be what I’ve seen here so far & for that I commend & thank you. It’s a relief & a refreshing change under this darker growing cloud we have been living under for hundreds of years. Keep fighting the good fight. Humanity’s fight for the preservation of our future species.

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