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As all Citizens who were raised properly know deep inside themselves, that being honest and not engaging in theft are important principles in life.

When I grew up in the 1960’s, the values of honesty were taught to me by my parents and by honest teachers in the school systems that I attended. Such honest Citizens look to the United States Supreme Court to internalize such honesty in their jurisprudence.

After I grew up, it came as a serious shock to discover that other parents and Marxist Miscreants teachers believed the exact opposite.

Such misguided individuals effectively taught young people that criminal activity, including Voter Fraud and Election Fraud, and tampering with ballots was okay, knowing that getting caught is unlikely. As such many Democrats in the DNC used unconstitutional methods to steal elections for many decades, deceptively brainwashing people it is okay to  cheat if you hate a person enough.

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That is until the over zealous Democrats got caught making a huge mistake by selectively perpetrating their crimes in selected cities and counties in Swing States overwhelmed with their hatred of the President.

This is precisely what has occurred with the Democrats heinous hatred of President Donald Trump, encouraging at least twenty-two types of Election Fraud in at least six Swing States, not counting California and New York State where the Democrats of the DNC have already perverted elections in the past, effectively turning New York and California into failed one party Communist Clap traps in the 21st century.

The saddest part of this Marxist Madness is that California and New York are replete with chronically high unemployment, with millions of Citizens fleeing each State because both are overrun with rioters, criminals, drug abusers, hopeless homeless people, and worst of all, sickening Sanctuary Cities infested with Illegal Aliens.

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Tragically in many States, the governance by the Democrat Marxist Mob has used illicit means to subvert what were once Conservative political power States into cesspools of illegal election activities including weakening verification of voter identification and endless fraud abusing Ballot Harvesting.

These are the issues the Justices at the Supreme Court, now including Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett, must address to restore belief in Election Integrity.

A very recent Design of Experiments in Ware County Georgia was conducted that now proves that Dominion Voting System Tabulators had been tampered with! Tested was undertaken using an equal number of President Trump and Vice President Biden ballots.

The results produced Voter Fraud with only 87%  of the totals applied to President Trump and 113% of the totals being applied to Vice President Biden, a 26% illegal bias towards Harris Biden on Dominion Voting System tabulators!

Supreme Court Conference Room
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Of concern is that the Deep State MSM Miscreants are apparently suppressing accurate coverage of Election Integrity efforts. Sadly, this has included the C-SPAN Washington Journal (WJAM) program that has only broadcast a few segments on the topic. However, many callers have expressed a dissatisfaction with WJAM and have called in to let The Power That Be (TPTB) know the facts!

To this point, the good news is that MSM have failed since Citizens are getting news directly, avoiding Social Media suppression as a recent Rasmussen poll documented that up to 50% of Democrats now believe the results of the 2020 election were fraudulent (30% very likely, 20% likely).

This means when combining loyal President Trump supporters, that approximately 120 million out of 150 million voters are ware of Voter Fraud with many, if not all demanding Election Integrity Now!

We include two examples below for your edification of many Washington Journal viewers who have called the program to express their disappointment that WJAM does not provide daily segments on Election Integrity.


Where We Stand on SCOTUS Actions:

2020-10-12 Amy Coney Barrett at Judiciary hearing
Amy Coney Barrett image courtesy C-SPAN

A perfect case for Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett to rule upon, a new action based upon the United States Constitution has been filed by Texas, now joined a total of eighteen (18) States to address constitutional violations in four States that have disenfranchised ten’s of millions voters across the nation.

Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have been ordered by the Supreme Court to respond by Thursday December 10, 2020.


Therefore battle for Election Integrity is far from over despite an eighteen word order from the United States Supreme Court’s short order issued on Tuesday December 08, 2020: “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”

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Note that the order issued today did not stop the case. It merely refrained from issuing a temporary injunction. The main case continues as is discussed below. Despite high expectations, Justice Samuel Alito has failed the Republic.

The request for temporary injunctive relief was reasonable considering the Constitutional Crisis looming in our country. It is possible that the Supreme Court may combine the Kelly Parnell case with that files by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

To be clear, the Supreme Court order merely refused to issue injunctive relief, It did not dismiss the legal action from Pennsylvania officials.

Writ of Certiorari
Image courtesy Administrative Laws

It is expected that the Plaintiffs in this matter will file a Writ of Certiorari.

Such a Writ is expected to be sought, officially requesting an order to issued by the United States Supreme Court, directing the lower courts to transmit all records for their case in an order to have the matter heard regarding the substance, that Democrat politicians in Pennsylvania violated their Constitution with the passing of an illegal law known as Act 77.

Who Are The Plaintiffs?

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The lead plaintiffs in the cases are Representative Mike Kelly, a Republican and member of Congress, Sean Parnell, a citizen of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth who has served the United States Army (Retired) as an Infantry Captain with the Elite 10th Mountain Division with honor, and Ken Paxton Attorney General of Texas.

On December 01, 2020 Kelly and Parnell asked the Supreme Court in an appeal for an emergency injunction to halt and nullify certification of the state’s 2020 federal election results. In the state’s Tuesday response to the U.S Supreme Court.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court last Saturday evening on December 05, 2020 reversed a lower court’s block on certifying the state’s elections issued Friday night December 04, 2020, dismissing with prejudice a lawsuit brought by Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives that sought to have the results nullified over clear constitutional concerns about a Pennsylvania 2019 change in absentee ballot rules that require specific methods to become law.

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The emergency petition filed by Congressman Mike Kelly and congressional candidate Sean Parnell is based on solid Constitutional foundations. At issue is the State’s move to allow ubiquitous and “no-excuse necessary” absentee voting through Act 77 which. This is a direct violation of Pennsylvania’s constitution because such changes must be done through state constitutional amendment, not statutes.

The petition by Kelly, Parnell and Paxton for Constitutional justice is bolstered by amicus briefs filed by multiple State organizations. Their statement about the case opened with a very compelling call for consistent justice that “Constitutional promises must be kept; that is the fundamental principle, simply put, before the court in the instant case…’”

As we all know is that many, including Democrats, and even the New York Times and other news sources as well as President Trump have asserted that use of unsolicited mail-in voting promotes an environment where voter fraud could become rampant as we have all witnessed this year. Tragically, in the critical Swing States that the Democrats targeted, the alleged results of the presidential election supported what honest Citizens feared, massive Election Fraud.

What Happened:

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Justice Alito demanded the response from the Pennsylvania Democrats to be filed by Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM. In Pennsylvania’s response to the suit from Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro, attempting to hide the Voter Fraud, they called it “nothing less than an affront to constitutional democracy.” “It should meet a swift and decisive end,” the state’s response concluded.

On Tuesday afternoon, Justice Alito failed the citizens by responding to the Democrats’ brief denying the application for the injunctive relief to stop Pennsylvania from certifying its election results while the case is pursued.

The appeal to the Supreme Court came three days after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dropped the lawsuit that sought to throw out 2.5 million mail-in ballots cast in the Nov. 3 election. It concluded that Kelly and the others, known as petitioners, waited too long to challenge the state’s mail-in voting law known as Act 77.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, a Democrat socialist shill show following orders from the corrupt Joe Biden and the DNC, said the suit had to be dismissed because the plaintiffs failed to file their case in a “timely manner” when Act 77 was passed in 2019. This is an untrue assertion since Act 77 has no Statute of Limitations. Therefore, the case brought by Kelly and Parnell has not been dismissed. Moreover, Justice Alito should have granted the injunctive relief and scheduled the case to be heard on the merits, dismissing the lies of the Pennsylvania Democrats.

Late Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a new constitutionally sound lawsuit to the high court, asking it to block Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from certifying Biden’s victory when the Electoral College meets Monday December 14, 2020.The four states unconstitutionally used the COVID-19 pandemic as a false pretext to change voting rules unconstitutionally.

2020-12-03 Representative Mo Brooks will block Elector votes in Congress
Image courtesy OANN

By their one-sentence denial, the justices left intact a ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which said the challenge to a state law passed in 2019 came far too late. New Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett appeared to have participated in the case. No dissents or recusals were noted which  indicate the Supreme Court will hear the case. By these unlawful acts, the Defendant States have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens’ vote, but their actions have also debased the votes of millions of Citizens in the Plaintiffs States and now eighteen other States that have remained faithful to our Constitution.

However, on December 03, 2020, Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama announced he will block the Electors votes in Congress due to the unconstitutional activities of Voter Fraud perpetrated by the deceptive thieves, the Democrats.

Where We Go From Here:

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Of critical import is that on Monday December 07, 2020, Senator Ted Cruz offered to argue the cases before the Supreme Court. Should the Writ of Certiorari be granted, Senator Cruz will likely argue the Kelly, Parnell cases.

The new Texas lawsuit, filed shortly before midnight on Monday December 07, 2020 asks the Supreme Court to allow their legislators to directly appoint electors according to the court filing regarding the four States unconstitutional action(s).

Texas, like all States in the United States is able to approach the Supreme Court directly because Article III of the United States Constitution grants it status as the “Court of First Impression” where it has Original Jurisdiction. The Court of First Impression is used at the Supreme Court when States are in dispute as is the case Texas and seventeen other States against the unconstitutional Election Fraud perpetrated by Democrats in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

2020-12-08 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Original Jurisdiction lawsuit
Image courtesy The Daily Signal

Additionally, Republication State Legislators in the Swing States are moving to allocate the Electors directly should the Supreme Court and State court systems fail to protect our Constitution. The issue is that many of these are, often controlled by Democrats (appointed during the regime of Barack Obama and Joe Biden) who have expressed every reason to support Election Fraud based on their hatred of President Trump.

Should the Swing State legislatures act, this would reduce the Biden Harris to as low as 227 Electoral College votes, far less than the 270 votes required to become President. Should enough Swing State legislatures act to issue their Electors to President Trump, he would have up to 312 Electoral College votes and remain our President.

The final scenario is that if the Swing State legislatures split, it could theoretically end in not enough Electoral College votes for either candidate, or an unlikely tie. In this case, Congress, in a process known as a “Contingent Election” based upon the Constitutional 12th Amendment passed in 1804 would be utilized for only the third time in United States history. In this case, the House of Representatives would elect the President and the Senate would elect the Vice President.

Stand by Citizens, more will unfold in the next five weeks to determine the next executives that will serve in out White House as we find out if the Supreme Court upholds our Constitution and puts an end to the Election Fraud perpetrated by Democrats in Election 2020!

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