Bloviating Bungler Biden Body Bags and Blunders in Afghanistan!

2021-08-26 Kabul Suicide Car Bomb results

Today is a day for heavy hearts,

2021-08-26 Bloody victims Kabul suicide bombings
Image courtesy Ground Report India. Click to learn more

By now, many, if not all Americans as well as citizens around the world, have heard about the news of the evil ISIS terror suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan that occurred while the United States was in process of retrograde withdrawal of Americans, Special Immigrant Visa applicants, and members of the United States military.

The suicide attacks, purportedly conducted by vile ISIS terrorists, killed at least 13 members of the United States military outside of the Hamid Karzai International Airport with at least 15 service members injured in this incident. All Americans should internalize, with great sorrow, sending condolences to the families of the heroic slain service members and the innocent civilians who were attacked today by radical Islamic terrorists.

Additionally at least 95 innocent Afghan citizens were blown to smithereens and many dozens more, at least 140 Afghan and dozens of United States citizens have been wounded by the evil ISIS terrorists who attacked with at least one vehicle bomb at the Baron Hotel and/or at least one suicide bomber near an area known as Abbey Gate at the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) complex.

2021-08-26 Kabul Airport Area map of suicide bomber explosions
Image courtesy Alex Presents. Click to learn more

The resulting scenes of blood soaked bombing victims near the Baron Hotel and HKIA who perished at the hands of the vile terrorists is both heart wrenching, disgusting and quite sobering for anyone who thinks the botched evacuation process of President Joe Biden would not produce more victims of the radical Islamic terrorists.

The real question is will more victims will become manifest reality due to the flawed evacuation from an incompetent President and apparently clueless administration.

2021-08-26 US troops killed in Kabul
Image courtesy Al-Jazeera. Click to learn more

Tragically, things did not need to happen this way if at all had the United States had elected anyone but the weak and incompetent Joe Biden who also stabbed our allies in the back in Afghanistan rather than follow prudent military strategy rather than Joe Bidens’ botched evacuation that cost numerous lives today.

President Biden at least had the temerity to admit today that “I bear responsibility for, fundamentally, all that’s happened of late” in Afghanistan and to the terrorists; that the United States “will you hunt down”.

Courtesy of C-SPAN, we include below President Biden’s speech broadcast earlier on August 26, 2021 regarding the ISIS suicide attacks near HKIA.



What Should Have Been Happening August 26, 2021:

Click to visit former President Donald Trump at his official web siite
Image courtesy Donald Trump

At this point in the nearly twenty year history of the conflict in Afghanistan, America should have been preparing for the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by terrorists had a President been elected to lead the United States confronting terrorists rather than apparently acting like cowards surrendering to the Taliban that resulted in a suicide bombing attack killing 13 United States military service members and injuring at least 72 other innocent human beings with their heinous attack.

Reliable reports and sources from former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirm that had former President Donald Trump been re-elected as our Commander In Chief, the United States military would have conducted the retrograde withdrawal from the Bagram Air Force and reinforcing the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. We include former President Trump’s statement issued today on the Kabul suicide attacks (video courtesy Donald Trump).



All this would have been done to properly prepare for the evacuation of our all allies and loyal Afghan citizens who helped our country fight the Islamic terrorists over the past quarter century.

Both of these locations were agreed to be retained by the United States under the terms of the peace agreement negotiated by the forty-fifth President of the United States that would have been concluded in May of 2021, some one hundred twenty days ago.

Moreover, a swift retaliatory strike likely would already be underway to erase the vile Afghan ISIS-K terrorists from the face of the Earth in exactly as President Trump had accomplished when he sent Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to face God for their crimes against humanity. We include an exclusive interview below with former President Trump courtesy of Sean Hannity and Fox News on the subject of Afghanistan and other relevant topics.



Bloviating Bungler Biden Botched Broadcasts and Blunders:

2021-08-26 Bagram Air Base - Image courtesy National Review
Image courtesy National Review. Click to learn more

Instead, President Joe Biden squandered the last 120 days by giving away the heavily fortified Bagram Air base and surrendering our Kabul Embassy, which is in fact the sovereign territory of the United States of America.

President Biden’s cowardly actions resulted in a cut and run Afghanistan fiasco against the best advice offered by our NATO allies and the United States Intelligence Community, all of whom warned this interloper that a collapse of the Afghan military would be the but one of the prices to pay if the United States did not maintain a strong posture backing up our allies in Afghanistan that sacrificed over 60,000 of their brave service members.

Instead, bungler Biden restricted air power to only two carrier based aircraft severely limiting what air cover could be provided to the Afghan military. Is there any doubt that the result would be that the Afghan military would crumble under the withering assault of Taliban ground forces after he surrendered?

2021-08-26 Military equipment captured by the Taliban - Image courtesy France 24
Image courtesy France 24. Click to learn more

Adding insult to injury, blunderer Biden is directly responsible for the thousands of ISIS war criminals terrorists that were freed who were being held in captivity there. All of whom were released to once again murder and kill after they were taken out of detention at Bagram Air Base?

Is it likely that at least some of the released terrorists were involved in today’s suicide bombings? Did they use military equipment captured by the Taliban and ISIS? No doubt in the minds of common sense peace loving people in the United States and the world over.

Speaking of United States military equipment now in the hands of the Taliban and ISIS terrorists, lets count the damage done by the useless administration of President Biden:

50 (at least) classified Scan Eagle drones. Cost? $4,000,000 each!
150 (at least) Fixed Wing aircraft A-29/A-23, AC-208/AC 210, C-208 and C-130 Hercules transports. Estimated value? Over $9 BILLION
150 MRAP Armored Personal Carriers. Cost? $500,000 to $1,000,00 each!
208 UH-60 Black Hawk, MD-50 and other attack helicopters Cost? $6,000,000 each!
1,000 IED resistant vehicles
1,394 grenade launchers
2,520 bombs of various types
16,000 night-vision goggle sets
20,040 hand grenades,
20,000 up armored Humvee’s
50,000 Tactical vehicles (jeeps)
162,000 pieces of advanced communication equipment
600,000 infantry weapons (M-16’s, M4 Carbines and handguns)
Source: U.S. Department of Defense

2021-08-26 Taliban with captured US military equipment
Image courtesy The Daily Mail UK. Click to learn more

All told, President Biden has surrendered tens of billions worth of military assets to the Taliban terrorists. Instead of doing his job to protect the investment made by United States taxpayers, Biden has made the Taliban one of the best equiped military powers in the world with a weapons cache that never should have fallen into the hands of the terrorists in the first place!

Had Biden simply retained Bagram Airbase and the $800 million invested in the Embassy in Kabul as negotiated by President Trump, such would never have happened during the retrograde withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Profiles in Failure by the Democrats:

Over the past seventy years, Democrat administrations have presided over one military disaster after another. Let’s review a few of the most infamous Democrat incidents:

1950 Catastrophe on the Yalu America’s intelligence failure in Korea
Image courtesy Brookings Institute. Click to learn more

Korea 1950: President Truman failed to prepare for the invasion of South Korea by the Chinese and North Korean Communists. Truman also failed to follow the advice of General Douglas McArthur that resulted in the Communist takeover of China. Only the masterful actions by President Eisenhower stopped the takeover of Korea.

Cuba Bay of Pigs 1961: President Kennedy lost his nerve during the Bay of Pigs that resulted in the victory for the Marxist dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba. This ultimately led to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the enslavement of innocent Cuban citizens that persists to this very day.

1979 Iran Hostage Crisis - Image courtesy Britannica
Image courtesy Britannica. Click to learn more

Vietnam 1973: President Johnson fabricated the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 and subsequently led a failed effort to fight the North Vietnamese Communists who were being supplied by the USSR and China.

President Nixon’s “Peace with Honor” deal was sabotaged by Democrats in Congress who withheld funding that would have stopped the fall of South Vietnam.

Iran 1979: President Carter, without a doubt the worst President until Joe Biden, failed to adequately plan for the capture of the United States Embassy by sending in sufficient military assets to stop the radical Islamists. This was compounded by the failed “shoe string” Operation Eagle Claw rescue mission, caused by the reduction of the funding for the United States military, that resulted in the deaths of eight military servicemen and worsened the Hostage Crisis.

1998 Osama Bin Laden - Image courtesy National Post
Image courtesy National Post. Click to learn more

Only with the common sense approach of President Ronald Reagan were the hostages finally released 444 days after the fact. Reagan subsequently ensured the United States military was robustly rebuilt. This is what made the Operation Desert Storm against Iraq a success in February 1991.

The only mistake was made by President H.W. Bush to not completely destroy the Iraqi military and capture Saddam Hussein in 1991. This would have made the Iraq War in the twenty-first century moot.

September 11, 2001: The abject failure of President Clinton to forcefully strike at Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and his cowardice, in fact ordering the CIA to not kill Osama Bin Laden in 1998 led directly to the worst terrorist attack on American soil in United States history.

It can be argued that had Clinton acted when he was advised by our intelligence experts to do so in the late 1990’s, that the Afghanistan War would never have happened.

Conclusions and Consequences:

What kind of President would do nothing for over 120 days to properly prepare for the retrograde withdrawal from Afghanistan while retaining Bagram and reinforcing the United States Embassy all the while telling lies to the world that the Afghan government would never fall to the Taliban?

For the bribed Communists like President Biden, the Afghanistan debacle of 2021 will reverberate negatively across the United States in specific, and the world in general for many years to come as the terrorists celebrate their victory caused by President Biden and his Bloviating Bunglers.

In A Word: FAILURE. In two words that failure is:

Joe Biden, without a doubt, is the worst President in the history of the United States who needs to resign or be be removed from office by impeachment.

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