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On Sunday October 30, 2022 #RockwaterReports had the privilege to conduct an interview with award-winning author and playwright Gary Morgenstein well known for his Dark Depths book series (A Fastball for Freedom, A Mound Over Hell) and many plays over the years including “A Black and White Cookie”, and “A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx” which will be returning to the New York City stage for more performances in December of this year!

Free Palestine is made very contemporary and relevant by the recent hearings at the Supreme Court Of The United States regarding university entrance criteria that adversely impacts students everywhere. The two cases provide specific focus on denying Asians and other outstanding applicants to admission. The obsolete criteria are unfair at best, using outdated decades old, in fact ancient methods of so called affirmative action. The cases were were accepted by SCOTUS regarding a cover up for ethnic prejudice that was practiced in the 1920’s to 1950’s against Citizens of Jewish ethnicity with antisemitism on the rise not only in the United States, but tragically around the world.

Image courtesy Center Players

The topic discussed at length is Free Palestine, a provocative new play written by Mr Morgenstein. Free Palestine is a superb story about two broken families are caught up in an explosive case of academic freedom and political bullying triggered by the firing of a Jewish teacher for not being “balanced enough.”

Free Palestine is directed by Bernice Garfield-Szita, the reading features Jackie Kusher (Adam Seitz), Tracy Howard (Estie Seitz), Tavea Sanderson (Vanessa Bickford), Arthur Gregory Pugh (Reggie Bickford), TJ Coan (Preston Tyler) and Kristina McKinney (Nadia Ruiz), with Jane DeNoble handling stage directions.

Susan Rosenbluth on Twitter
Image courtesy Susan Rosenbluth

Joining in our Free Palestine interview is Susan Rosenbluth, an award winning newspaper publisher of The Jewish Voice and Opinion who recently wrote an extensive article about Free Palestine noting the following:

“The play is a probe into issues that have long interested Mr. Hikind as well as others involved in the Middle East conflict, including academic freedom, the perils of political correctness run amok, free speech, and how they interconnect with the perennial problem of parenting children whose passions take them in directions never expected by those who love them.”

“The premise of Free Palestine is the situation of a Jewish social studies teacher at a ritzy private school in fashionable Brooklyn who dares to teach both sides of the Israeli-Arab conflict and, for his efforts, is fired. His daughter wants him to sue, but the teacher lacks the financial wherewithal to mount such a case.”

Click here to read the entire excellent article about Free Palestine by Ms. Rosenbluth. The Free Palestine reading will be presented free of charge on Sunday November 6, 2022. There will be a talk back session following the reading of Free Palestine. We hope that you will enjoy our extensive Free Palestine interview with Gary and Susan included below.



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