Gary Morgenstein Interview on Hamas Attacks Israel Threatening World War 3 Anti-Semitism and the Dark Depths!

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2023-11-27 Students at New York attack teacher for supporting Israel
Image courtesy CBS 2KUTV New York. Click to learn more.

On October 07, 2023 Citizens of the world encountered something that shocked all civilized people when Hamas conducted a sneak attack on Israel’s southern border. On this horrible day, evil Hamas operatives attacked, raped, burned and slaughtered 1,200 innocent people as well as taking some 240 people from many nations hostage.

To make matters worse, effectively adding insult to injury, propaganda protests have popped up around the about a so-called Palestinian State, something that has never existed is all recorded history. What followed has been a wave of Anti-Semitic hate, including attacking people for simply supporting Israel. These tragic events have exposed many who are pushing the Palestine propaganda that billions, including this Editor had mistakenly thought was a thing of the past as well as the vast majority, ~80% of citizens that are rejecting the hate expressed by illegal immigrants who are attacking innocent people. The tragic part is that some one billion people support hatred of Jewish people to some extent causing people to elect governments to take action to stop the hate coming in large part from ten countries the Middle East and North Africa.


Gary in Israel
Image courtesy Gary Morgenstein. Click to follow Gary on X.

On Thursday November 30, 2023 we conducted a revealing  RockwaterReportsYouDecide interview with Gary Morgenstein about his great Dark Depths trilogy in general as well as his new book A Dugout To Peace, the third terrific book in his award winning Dark Depths dystopian science fiction trilogy series.

The trilogy relates a series of stories about the United States in 2098 that has lost World War 3 to Islam subsequent to a failure to address propaganda about a nonexistent Palestine and the terrorism tactics of such misguided malcontents.

2023-11-27 Israel-Hamas-qui-sont-les-trois-otages-franco-israeliens-liberes-dans-la-nuit
Image courtesy Teller Report. Click to learn more.

During Gary’s interview we discussed several relevant topics including if Jewish people were shocked October 07 when Hamas attacked, raped, burned and slaughtered innocent people? In addition, some 240 innocent people were kidnapped and held hostage. Beyond belief is why do some people outright lie, saying that Israel staged the October 07, 2023 attacks on themselves with the aid of the United States as occupying forces when in fact Gaza was turned over to the Arabs in 2005!?

2023-11-26 Skynews-london-antisemitism_6373485
Image courtesy Skynews. Click to learn more.

Gary shared perspective on why are U.S. allies overseas e.g. England, Turkey, Canada and others expressing Anti-Semitism that have led to rallies to support Israel? What have Jewish synagogues observed recently in the New York area regarding Anti-Semitism? Why do some universities fail to teach the actual history about Israel’s homeland? Why are students at universities such as Columbia, Harvard & UC Berkeley supporting Anti-Semitic Hamas? Why have public schools worldwide apparently stopped teaching about the Holocaust with some who actually deny that it ever happened?


A Mound Over Hell poster
Image courtesy Gary Morgenstein

We also discussed “A Dugout To Peace” Gary’s books in the Dark Depths series.   Gary shared with our viewers a about book one “A Mound Over Hell” and book two “A Fastball for Freedom“. after the western allies lost World War 4. Gary then dished some details about book three “A Dugout To Peace” without spoilers.

With what is happening in the world today, Gary discussed the Dark Depths series would be prescient as a dystopian drama series. Moreover, we discussed how wealthy graduates are withdrawing endowments from Anti-Semitic universities, the removal by social media site removing fake accounts and will these measure help stop this hateful conduct?

Why are government such as Oakland California refusing to condemn Hamas terrorist tactics. Liberal Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson blames innocent Conservatives for their own problems. Has this Anti-Semitic infiltration of our education and government institutions been going on for decades? With Anti-Semitism erupting worldwide, did Gary ever think the Dark Depths series would be so prescient?

We include Gary’s interview below for your enjoyment and suggest you read all our reviews and interviews regarding Gary’s fine work conducted by Rockwater Reports!



About Gary Morgenstein:

2023 A Dugout To Peace cover
Image courtesy Gary Morgenstein. Click to purchase

Gary Morgenstein’s novels and plays have been featured in national media ranging from the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Parade Magazine, the New York Post, and Sports Illustrated to National Public Radio. An award-winning playwright, Morgenstein’s stage dramas include A Black and White Cookie, the Broadway World award-winning (Best Play) funny drama about the unlikely yet powerful friendship between an African American newsstand owner and an eccentric Communist Jew,  which shows there is more that unites us than divides us.

This past summer A Black and White Cookie made its bi-coastal premiere on the West Coast premiere in Los Angeles beginning July 21, produced by Sky Pilot Theater, and August 11 at Center Players in Freehold, New Jersey subsequent to being delayed due to the overreaction to the pandemic. His Perry Award winning (Best Original Play) poignant drama A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx is about a working class family in the tumultuous 1960s, while another new play in development tackles the threat to academic freedom, antisemitism and societal bullying triggered by the firing of a Jewish social studies teacher. Lastly, we asked Gary about his latest work is the romantic dramedy “Walking Charlie“, about a widowed owner of a door factory and a recent immigrant who’s fled Venezuelan oppression, brought together by a pug dog named Charlie.

2020-12-16 Gary image for video splash - Copy
Image courtesy Gary Morgenstein

Gary’s seven novels include the critically-acclaimed dystopian political thrillers  – which begin in the year 2098 after America and the Western Allies have lost World War Three in A Mound Over Hell (“1984 Meets Shoeless Joe”) and A Fastball for Freedom (“a dystopian Field of Dreams”).

The upcoming A Dugout to Peace (“Powerful and imaginative”) concludes the Dark Depths series, and is available for to you order now for the holidays by clicking the link below! Additionally, All of Gary’s books are available at his award winning publishers BHC Press website.

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